Where to go in Bali with two critters

Hello everyone!

So two weeks ago we were living it up in Bali wtf.  We were thinking of going for a holiday before Fatty’s new venture really revs up but we couldn’t decide where to go yet.  We knew that going with two kids, we wanted a more chill experience.  Somewhere with not too many crowds or rushing around. Where we could chill and take our time and go back to the room if one of the kids needed to nap.

Also I was quite lazy to research and plan a trip la hahahaha so nothing was concrete.

Then like a wish granted, Holiday Inn Bali Benoa emailed and invited us to go over for a stay!  They’re located in Nusa Dua, and they’re basically a full fledged resort with beach access, all the amenities you need…. and very child friendly. 😀


Bye bye KL hello Bali!


The lobby when we just arrived. 😀 The hotel is actually not too big, and while it’s compact it doesn’t feel cramped.  I really like the size of it cos it means I don’t have to drag around the two critters too much lolol and everything is within easy reach!


First thing, we received two kids activity packs. Filled with activity books and color pencils to keep them busy. You know this is a kid friendly hotel already . 😀

Our first night, we stayed in the Tanjung Family Adventure Suite.  It’s a proper suite with two bedrooms – the master bedroom and a kids’ room.


This is the kids room. It’s done up in a underwater theme!


These two hahahaha. So happy with their new room that they fasterly pretended to sleep in the middle of the afternoon hahahaha.


Even the kids bathroom is oceaen themed! Check out the showerhead hahahaha it’s a rubber duckie ok.


Bathroom came supplied with baby toiletries too which makes traveling with kids easier! Normally I’ll bring travel sized baby wash and shampoo all one.

This is the other room that we stayed in! The Tanjung Kids Adventure Suite.  I actually preferred the layout of this room more although it’s a bit smaller. The kids room is not a room but an adjoining space separated by sliding doors.  I like cos cosy la hehe good to know the kids are right there but we still have some privacy.


They get bunk beds! Fighter gets the top bunk cos he’s older.  The beds are really solid so don’t need to worry about them collapsing hahaha. The side barrier is tall too and we barricaded the ladder with pillows.

Told the kids which bed was theirs and as usual, they started fighting. Over who gets to sleep on the top bunk. -_-

Fighter: This is my bed! *points at top bunk* This is baby’s bed! *points at bottom bunk*
Penny: Nuh! Dis mah bed *points at top bunk* Dis Koko bed! *points at bottom bunk*

But the hilarious thing is, after she designated the bottom bunk as “Dis Koko bed!” she still like muttered under her breath, “mah bed.”

Hahahahahahahah. Hahahahahaha I laughed die. Wanna tell lies to claim top bed as her own but still cannot bring herself to lie outright LOLOL. That’s why must whisper disclaimer that the bottom is actually hers hahaha.

Somehow Daddy convinced her to take the bottom bunk though.


Daddy and baby love.

Luckily she did too, cos she fell off her bed anyway. -_- Thank goodness we propped up Dada’s bed next to hers so her fall wasn’t too bad.

(she fell off in the middle of the night wtf. She screamed when she fell and I jerked up screaming too cos I thought Fighter fell off the top!!! I swear I jumped out of bed like … I dunno the Tasmanian Devil maybe and ran screaming into their room. Poor baby T____T But she’s fine la wtf.


Bathroom pic!


The view at the beach!

These two getting busy wtf.

Asked them if they want to go play where the sand is wet cos it sticks better they said no wtf. Cos dirty lolol.


Finally getting their feet wet! 


Drone shot of the family! We spent every single afternoon by the beach! It became the kids’ favorite thing to do and we got to sit by and have fries and cold drinks and just watch them play. ^^


Mornings we spent at the Kids’ Club! These two kancheong spiders waiting for the staff to open it for the day lolol.

IMG_20170413_090523-01The Kids Club is so well equipped! Comes with a trampoline (which Penny just fell on lolol), a squishy climbing slope, a slide, and a ball pit.


