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‘Orrible Ones


So. This is Fighter.

About 50% of the time now.

That’s right, his toddler tantrums have started.

I know, right?  Barely a year old, in fact just ten and a half months adjusted.  First tooth just cut the gum, and just mastered crawling…. and now his temper tantrums have started. O_O

Didn’t expect this to start this early!!! I thought it was Terrible TWOS, not ‘Orrible Ones wtf.  But they’re definitely here.  Take away something he was playing with (usually one of our cell phones / TV/aircon remote control / laptop) and he tantrums.  Try to change his diaper (-_-) and he’ll tantrum and try to flip over so it’s nearly impossible to get a diaper on.  For some reason he hates being made to lie down on the changing table. :X



Here he’s wailing cos I took my phone away (and used it to snap this picture).  You’d think I tortured him with…. food deprivation.  Or Brown deprivation lol (his favorite teddy bear).

IMG-20140824-WA0027FUNNIEST AND UGLIEST PHOTO EVER HAHAHAAHAHA.  This is him having a temper tantrum in his car seat.

The story is, Fighter’s turned out to be a very greedy critter and recently whenever he sees me eating something (fruit or some other small snack) he’ll shout at me and look outraged that I never offer him some. Lolol damn no manners.

So last night Fatty was having a Magnum and Fighter saw and wanted some.  I figured he’s already a year old, can be introduced to chocolate and ice cream so I told Fatty to go ahead and give it to him.

Wah! He loved it.  No doubt he’s the son of a Fatty wtf.  After every bite he’d smack his lips and wave at Fatty, beckoning for more hahaha.  But I guess he doesn’t yet understand the concept of food finishing cos when the ice cream was all eaten up, he got pissed that THERE WAS NO MORE ICE CREAM. The horror!

He started throwing a tantrum in his car seat BECAUSE THERE IS NO MORE ICE CREAM! We didn’t want to take him out of his car seat when the car was still in motion so I could only pat him and tell him there’s no more  But he wasn’t having any of it!  He kept screaming all the way home. -_-

We tried speaking firmly, then scolding, then ignoring, then patting him but nothing worked.  Only when we got home and I picked him up did his cries taper down.

Parents, what do you do with your kid when he tantrums?  Do you ignore him?  Hug him? If you hug him will that spoil him further?  Advice appreciated!


  • Zhiwei

    Toddlers throw tantrum because they can’t control their feelings yet. Usually I’ll just hug my children to calm them down. But that doesn’t mean that I’ll give in to their requests. nnOnce they are calmed down, I’ll explain why they can’t have what they want. Even at one year old, they will understand to a certain level. Most importantly, they are assured that they are loved, even after a tantrum.