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How to prevent balding jeng jeng jeng

(if you all dunno, DRx is the aesthetics and beauty clinic I work with.  I love their facilities and treatments and the fact that their in-house doctors and beauticians are super professional and don’t just push treatments to earn more money.  Also they’re super nice!)


In the taxi!  Impressively, DRx arranged a concierge service for us!  Not only drive us around but will run errands for you too if needed! Like buy food/groceries, drop off laundry etc.  Like a personal butler la.

But ah… the fella who fetched us a bit weird FOL.  Keep eavesdropping on our conversation and injecting his own opinions never mind.  Then keep glancing at us in the rear view mirror and asking personal questions.

And then insisted on coming out from the cab and taking photos with us WTF.  Took more than one some more. ಠ_ಠ Oh yea he also selfie-d with us in the car.  I dunno la, if you’re 50+ and asking 20+ year olds to take picture with you, there’s just something uncomfortable about it la.

And not that he knows us ok, he just kept gushing about how pretty we are. ಠ_ಠ



The restaurant!  I forgot the name but it’s at ION on a crazy high floor and has an amazing view.



Check it out yo!



One interesting feature was the little nuggets of weather info they had pasted on the windows.



Our table! Sorry I already messed it up with my zillion bags wtf.



Personalized menu!  Damn atas lo.  This is like the tai tai trip of all tai tai trips.  CIMG3212


Tastiest calamari ever.  Served with miso mayo which was quite spectacular.



I had the fish for mains.  Also good but I was still in my first trimester and was totally turned off fish and chicken omg.  Fish seemed like the lesser evil here (other options were vegetarian – cannot sure hungry one – and steak – also cannot cos swore off beef).  It was good but I think I’d have enjoyed it better without those pregnancy fueled hormones. >:(CIMG3214


Dessert!  Cheesecake and sorbet.  Finished most of it. O_O and I normally hate dessert.  Bump is that you??



Gorgeous 1, Gorgeous 2 and Auntie.



After that we adjourned to DRx (located on Orchard) to start our pampering.



As always, need to fill out a short personal and health history first.

Because I’m pregnant, DRx decided to play it very safe cos not all their treatments (especially if they include ultrasounds) may be suitable *sad.  So for me I went with tricho treatment (which is for hair and scalp) since this service isn’t available in Malaysia yet (but it will be soon!).

Very interesting cos it’s my first visit to a tricho center so everything is new to me!  The consultant explained the basics of hair growth and deterioration and balding.



Just had to take this photo for Ooib wtf. :X

Sadly, Ooib and I got our hair genes from Mummy Ooi (not sure who she got those from) and our hair has always been super thin and fine.  And now Fighter has the exact same hair type FHL.  Ooib is worrying about balding right now so maybe I should ask him to visit the DRx tricho clinic opening soon in KL!!!

The consultant showed me several case studies of people whose hair loss they’ve managed to stop and reverse! Very impressive leh!

Luckily I am not balding (yet wtf) but my hair has always been super fine and I wish it could be thicker and stronger!


The consultant took some photos and scans of my head to show me how things could be improved.



FML show the top of my head where the parting can be smaller.  (Some more I got mole somewhere there one then my friends used to think it was a fly WTF)

Also the sides!  The red lines show where my hairline can be (lower) and around the yellow lines, hair can be thicker.  This is with regular tricho treatment at DRx of course.

Consultant also magnified and scanned my roots.  Shampooing, styling products, environmental pollutants etc can build up on our scalp which weakens hair.  So it’s important to cleanse the scalp and roots thoroughly!


Head cleaning time!  They also rubbed a tonic on my head but I forgot to ask properly what’s it for cos too busy relaxing. :X


Rub a dub dub.

There was another step after this which involved massaging the scalp with a special tool but I skipped it due to pregnancy as well.


See the difference! Cannot achieve at home one.

Top two photos are before.  The white stuff are dirt etc stuck on my scalp.  The consultant said the state of my hair isn’t too bad actually – each hair follicle actually has 2-3 hairs per piece.  The goal would be to get three hairs per pore and to have each hair grow thicker (you can see some hairs finer than others).

Apparently the back of my head is in awesome shape – hair and follicles there is healthy and thick but on top of my head is where it gets weak and depressing wtf.  So the aim would be to work on the top of my head!


That’s Jocelyn from DRx behind getting her hair done too hahaha.

Ooh and I’m wearing a shift dress from Anticlockwise.

Mad woman wtf. I was exhausted at this point (we were on the flight back to KL the same night) cos it was still my first trimester!

Last photo of us.

Ooh announcement! DRx is opening a new branch in KL – in Boulevard Midvalley. Besides their aesthetics clinic, there will also be a tricho (hair + scalp) facility there.  Cannot wait to get regular scalp treatments!

These are the opening promotions they have!  The Signature Facial is awesome as is the Scalp and Hair Purifying Treatment which is what I did.

The official launch is 20 Nov which I will be attending but operations have commenced so you can make an appointment any time!  Promos applicable until 31 Dec 2014.