Also a cosy corner for TV! IMG_20170413_090534-01

The TV area is on the left and the entrance to the ball pit is on the left.


Ball pit and slide.

Parents can leave their kids in the Kids Club cos security is tight – locked doors, sign in sheets, sweet staff and basically the place is small enough that it’s easy to keep track of the kids la. And there’s a bunch of activities for kids to choose from!


Like Balinese dress up!!! Hahahahahah this baby doesn’t know what’s going on she just blurly let us dress her up cos she’s vain like that.


Hello Balinese princess!!!! Super cute la my ovariessssss. You make me proud wtf.

She refused to wear the headpiece though, which is a crown fashioned out of leaves by the staff omg. She was very pleased with the outfit…until she tried to bounce on the trampoline, realized she couldn’t open her legs and bounced off like a sausage HAHAHAAHAHHA.


Also coloring paper and pencils are available! IMG_20170414_100115-01 As well as pottery painting!  Each child gets a clay money pot with a coin slot on top to paint and personalize.  Look at this artist reviewing his work lolol.


Baby painting.


Her handiwork wtf.

IMG_20170413_111406-01There’s also activities for grown ups!  This is the chef…. who conducted a private Balinese cooking class for me. 😀


I’m a horrendous cook la wtf. Pasta also can cook wrong if my helper never stop me wtf.  But I’m always happy to learn! And the chef was super nice to guide me and still let me get hands on.

Here’s seafood soup boiling. One pot with spices for the adults, the other without for the kids.  The fishballs are handmade by lao niang!!


Some of the many spices used in Balinese cooking.


Rolled satay too yo. This takes skills wtf the chef said he took a week to master satay rolling. D: I found it pretty difficult too and ended up just squeezing the paste together lolol shh don’t tell the chef.


My finished handmade fishball and seafood soup that I dumped my rice in hahahaha #stilleatslikeatoddler wtf. The soup base was made with the aforementioned Balinese spices (actually everything seemed to contain spices) and was very tasty! IMG_20170413_120314-01 Salad also got the spices lolol.


Memanggang satay! (I don’t even know what the English word for ‘memanggang’ is?) But I look like pro or not hahahahaha.


Finished product! This was chicken satay and it was pretty good too! But the kids didn’t like FML.


There’s also a gorgeous baby pool complete with shallow water slide! This Penny damn brave climb up by herself and slide down repeatedly.  Once she slid down so fast she fell into the pool with a sploosh HAHAHAHAAH then hurriedly stood up with this shocked look on her face LOLOL hilarious. This blog post is turning into a post about Penny’s antics hahahaha.


Family pic! Behind us is a irregularly shaped pool that takes up quite a lot of the hotel grounds. It’s like the pool is interspersed with the restaurants and other public areas and it felt awesome! As though the minute we step out of our rooms, we can immediately jump in already. ^^


The baby pool featured this giant bucket on top that would slowly fill up with water and tip over at intervals! The kids loved sitting there and waiting in anticipation for the bucket to splash hahahahaha.


Thar she blows!!!

It was really a lovely stay. ^^ Nice, comfortable rooms, great facilities for children, beautiful pool and right by the beach. Most importantly, we had a lot of fun as a family and didn’t come back from traveling feeling like death lolol.  Thank you Holiday Inn. <3 If you have small children and are considering a relaxing family holiday, Holiday Inn may just be what you need too.


The kids eating lunch at the airport. It’s been two weeks but Fighter is still asking if we can go back to Bali hahahaha.


But he promptly fell asleep for most of the three hour flight back lol.


While Baby did some in flight shopping. Hahahahaha.

This post was written in collaboration with Holiday Inn Bali Benoa. Click here for more details.

  • Tina Beanie

    Looks like a super fun time was had by all! I love the pics and especially the kids rooms at the resort. I hope to one day make the trip with my extended family to stay here.

  • sgrmse.

    that photo of all y’all at the pool with the water splashing down is PRICELESS. <3 #truelove