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The Tiahs X Hello Kitty Town X Legoland

So about two months ago (yalah yalah very late la wtf) we took a family trip to Hello Kitty Town & Thomas Town and Legoland in Puteri Harbour.  Big group of us cos it was our family, helper, my parents, and the Chiams!

It was a really good trip!

Feels like it was all pros and no cons hahahaha lemme list em out for you.

  1. So near if you’re coming from KL or Singapore you can just drive down.  I loved driving down cos we don’t have to pack to fit airline requirements – we just packed everything into the car and went.
  2. Cheaper than going overseas
  3. Legoland and Hello Kitty Town etc are damn clean and well maintained!
  4. Hotels were awesome.  We stayed at Hotel Jen and everything looked spanking new.  They accomodated us very well with an extra bed for helper, connecting rooms with Mummy & Fat Her, and a spare cot for Penny.
  5. It’s basically theme parks for kids so everything was very child friendly.  From food to baby rooms to child sized shopping carts <3

Erm can’t think of any cons real one hahahahaah.

Anyway spamming photossssss.


The four kids at Hello Kitty Town. IMG-20161002-WA0043

Fighter being mesmerized by Barney.  Or was it Bob the Builder?


This girl not interested in taking photos with her mom. >:( IMG-20161002-WA0053

Oh but taking photos with Grandma and Grandpa is fine.


Oh gawd. IMG-20161002-WA0030

Erm not sure but she looks like she’s trying to hypnotize the bear hahahaha.



Finally at Legoland! I damn scared they get heat stroke wtf so I made them wear hats.


Hahahaha. IMG-20161005-WA0035

We rented this stroller from Legoland for RM 65 I think.  A bit steep but turned out to be so worth it.  If Penny didn’t want to sit, Chase would happily sit with his BFF.  And if the kids were walking, we just used the stroller as a cart for our bags and baby stuff.


Us: Are you guys ready!?



It started drizzling so we took a break.  Love how Legoland had these rest stops with benches and tables and tonsss of Lego to entertain the kids. IMG-20161005-WA0013

Whaddup Legoland!


This is grumpy me cos Penny didn’t want to sit with me hahahaha.  At the Observation Tower ride. IMG-20161005-WA0044

Busy busy.


Ice cream break after playing with Legos. IMG-20161005-WA0026

Someone really loves ducks.


“How much? Eh discount la can?”


Whoops pictures are all jumbled. Koko and Grandpa with a shirt that we bought and Fighter chose for Grandpa’s birthday. IMG-20161005-WA0014

At Duplo Express, which is really the most suitable for our kids at this age.  It’s a miniature Lego Duplo town and is essentially a very well equipped play ground.  There’s even a Duplo Express train ride.  Kids spent the most time here.


Fighter on the car at Junior Driving School, another ride he loved. IMG-20161003-WA0012

Lunch time! Pasta for everyone to get energy up.
IMG-20161004-WA0000Mummy Ooi rolling Chase and Fighter down a slope hahaha.


Ooh this is the Duplo Express Train! IMG-20161005-WA0018Fighter and Grandma.


A cake we bought for Fat Her’s birthday hahaha.   IMG_20161003_210222Happy birthday Fat Her!!! We love you!


Yep this girl too. IMG-20161004-WA0014 Very much. It’s one of our favorite holidays with the kids so far actually. ^^ We will definitely be back in a year or two.  The kids may have forgotten some and they’ll be older too and it’d be a new experience. Thank you so much Legoland for the awesome stay and hospitality!  I really recommend this if you moms and dads are thinking of going somewhere these school holidays. 🙂 Oh and here’s my vlogs on the trip!