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Today I feel like a bad mom.

Today I feel like a bad mom.


I feel like a bad mom because Penny is sick.  She’s been having a fever and a cough for four days now and she’s been very clingy, only wanting mommy all the time.

I feel like a bad mom because maybe she got sick because we took her out with us for Fighter’s sports day and she spent a whole morning in the heat.

I feel like a bad mom because while Penny is sick, I’m preoccupied with her and I have no time for Fighter.

I feel like a bad mom for shouting at Fighter when he whines.

I feel like a bad mom because when I spend time with Fighter, I’m distracted, thinking of the deadlines, and backlog of posts and vlogs I have.

I feel like a bad mom because I could have done my work at night when the kids are sleeping, but instead I went for dinner with my husband and friends, and watched the Olympics.

I feel like I’m a bad mom because maybe if I slept less, I could get more done. Because I feel like I have so many obligations and I’m spreading myself thin, I’m not giving my 100% to anything.

I feel like a bad wife because sometimes I don’t have time for Fatty.

I feel like a bad mom because I don’t have it together.

Because I keep making the same old meals for the kids until they sien.

And then I feel like a worse mom because I’m still trying to get my shit together, but I see other moms on Instagram even got time to make cute food art for their kids. And they have time to stage home photo shoots for their babies and their kids never make weird faces or try to snatch my camera.  And their living rooms are spotless and white and don’t look like this. *forced smile*


Today I feel like a bad mom.

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  • What you see on social media is no where near reality. People only shows the good the glamour. I find a lot of your posts helpful and inspiring because you spend time talking about the real struggles that we mom face 🙂 so keep it up! There are always good days and bad days. When I felt so tired that I hated everything, I would tickle my son so that he laughs and that’s just what I need to see to feel motivated again.

  • i’m so sure when i’m a mom it’d be way worse ! 🙂

  • what can i say? only good mums feel bad like that

  • We r all humans, please dun beat yourself up! Those mummy guilt tat u ve? It will pass and all mums have them. Its like a switch tat comes together as a package with them 🙂 Hang on there Audrey! Speedy recovery to Penny n hugs n kisses to Fighter!

    P.S the messy living room? It will pass n migrate to their room soon.

  • Ignore the mommy’s guilt, you are doing well already. Everyone is different, what you have on your plate is different to that of another. Hang in there fellow mommy! Your kids lovesssss you…

    GWS Penny!

  • it’s okay audrey. You are after all only a normal human with 2 hands.

  • You are being too hard on yourself. If you were a bad mom, you wouldn’t care about any of the things you listed. And forget Instagram mommies and bloggers, they have messy houses and probably spend more time on their phones and computers than with their kids. And those perfect foods you see for their kids? They actually made them at 4:00am and photographed them, their kids never saw them? The perfect white living room? Well that’s the ONLY room in the house like that, the rest of the rooms are ugly, piled high with papers, boxes, junk. Just always remember that bloggers and Instagram only puts the very best online, it’s not real. I envy your house, it’s so inviting and colorful and cozy. As for your little one getting sick – kids get sick all the time. It wasn’t because you did anything wrong. If you had kept her in a germ free, climate controlled bubble, she still would have gotten sick, kids just do! Probably a summer cold that turned into an ear infection. From one mom to another, you’re doing a great job!!

  • Hi Audrey,

    It’s okay. I have mummy’s guilt too until, someone said,
    “There is no 50-50 for work life balance. Sometimes we can spend too much hours on work, somehow, we can then spend more time with family after that. ”

    We aren’t perfect, we still have room for improvement to be better 🙂

  • Audrey. Go watch the movie Bad Moms out now with some mommy friends. You need to laugh hard with your feet up and a glass of wine in your hand.
    We are always hardest on ourselves.

  • Thanks for the advice! 😀

  • Hahaha that’s true. I know I’m not a bad mom… or I don’t think I’m one la hahaha. But that week I just felt like I’m not doing a good job. You sound like an awesome mom!

  • Thank you 🙂

  • Thank you fellow mommy!!!

  • Yea part and parcel of being a parent right? Hahaha

  • Wah thank you hahahaha thanks for reading <3

  • Hahahahah thank you!

  • Nooooo you will be a great mom pls

  • Ya I’ve watched it it’s very funny hahahaha

  • Thank you 🙂 I don’t believe in only showing the best cos that’s just not real la 😀

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