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Fighter’s first birthday


Whew Fighter’s first birthday party is finally over and done with.

I wasn’t really thinking seriously of throwing a big bash, but it’s my first baby’s first birthday!  Momentous occasion!  My first anniversary as a mommy! (But to be fair hor looks like I need to do something equally nice for my secondborn wtf)

Anyway I was still thinking vaguely about it and wouldn’t have done anything if Fit For 2 hadn’t approached me and asked if I’d considered where to do Fighter’s birthday!

Fit for 2 is a mommy+baby friendly place located in Bangsar Village 2!  They have a cafe (complete with kids’ toy corner and breastfeeding nook) serving healthy food suitable for both adults and babies – the children’s menu is extensive!  They even have special baby food for babies who have just started on solids.

There’s also an attached studio providing exercise classes for pregnant moms and moms with babies/toddlers.  You can bring your kids into the classes with you cos everyone there is a mom and therefore understanding. ^^

I’ve been going to Fit for 2 since I got pregnant for exercise and after I had Fighter, we’d both go there for lunch or class and I’d always felt very at ease there.  So it was a no brainer to have Fighter’s birthday there.

So I have Fit for 2 to thank!  For mommies who are looking for an easy place to hang out with their babies, meet other mommies and just generally relax, you can check them out at Bangsar Village.  Facebook page which is updated with their weekly activities HERE.



The signage outside Fit for 2 for Fighter!  Yep, his real name is Jude in case anyone forgot hahaha.

I went with a Beatles theme for his birthday because…he’s too young to have any real preferences yet la wtf.  Because I actually named him after  the song and his favorite song really is Hey Jude (from me singing it to him all the time in the NICU), it only made sense.

The people who did the decor and everything for the party is Think Party Thoughts, by Angeline and Jessica.  Angeline was my ex colleague and I didn’t know she (and Jessica) was so talented!


Here’s us setting up before the party.  Hui Wen and Tze came early to help out. <3

Let me show you around the place first!



In keeping with the theme, placemats were made to look like vinyl records.



Wording on the record.  Background is chevron in the four theme colors – yellow, light blue, orange, and deep pink.



Detail on the photo corner.  Angeline and Jessica thoughtfully prepared a baby chair so babies could sit and take photos too hahaha.


Dessert table!

Background colorful squares also done by TPT.  Food was provided by Fit for 2 while I prepared the snacks and candy and goodie bag contents.


Another look at the dessert table.


From the top.



Beatles goodie bags hahaha.  If anyone’s curious, the treats inside were a Mamee Monster pack, a chocolate bar, box of raisins, a jelly cup, and a box of hard candy.

And here’s the spread that Fit for 2 laid out for us!  I went with the Luxe Tea Pot package which is high tea style – finger foods and hors d’oeuvres.


Fruit tarts!


Tuna and egg sandwiches.

Food toppers by TPT.  It’s still a first birthday party after all, so the Beatles motifs I picked were all cute – octopus (for Octopus’s Garden), strawberry (Strawberry Fields), submarine (Yellow Submarine) and Sun (Here Comes the Sun).


Scones!  With clotted cream and jam.  Food names were thought up between me and TPT to gel with more Beatles’ songs hehehe. Spot the Beatles references in the names!


Hold Me Tight Vietnamese rolls.


Mango pudding in shooter glasses.


Moonlight Bay’s Salmon Bites.


More Marmalade Skies Fruit Tartlets.


Blackbird Meatballs.


I also got bottles of water and wrapped them in customized wrappers.


Did the same with two finger chocolate bars.


More photos of the awesome spread by FF2!  Oh ya on the far right got Ribena juice boxes.  I named them Hey Juice. HAHAHA.


Fairy Cakes cupcakes by FF2 who have a working relationship with Bisou.IMG-20140810-WA0131

Oh ya also got curry samosas which we named Happiness is a warm samosa. HAHAHA.

Very very pleased with how things turned out!  The food from FF2 was a very nice variety and yummy to boot!  Food toppers and decor by TPT gelled so well too.


My little family at the photo corner.

TPT also printed out appropriate Beatles props. Which everyone forgot to use. T3T

Now for random party and guest pictures!


With my grandma, Fighter’s great grandma.


“You mean I am one year old???”



With Fatty’s HELP gang.  AKA the uncles who are going to buy Fighter a Ferrari for his 18th birthday cos he’s the firstborn son of the group.  IMG-20140810-WA0084


With Fat Her! Fat Her was the only grandparent who could make it unfortunately. 🙁 Mummy Ooi is in Penang caring for my grandparents who aren’t doing too well. 🙁

And my in laws were actually in Singapore because my sister in law just had a new baby!  I think actual birth date trumps 1st birthday hahaha.  Never mind, hopefully we get to celebrate with all the grandparents soon.



Mummy Ooi was present via Skype wtf.


Family!  Everybody looks nice… except Fighter. ಠ_ಠ


With Cheesie!  Who is dressed the most in theme possible lol.



With Sin Thean and Hui Yuan!  Also relatively sixties vibe hahaha.  Look at Fighter going for people’s spectacles.



Laksa moms!! From L-R: Twentylittletoes, Jigglypuff, Notaitailife, Tinkitalks, Yuetchitan, Awendyy, Omamee and their respective babies.  Especially funny are Lil E and B look at them!



Fighter and his grandpa.  The minute he saw Fat Her, he wriggled to get out of my clutches into Fat Her’s arms lol.



In ecstasy with Grandpa hahaha.

Nice or not Fighter’s birthday outfit? Shirt and blazer are from Poney (bought in haste cos I didn’t have anything prepared for him to wear), pants are Baby Gap.  Shoes are Ralph Lauren from Tze!



With Zhon Wei, our most enthusiastic guy friend when it comes to Fighter hahaha.  He’s good husband material confirm wtf.IMG-20140810-WA0116


What’s with the puppy dog eyes Fighter?



Aunty Hui Wen who die also must pose with her present.  It’s awesome btw!!! A baby drum set, so in theme!IMG-20140810-WA0117


Auntie Bobo and Auntie Hui Wen.



Auntie Tze and a predatory looking Auntie Hui Wen hahaha.



Auntie Ally!



With my ex boss Joanne (who is one of the nicest people I know <3), her husband Wai Sun and boys Jared and Jake.  Fighter ruining the photo again. -_-



With Lay See and Javier!  (Kay running around somewhere wtf) Lay See’s outfit also so sixties and adorable!



With his second mom hahaha.IMG-20140810-WA0135


He doesn’t do it anymore la wtf but when he was younger I think he used to get confused between me and Bobo, like which one is mommy? Hahahah.IMG-20140810-WA0136



Can’t believe we’re all married/engaged/with kids now! Look at this Junya sleeping like a log next to his mom hahaha.IMG-20140810-WA0159


Fighter was very engrossed in Baby Junya’s carrier lol damn disturbing ah.



Our favorite photo!  So happy with the balloon and his second mom haahah.

Then it was cake cutting time!



Of course the cake had to be a yellow submarine.  Did you expect anything less?



Scrabbling to get a hold of the candy.IMG_1780


Hahaha this photo because his pose is too cute!



Here’s Fighter giving his thank you speech: “Aaaaack! Dadadada gruuuu”


Okay tank you everyone.


Happy birthday darling!  It’s been an amazing year with you and you’ve grown so much from a fragile skinny little preemie to a boisterous cheeky almost-toddler with a huge personality.  Nothing but the best for your future and you. We can’t wait to go through every step of life with you!

Love, Mommy and Daddy.