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Why is my hair so dirty on such an important day wtf.

Few days back, Fatty signed a very important contract for his new venture.  I witnessed it (well not officially la but I witnessed it wtf) and I poured everyone cups of water hahahahaha. *useful

Congratulations Fatty!!! Very proud and excited for you.

Fatty and I will actually be officially working together! *trembles.  Since my secret project is in limbo right now (which one Rachel in my last blog post was so happy about LOL), Fatty asked me to help him with his.  Better to have both of us work on one project, then work together on the second one later, than divide and un-conquer projects lol.

So okay! Damn nervous though cos I uh don’t think I’m very smart at work maybe I should ask for less pay wtf.

Anyway because of this I’ve actually been out of the house more, and to meetings with Fatty.  And what do the kids think about it?  Well, they, especially Fighter, sometimes whine when I leave the house, but Fighter sort of settles when I explain to him why I’m going out, and Penny… Penny doesn’t really understand but thankfully she has the attention span of a worm haha.


The other night, however, as I was putting Fighter to bed, he was talking to me like he always does.  Like he must finish his quota of words first for the day before he can sleep wtf.

Fighter: Mommy?

Me: Yea?

Fighter: Next time when Daddy goes to work can you not go?

Me: Ohh. Well, Mommy has to go to work to help Daddy more now.  

Fighter: But why?

Me: We need to earn money. So we can buy you food and toys and milk… and M&M’s.

Fighter: M&M! Yay!

Me: Yea that’s why Mommy has to go to work. Ok?

Fighter: *silence* Then can you go for a small time only?

And he held his hands up in front of him close together.

OMG this boy is like a si lai sat sau wtf. But I’m not technically a housewife anymore lolol.

I suppose I would be considered a Work From Home mom; I got to stay home most of the time and be as hands on as I wanted with Fighter and Penny.  At the same time, I had the flexibility to arrange my own time and work as and when I wanted to. The only downside was trying to fit everything into one day – basically trying to do a full time mom job + run my blog and social media platforms.

Whatever it is, I still felt like a WFHM was always the best option.  However, with my new role in Fatty’s thing, I will be out at work more regularly. I didn’t think that Fighter, at 3.5 years old would notice and ask me to come home.

There was one day where we had a meeting at 5.30 pm and to avoid the traffic we stayed out for dinner, we just asked Gaston to feed the kids and tuck them into bed.  Unless I am traveling, I have never missed a bedtime.  I always made sure to rush back to put them to bed or to only go out after they’re asleep so this was the first time.

Fighter stayed up for 1 1/2 hours waiting for me. T_____T He bravely turned down his milk bottle and even bedtime story offered by Gaston and just played with his toys and waited.  At 9 pm, he asked for his milk and went to sleep himself. T___________T

Aih you all Full Time Working Moms you are damn hero I don’t know how you do it. T_______T I’m not a FTWM yet and already I’m feeling it and getting angsty when people delay meetings lolol cos every minute counts towards seeing my babies ok.

In the end, I gently told him, “Sometimes mommy has to work and cannot come back so soon.  But if I cannot come back quickly, I will call you and talk to you before you sleep ok?”

He nodded, and snuggled down to sleep.

Hello new chapter in my motherhood adventure. :/

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  • Still being hopeful to get Tim’s reply so i can be part of your/both new venture

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