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Fighter’s third birthday

This is super long in coming sorry Fighter hahaah.

But a month ago, Fighter turned three.

After his first birthday bash, I was so tired I told myself his next birthday party would be age 5 wtf (cos milestone ma hahaha).  Same for Penny — to be fair, I threw her a first birthday party then planned to have no more FTL.

But Fighter recently has been super aware of birthdays – the whole shebang – the cake and candles, the birthday song, and the possibility of presents.  Okay la more of the cake and candles and song; presents he mostly remembered if we reminded him only.  I didn’t have the heart to deprive him of that.

So I thought, okay maybe we’ll just do a small party for his classmates. I’d bring in cake and balloons and goodie bags when he’s at school, and he and his friends can do the whole blowing candles have cake thing.

But when I started planning, I found myself thinking. Fighter’s classmates are all pretty privileged – most of them come to school with helpers and drivers, and head to private and international schools when they’re done with pre-school.  And they are all used to receiving extravagant party packs. While I know, like Fighter, they will actually like anything I give them, I couldn’t help but think about other kids who probably haven’t even seen as many cakes as Fighter’s three year old classmates have.

So from 0 parties, I did 2 parties omg.


Sticking to my original plan, I ordered a tray of cupcakes…


In the theme of Hansel and Gretel!  It’s Fighter’s favorite fairy tale hahaha.  Sadly some people see this cupcakes and thought Hansel & Gretel = Jude & Penny wtf. But it’s not!  Check out the candy and the witch yo! IMG-20160811-WA0027

Arrived at school with this one in tow.  And my camera to vlog but unfortunately I lost my memory card FML DUNNO WHAT HAPPENED. That’s why no vlogs for a long time wtf.


Grandparents Ooi were there too!  Fatty was away on a business trip so he missed this party. 🙁 IMG-20160811-WA0021

Everyone didn’t dare to look away from the balloons lest they don’t get one LOL.


Except Chase.  Chase who is puppy in love with Penny, was preoccupied with offering Penny his banana hahahahaha. IMG-20160811-WA0067

Birthday boy!


Because I felt that since Imma already have to put in effort to come up with party packs and get a cake etc, I thought why not do it for kids that will, not to say appreciate it more, but kids who will savour the experience more.  Another reason is that I wanted Fighter to be aware that other children may lead different lives than him… never too young to start right?

So I contacted Lighthouse Children Welfare Home and arranged for us to bring food and cake and gifts over to them.


Lighthouse is a home for abandoned and underprivileged kids in Bangsar.  I got to know about them cos Fighter’s class teacher’s mother actually runs the home! DSC01690

There are about 60 kids living in the home so we ordered Mcdonald’s delivery! Super amazed that 60 McValue meals arrived on two motorbikes. :O :O


I told my friends that I’m doing this party for Fighter but not to bother to come cos I’m not inviting anyone.  But the Competitive Aunties made it anyway! They said they don’t need an invite LOL. DSC01700

With my two boys.  We had to leave Mochi at home cos she had a fever that wouldn’t go away. T___T


These are all just pictures taken at the party!  Professional photos taken by Gladys Tan, Careen’s sister.  Her photos all damn nice la ok!!! She’s running her own photography gig called  @Capturedgladness on Instagram. Please check her out for event and wedding photography 🙂


The only other kid we invited was Chase, Fighter’s BFF so that in case Fighter got shy, he’d have one friend there.  Here’s Chase and David, his daddy, playing with the kids.  Super cute cos David was talking to the kids about sports cars and football teams hahaha.


Didn’t have to worry about this fella feeling shy.


#thetwoboys as Fighter refers to himself and Chase hahaha sharing fries. <3


Kids all eating Mcdonald’s.  Auntie Jacinta who runs the home told me for some of them it’s their first time having Mcds ever. 🙁




Sieu Ee happier than the kids wtf.

I worked with party planner Paper Goodz, who prepared party packs as well as organized games for the kids.  I told Cloey of Paper Goodz that the kids ranged in ages from babies to teenagers so she arranged general type of games that would suit most age groups.  I think Fighter and Chase are still too young though so they mostly danced around hahaha.


