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Penny’s ninth month

Penny is nine months now!

It’s so corny but every day I feel I love her more and more hahaha.  And to think when I first found out I was pregnant with “Bump”, I cried WTF.

I was hormonal la and unprepared for another baby when my first was only a year old.

But now I think, thank goodness it happened when it did.  Sure, I suffered in the early months but imagine if Penny came later.  It would be a different sperm and a different egg WTF. She’d be a totally different baby!

And especially since she’s over her super horrible newborn colicky phase, she’s a joy.

At nine months now, she can:

  • Kiss!  She’s somehow learned that open mouthed slobbery kiss characteristic of baby Fighter (and I’m assuming other babies?) and she’s VERY generous with it!  She kisses everyone – me, daddy, nanny, and Fat Her!  Fighter don’t need to say cos she adores him and she’d kiss him every chance she gets if he only comes near enough hahahaha.  And she kiss super funny one, she’ll go Ahhhh, plant her mouth on your face while still saying ahhhh, then pull back with a smack of her lips hahaha.Oh ya she also kisses her reflection in the mirrow WTF.  It’s okay, self love is the greatest love of all ok hahahahaha.


  • Open and close her fists.  She does this whenever someone sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to emulate twinkling stars lol.  The other day Fighter was playing with a musical toy which plays this song and I saw her sitting a bit further away, opening and closing her fists studiously hahahahaha damn cute.


  • Can dance and stop on command. Lol.  When she hears music she’ll shake her booty. Literally hahaha. If she happens to be standing (while holding on to something), she’ll be waggling her diapered bottom around, super hilarious!  Even if no music and you just say, “Dance, dance!” and clap your hands she’ll start shaking wtf.  And if you say Stop, she’ll jerk to a stop hahahahaha.


  • Clap her hands.  Which she loves doing hahaha.  She’ll clap if someone sings If You’re Happy And You Know it, she’ll clap if you clap.  Basically every chance she gets, she’ll be clapping hahaha.


  • Understands simple instructions.  Mostly, “No eating!” cos that’s what I’d be shouting most of the time.  Because not only does she put everything in her mouth, she specially prefers paper FML.  When she gets her hands on paper (tissue or cardboard also included), she’ll immediately stuff it into her mouth.  And she does it super fast cos she knows she’s not supposed to!  I know she understands when I say no eating though, because today she was trying to eat Fatty’s bicycle wtf and I said, “No eating!” and she jerked up guiltily hahahaha.


  • Climb stairs.  Hello cardio workout for mommy.  Yes she’s taken to scrambling up and down our stairs like a stuntman and guess who is crawling after her wtf.  (we really need to baby proof the stairs but so far I can’t find any gates even with extensions to fit our too wide staircase)


  • Babble a lot.  She started with “Ah ta ta ta ta” and now she’s progressed to Ba ba ba ba and Ma ma ma ma.  In fact many times when she’s whining for me, she goes, “ma ma ma ma ma”.  I don’t know if she’s trying to say mommy. 😀


  • Can laugh with a sense of humor.  Few days ago, she picked something off the floor and watched my face as she put it in her mouth. -___- I shouted, “Nooooooo” and she burst into giggles and started crawling away as I lunged after her to pick out whatever it was in her mouth.  So not only does she have a sense of humor, my daughter is also a troll.
  • Can’t walk or stand on her own yet but is cruising along furniture.  Hoping she’ll walk before her first birthday!

Speaking of her birthday omg I cannot wait.  It’s in two months and I already started planning for it wtf.  My dream come true – to plan a super girly girl party, which I never had before. T______T

Wanna show my Pinterest but better not wtf make it a surprise hahaha.  Some people have offered to collaborate on her party so thank you guys!! Cannot wait for it!


Happy nine months, Mochi.

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  • What is it with babies and paper? My daughter will immediately reach out for the tissue in my hand, grab it and stuff it in her mouth. I think she can recognize the tissue box now as well haiyaaaa..maybe I’m not feeding her enough hahahaha

  • HAHAHAH maybe she needs more fiber in her diet

  • Hi Audrey and happy 9 months Princess Penny! I love your blogs (and now, vlogs too!) as they always make my day! What’s the width of your staircase? The safety gate that I’m using can be extended up to a maximum width of 152cm (=

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