Not PSY-ched about this at all!

Is this what toddlerhood in 2017 looks like?

Anyway, Fighter has been (predictably, like every toddler in the world) captivated by PPAP.

To our slight worry, he proceeded from the PPAP video to PSY’s videos on Youtube. Thanks ah Recommended Videos. >:(

PSY is not exactly the most wholesome entertainer and while his videos don’t contain any explicit content, it’s still not nice la and not something I want my kids watching!

Why? Cos after watching Gangnam Style, we caught Fighter doing the stupid pelvic thrust move that PSY does, much to our chagrin.  So we’ve gently tried to steer him away from his videos.

So anyway I didn’t notice anything amiss.  Until a few days ago, when my parents came over.  Fighter kept doing this action to Grandma – he’d swipe his hand across her mouth, fingers and palm facing her.

Grandma was suitably confused and asked, “What are you doing Fighter?”

“It’s what gentlemen do to ladies,” Fighter replied, very confident like that.

Over the afternoon Fighter would come up to her and repeat the hand swiping motion, baffling us all.  He did it pretty lovingly too so we were quite amused, although we couldn’t figure out where he learned it or what it was supposed to be.

Did he see some gentleman in the midst of courting a lady, wipe her mouth for her or something?  I didn’t even realize he knew the word ‘gentleman’!  My son surprises me with his vocabulary every day!

Then something pricked the edge of my brain.  The only ‘gentleman’ I’ve heard in association recently was another one of PSY’s damn videos wtf.  On a hunch, I clicked open Youtube and tapped on the Gentleman video.

Here it is if you need your memory refreshed.

I watched it idly, noting that the video was about PSY being the opposite of a gentleman, doing asshole-y pranks to people around him wtf.  Nothing overtly sexual though, besides his usual pelvic thrust dance moves but at least there were no girls around when he did that move.

Then I saw it. At 0:57 seconds.

I happened to be taking a drink from my bottle of green tea and nearly sprayed my laptop screen wtf.

At 0:57, PSY farted in his fist, swung his arm to the front, and opened his fist in front of some girl’s face, “releasing” his fart into her nose and mouth.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA WTF!!!! So what Fighter thought he was doing out of love, was in fact a super annoying move; he was making Grandma smell his fart HAHAHAHAHAHA.  Thankfully he didn’t catch that PSY had his hand behind him and he didn’t recreate that motion la wtf.

I hurriedly picked Fighter up and asked him who let him watch this video? He said Kuku (his auntie Fayth).

It turns out that when we didn’t allow him to watch PSY on Youtube, he went and asked his auntie Fayth to let him watch Gangnam Style on her Ipad wtf. Auntie Fayth was likewise a bit disturbed by Gangnam Style so she tried to distract him… by letting him watch Gentleman instead, thinking that Gentleman looked like a more U (for Universal) rated video and didn’t have I dunno…as many pelvic thrust dance moves wtf.

We tried not to make it a big deal so he wouldn’t focus on doing that again to get more attention and so far I think he’s forgotten about that move already thank Buddha hahaahahah.  I was actually quite annoyed with myself for letting this slip and at the world for producing such ridiculous, bad example-y content!  Not even talking about things like sex and violence, now we have to deal with stupid nonsense like this too that kids pick up like the flu wtf.  And this idiotic content is everywhere which makes it tricky to filter.

But the moral of the story is, if you’re going to let your kids watch Youtube, be very careful wtf.

I don’t know much about children’s security software and I probably have to go research it pretty soon but I do know there’s YT Kids! Lay See introduced it to me: YT Kids is an app by YouTube which only limits itself to kids’ content which is safe for their consumption obviously.  It’s free and it’s already installed on our iPads and phones so yea do check it out hahahaah.  This is not an ad, I just wanted to tell you guys in case to prevent other mini PSYs running around wtf.


Thanks Fighter for teaching mommy more and more every day. Lolol.

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  • Hi! There’s a Youtube Kids app – YT Kids I think – where they only allow videos suitable for kids. Maybe you can try that?

  • “other mini PSYs running around ” HAHAHAAHAHA


  • Yea! I wrote about it here hahahaha you must not have read till the end!

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