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ZOMG updates!

Since I’ve stopped being so active on Dayre now, lemme do my daily updates here!  (and my category AudEveryday can come back into action kelian this category wtf.)

These are all photos taken and stories from the last two months or so!


So this was a day when I realized all of us were matching purely coincidentally so I dragged everyone to take a picture.  Fatty’s not happy cos I made him late for work LOL.


Here’s a baby villain lololol.  She looks like (a) The Joker (b) a slasher victim (c) all of the above wtf.  In reality, I was getting ready in the morning, she ran into my room to show me her makeup and it was this. Hahahahahah.  She found her baby lipstick and applied it all over her face cos she “wanna be pwetty like mommy”.


Fighter’s homework!  Yea he has homework now.  And yea that’s his handwriting hahaha.  I can see his handwriting improve and get steadier literally day by day though. :O  And the pace at which he’s learning things – more Chinese, learning how to write, even BM – is astounding I’m so impressed by this school already. :O


Before I remembered I’d bought him a little table that he can actually do his homework on instead of on the floor #uselessmom.


Took a couple of short trips with Fatty!  This is our annual parents getaway to Langkawi.


Should I cut my bangs again *asking the important questions


We also went to Shanghai for a couple of days for meetings and to check out the coworking spaces there!


Last photo wear so little here wear until I think I got nearly every piece of winter clothing on me hahahaah you name it.  Got thermal underwear, normal top, sweater on top, jeans on top of the thermal pants, boots, winter jacket, scarf, beanie, mittens (in my pocket).  Missing maybe ear muffs and a portable heater wtf.

Shanghai was really cold and I’m so not used to the cold already now!  In fact I’m so bad with the cold that every morning when I send Fighter to school I have to put on a cardigan.  Is this old age wtf.


Hi Fats.


Random OOTD. Yea those stripey sleeves are heat tech hahaha.


Shanghai is pretty beautiful. T____T


So cold that Fatty who normally avoids spicy food was nomming down malat soup by the pot.


Came home to these two!  I’m really so glad we put down fake grass on the balcony cos it makes it so much nicer to be outside. ^^


When we celebrated Mia’s birthday!  Penny 100% consistently says Mia is her best friend but I don’t know if she even knows what it means hahaha.  She’s super comfortable around Mia but I suspect she says it only cos Fighter says Chase is his best friend lol.

Anyway we went to the park and fed the fish!


Fighter’s pants are cooler than yours.


McDonald’s party for these four who only seem to need each other.  Birthday party also only the four of them hahaha.


Aiyo these four <333333


Mothers on the other hand were busy doing this. Plucking white hair HAHAHAHAHA. Eh primates bond by grooming ok what do you know.


Penny potty trained herself! For a week. -______- After that she started school and I guess with the new environment, even though she’s doing really well she decided to regress wtf.  Now keep telling me she wants to pee in her diaper. T____T



She was initially a bit wary of other kids, preferring to stick to the teachers but Teacher said she’s doing really well now!  She made friends with one particular girl recently and keeps wanting to sit with her and do stuff together lolol.

Oh yea then one day I think she couldn’t get to sit next to her favorite so she was whining about it.  They were in the middle of story time and teacher asked her to stay put cos she’s disrupting her class.  She burst into tears and threw a whole tantrum…. so she had to go into the naughty corner LOL.  I love it hahahahaha.  Not love punishing her la!  But I’m very appreciative that school is implementing the same standards and modes of discipline as we do wtf.

Teacher said she’s the most mature and independent in her class though. She does everything by herself and refuses help.  And she brings tissue to her classmates who cry hahaha.  She also tells them off for not following rules WTF Fighter also like that why my kids both so annoying one day sure kena walloped wtf.


Found her sitting like this watching TV one random day.


Just me wtf.


Threw a bridal shower for Juvyn who got married recently!


Congratulations Juv and hello happily ever after!


Took the boys shopping one day while we were waiting for the two girls to finish school.  These two see each other every day but every day is like never see for years hahaha.


A mommy sent me this pic of Fighter and his friend waiting on the bench before school to walk to class together.  Yea he so big boy already T3T I drop him off at the school entrance and he walks in by himself to his classroom.


After school another day.


Saw this one sitting quietly in the hallway one day looking at a wedding picture of me and Fatty. Hahaha.


Oh and this is a sneak peek of what else has been consuming my attention recently!  We’re working on the new Colony (location to be revealed later) and this is one of the 3D designs.  I’ll write a proper blog post about the design and inspiration at a later point!


Fighter’s learning how to write!  His school is super good in that they really drill the kids with reading and writing and Fighter’s handwriting has developed by leaps and bounds.  He’s writing every day so his hand muscles have really strengthened.  Quite nice already his writing now.


Oh yea decorated my house for CNY and for the first time, my house didn’t look like a complete failure hahaha.  I think it’s cos I decided to just not bother with traditional Chinese elements eg lanterns and firecrackers and pussy willow too much, and just focus on the color red and lots of flowers.




Speaking of red, here’s someone on Red Party Day at school.


School pickups….

Oh that’s the end of my photos wtf. Hahahhaa till next time folks wtf.

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    Love your everyday posts, Audrey! Should do them more often.
    Penny’s pose for watching TV is like mine when I was young, hahaha!

    Charmaine Ng
    Architecture & Lifestyle Blog