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Penny’s first birthday party

Ooh lemme blog about Penny’s first birthday first before I forget.

I celebrated Fighter’s first birthday with a big party.  Inaugural birthday must make it special ok.  But his second one I was like whatevs hahahahaha he doesn’t know anything yet anyway.

So to be fair to Penny, I have to throw her a party for her first birthday too!  And it turned out even bigger and fancier than Fighter’s hahaha sorry Koko.

I decided on a heaven and angel theme (cos Penny is my angel la wtf) and went with the colors blush and gold.

And here I have to thank all our sponsors and wonderful vendors who came onboard to make Penny’s birthday such a beautifully done event.  You’ve seen my DIY right, there’s no way I can make such a nice shindig otherwise hahahaha.

Underground Société for hosting us and serving up such scrumptious dishes

The Party Project Malaysia for glamming up the space
Balloon Pixies for the stunning balloons
Batter.Batter for the too good to eat cakes
Shau Fun Sim for the gorgeous goodie bags
Gracious Little Things for the organic baby grains
And Onewaytix for the beautiful photographs 🙂

Penny's Birthday-1

This was what greeted us when we arrived.  Gorgeous signage to tell people the party is here!

Penny's Birthday-2

Reception area.  TPP and Balloon Pixies filled it with balloons and photos of our family.

Penny's Birthday-6

And the dessert table, cake and photo area. OMG so gorgeous until I forgot to breathe for a second hahahaha.

It was everything I dreamed of and more!  I never had such a gorgeous party so I throw it for my baby girl hahahaha. So elegant and sweet and princess-y and sophisticated yet girly *runs out of words

Penny's Birthday-7

Another look at the dessert table.

Penny's Birthday-9

Birthday cake by Batter Batter.  I loved Fighter’s yellow submarine cake but this is a whole new level of elegance and simplicity.


I’ve never seen clear balloons like this before! Balloon Pixies really surpassed my expectations too.

Penny's Birthday-12

TPP even glammed up the tables with crisp white table cloths and glittery gold runners.

Penny's Birthday-13

Pink lemonade in glass bottles and gold foil wrapped Ferrero Rocher. 🙂

Penny's Birthday-15

The food prepared by Underground Societe.  I honestly assumed they’d dump a pot of spaghetti and chicken wings on the buffet and I was fine with it hahaha.  But they really outdid themselves artistically too.

Penny's Birthday-16

See grapes also arranged so nicely! 

Penny's Birthday-116

Cupcakes with chubby angel wings hahaha.

Now for the guests!

Penny's Birthday-122

With my ohana.  Love this photo!

Penny's Birthday-101

With our family twins, Vivy and Fadza, and Daniel and Mariam hahaha.

Yup, Penny’s halo and the wings I’m wearing were prepared by the Party Project.  They basically prepared all these for the little girls to wear. 😀

Penny's Birthday-135

With my #dayremoms and #dayrebabies!! Some left already so couldn’t get their faces here. 🙁

Penny's Birthday-79

Juvyn and Chloe!  Hahahaha these two baby angels together too cute I cannot.


And one with Li Anne and baby S!  Juvyn and Li Anne were my high school mates and I’m so glad we got back in touch the past few years. <3


With Wei Zhi, Gin, Sam and Bobo! <3

Penny's Birthday-71

Fighter loves the balloons too hahaha.


The loves of my life.


And my vain little girl.


Kar Wai and Kar Heng, the brothers behind Underground Societe (and Coffee Societe and Garage 51) and Fat Her who’s sleeping wtf.


Fighter and his favorite Kuku hahaha.


Ally and Aud wtf.  We sound like a girl group.


And us with pretty Lay See!

Penny's Birthday-142

Then it was cake smash time.  The cake is also by Batter Batter.  Gentlest cake smash ever though – Penny just gingerly poked her finger in, and didn’t get down and dirty by smashing anything hahaha.  

At her first taste of sugar, she shivered AHAHAHA.

Penny's Birthday-161

She did very sweetly alternately feed me and grandma her cake though awwwwww.

Penny's Birthday-151

One of my favorite photos cos we all look genuinely happy (ok except the kids who look baffled).


Here’s my vlog of the party!

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  • How time flies. I can’t believe you have a second child, and she’s already a year older. 🙂 And your son has grown so big and strong. You’re doing an awesome job. 🙂

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