Dancing Fighter hahaha.

Then time for cake!  I assigned our baker a Hansel and Gretel themed cake and expected a gingerbread house la like the witch’s house.


We got this.

OMGGGG. This is not a cake, it’s a work of art! Hahahahah. Our baker really cake making skills level Asian wtf.  Not only is this a gingerbread house, they decorated it with real candy! Got those sugared gummies, marshmallows, macarons, candy canes, gingerbread men and even Hello Panda please.  And there were little figurines of Hansel, Gretel and the Wicked Witch.


Hansel and Gretel, whom Fighter likes to think of himself and Penny as.  Some more he thinks it’s Handsome instead of Hansel LOLOL.


Family photo!

With this little girl who Fat Her fell in love with, Angel.  She was so cheerful and smily the entire time.  These kids really can be happy with so little. 🙂


Overly ecstatic birthday boy couldn’t stop laughing before cutting cake I also forgot why hahahaha.


Blowing out his three candles.


His teacher Dheepa’s dog was also there and Fighter was super tickled (literally cos the fur so fluffy wtf).


Fighter’s not the only happy one hahaha.


Wei Zhi also hahaha.


Okay me too hahaha.


Shiokness is eating fried chicken.


The party packs prepared by Paper Goodz.


Put in this picture because Fighter is damn adorable here!!!!

We asked him to help give out the party packs to the kids and all the older kids just layan him hahaha. But check out Fighter’s expression!  He damn sincere ok, every pack he gave out, he’d look into the eyes of the recipient and hold eye contact hahahaha.


My beautiful little boy.

Thank you Lighthouse for letting us party with you hahaha.

I wanna talk a bit about Lighthouse though. They are a privately own and run children’s home in KL and survive entirely on people’s kindness.  The lady who runs it, Auntie Jacinta, is the mother of Fighter’s school teacher and they’re both amazing people who are so passionate about children and education!

When Fighter’s teacher went to teacher’s college at 18, her mom was studying for her education degree right next to her.  And then in 2005, Lighthouse was set up.

Right now, they currently house 58 kids ranging from a six month old baby to 18 year olds.  Some of the kids are orphans, some have been abandoned or abused, some just have parents who cannot take care of them.  They don’t kick out children when they turn 18 but make sure they’re schooled and financially independent first before letting them leave the home. The kids are of different races but most of them are Indian or Orang Asli.

 They don’t have a license though because our government dictates that welfare homes must have a certain quota of Malay children before the qualify. -_- I don’t understand why charity also must have a discriminatory element to it but whatever.  

In fact, they told me that some Bumiputra companies are not interested in sponsoring or donating because there are not enough Malay kids. -_- Same goes for Chinese run companies – because there are too few Chinese kids.  I hope you guys are proud.

That doesn’t seem to bother the kids too much cos they’re still so cheerful and content.  Someone asked some of them if they felt resentful that parents came to visit their children at the home, and they sincerely said no.  They were all so well behaved too and even prepared a dance for us after they finished playing games.

Some of the kids, especially the Orang Asli come from appallingly poor backgrounds too.  Auntie Jacinta said when they get to her, they are shockingly skinny.  And when asked what they used to eat, they’d say things like sup katak (frog soup, I doubt it’s the delicacy kind, but the black frogs they catch in waterways).

Their expenses amount RM40,000 a month to house, feed and school 60 kids.  The home is doing their best but they’re just scraping by every month.  40K sounds like a huge amount, but that’s only RM750 a child a month, if you think about it.  If everyone could pay for a child or even partially every month, I’m sure it would be a giant help to them.

If you would like to help, please do!  You can contact Jacinta Steven at 016314 1789 or view their FB page *here* or email me at fourfeetnine @ and I would be happy to explain more and connect you! This is not an ad wtf but just something I want to help with after meeting the kids and the amazing people who run Lighthouse. Thank you!

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