Colonial updates


I haven’t blogged in more than a week and it’s all because of Colony T____T Pang sai also no time wtf what more blog. (Luckily I got diarrhea cos that way it’s faster WTF)

We are officially launching next week so things have been crazy.  Our ID team and contractors and workers also been working at breakneck speed and even working through weekends. I can’t tell you how grateful and touched I am to have these people on our team. *tears

We had sooo many problems some more! Cannot say too much la but we had to deal with some very difficult people (and even some misogyny and ageism wtf) – some reasonable and some unreasonable. But I guess I learned quite a lot – about handling people and about just a whole new field so I’m good. ^^

Anyway we’re at the end now.  Just cleaning up, decorating and styling, and picking up loose ends.  Here’s some in progress photos to show you guys.


The view from our coworking space.


Colleagues assembling the toy kitchen for the kids’ play area hahaahah.


Break: Mommy busy Penny also busy.  She damn funny nowadays cos she keeps grabbing my laptop and phone and telling me, “I do work.”


When I went to choose lighting for the place.


Spray painting the counters for the cafe area.


Staining the timber floors. I never knew staining was so labor intensive and manual.


Eh why this pic so blur. *can’t be bothered to change it

With my boss wtf.


Signs are up!


Hahaha this was sent over my Katrine when we were planning the pictures to put up.  You can totally tell we like hipster animals.



I was so happy when I found this picture online! It’s a map of the Spanish colonies hahaha geddit geddit.


Doors to the phone booths installed.


Another photo Katrine sent. I ended up choosing this table light hybrid for the breastfeeding room. ^^


The first customers at our kids area already wrecking the place lolol. Got in and instantly started fighting over toys FML.


Took our families – both Tiahs and Oois – to visit Colony today!  Ooi side of the family here (Fatty had to rush to a meeting)


Damn menyampah hahaha.


Aih. I’ve been really busy so most afternoons I’ve been at the office, leaving this girl and her brother at home with the nannies.  Penny is always super happy to see me even if I’ve only gone to the toilet for five minutes so I didn’t think too much about how she always greets me with a run and a hug when I come home.

I didn’t realize how much she missed me until when I was feeding her dinner and she laid her head on the nearest body part she could reach – my knee – and just stayed there, chewing her food. T________T

Just a little bit more Baby. Then Mommy will come home.


Hired our new security guard wtf.

Anyway we are actually still looking for more interns! So I can go home earlier to my critters please lolol. Minimum three months preferable.

If you’re interested, hit me up! Audrey @

Can’t wait to show you guys the full full final product!!!!