How I broke the first bone of my life

It all started like any other family Sunday…

We decided to take the critters to the playground together with my parents, Ooib and Sherlyn, and Fayth.

Fayth and Ooib wanted to check out Taman Tasik Titiwangsa for its workout bars.  (don’t ask me, chin up bars or something la wtf).  It’s not our usual playground but we decided to go take a look.


It was great fun!  It’s a huge playground and looked relatively well kept – the equipment was bright and quite clean.  And the kids obviously had fun!

Here’s Fighter on the swings.


Here’s Penny going down the slide.  Her excitement so big she can’t close her mouth lolol.

Then the kids found a suspension bridge they simply had to cross.


In Fighter’s mind, they are Jack and Jill going up the hill. Hahaha.

It was coming off this damn bridge that was when all trouble started. T_____T

There were steps leading down to the ground.  Mummy Ooi led Fighter carefully by the hand down, while I picked Penny up and prepared to step off the last step onto the ground.

Because I had my arms full of chubs, I didn’t notice a hole in the ground, right next to the steps.

I stepped down…. My left foot went right into the hole.

I don’t know what happened cos it happened so fast but suddenly I was falling to the ground.  With Penny in my arms! D: D:

Fat Her Ooi said he saw me as though in slow motion turn my body like a US Marine so that Penny wouldn’t hit the ground.

She bawled like a banshee though.


Penny why you cry not you who fell down also hahahaahah. The scary part was I found I couldn’t stand up myself.  I finally understand literary cliches like “my legs turned to jelly” cos that’s what it felt like!  I couldn’t muster the strength to stand at all and Sherlyn and my mom had to pull me up. My right calf felt like it had been punched (by a grenade) and Mummy Ooi helped me massage it a little until I got back more feeling and the pain eased a bit. 16-05-25-23-34-17-651_deco Like Murphy’s Law, both critters suddenly wanted only mommy to carry so Fatty and Fat Her had to entice them with shoulder rides hahaha while I limped back to the car. Over the next few days the pain in my right calf lessened and I thought I’d be fine, it was probably a pulled muscle or something. But then I noticed something else.  A deep ache spread from the knee down to my ankle.  It felt like an extreme case of arthritis and it actually made me feel like whining. Lolol the last time I whined was when I had contractions HAHAHAH. So I decided to finally see a doctor. …. The doctor put me through an Xray and an MRI. And that’s how we discovered I fractured my fibula and partially tore a knee ligament. FML. 2016-05-25_11-43-52 Clinic insisted I sit in a wheelchair some more lolol. So that explains how I ended up with a leg brace and crutches. And why I’m partially immobile now FML.  The doctor says it should be all good in three months which is way too long. T______T  Apparently it must have been a pretty serious fall because he said at my age, I shouldn’t be getting injuries like these from just a fall (and not even from a high place). But I think it was holding Penny that did it.  Her extra weight probably pulled me down.  And because I was carrying her I couldn’t use my hands to cushion my fall so I fell hard and fast.  On the bright side, she was totally unscathed, just shocked from the fall. So Penny! You owe mommy. Lol P/S: On another bright side, I am building crazy core strength with the crutches and am moving around quite fast on them!  Maybe I can represent Malaysia in Special Olympics soon HAHAHAHA.

  • Keon Safaai

    Hi Audrey,
    Get well soon! I dunno how you did it but you told the story in a very cheerful way eventho it would’ve hurt like hell to fracture a leg bone! I guess your concern towards Penny is greater than your own pain :’) Take care, you’re awesome!

  • RO

    It is really scary what happened to you especially in a public playground. Just imagine what if it had happened to some kids playing on the same bridge or to another parent who didn’t see the hole. I hope the authorities manning the playground have been notified about the hole in the ground, or perhaps someone can share this post to them. Wish you speedy recovery Audrey.

  • lovedulcissime

    Awwww hope you’re getting better soon. For what it’s worth the brace really looks like a knee high boot ie you look chic in it! 🙂 Anyway, I hope one day you would share with us some birth/parenting books that you think are good for future Mummies for our references! 🙂 Since a lot of us adore your style and parenting plus your kids are always ever so happy and autonomous – loving it!

  • fourfeetnine

    Hahahaha ya I delude myself into thinking it’s like wearing one knee high sock hahahahaha. Oh I haven’t really read any birth/parenting books except How Toddlers Thrive. Most of my reading is done online actually

  • fourfeetnine

    Ya I heard that a friend’s friend’s two year old daughter sat on a swing at the same playground and the chain broke!!!! It sounds terribly maintained. I’ll probably never return there.

  • fourfeetnine

    Awww thank you for the vote of confidence!