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What doing we: February 2018

Okay so I’ve decided to do a monthly recap of my daily going ons! (so I can fit in more posts under AudEveryday wtf).

For February, it was Chinese New Year …and my birthday!  So this post is gonna have a lot of ang ang and cakes wtf.


But first there are the usual school runs to do.  There’s a Mochi wearing a rabbit hat she made in school.  True to form, she chose pink manila cardboard and elected to make bunny ears cos she loves pink and rabbits. (Guess what she’s getting for her birthday! Clue: Not a pet rabbit wtf).


Just a normal day of picking up these two.  Right now Sieu Ee and I pick the two boys up together before going off to Penny and Lollipop’s school to pick them. The two boys are always damn happy to go home together!  Every time our car pulls up, I can see them jumping up and down already and practically yanking their poor teacher’s arms off LOL.


Hehe my happy boy.


The teachers put the kids artwork up sometimes and I was suitably impressed at Penny’s cherry blossom tree. Damn neat la can!  They dipped their fingers into red paint and stamped blossoms on the trees but Penny’s is damn precise can.  The spots look like done by some old Chinese master hahahaha and they’re all in the right places.  She’s neater than me wtf.


In other news, Penny can be a babysitter liao wtf.  She loves her baby cousin and is forever going over to the other side to look for him and play with him.

No I am not having another child wtf.


The auntie life wtf.  Went to pick up groceries, and bedsheets I ordered from Isetan last year now only come FML.  I collaborated with this brand Elise a while back and I love their bedding and towels so much I went back to buy.


See what I face every day. Go toilet also got stalker come in wtf. At least she doesn’t complain smelly WTF unlike her brother. -_-


Chinese New Year means a lot of dinners and lou sang!  Here’s one with the mommies from school.  We’ve known each other since our kids were three.  They very good at keeping in touch and arranging meet ups la <3 I just tag along like a sloth wtf.


Lou sang with another group of school moms plus kids.  This is the aftermath wtf.


Surprise birthday + lou sang!  With Aud Lim, Sieu Ee, Juvyn, Kai Siew and Chileng.  They bluffed me it was a surprise birthday party for Juvyn and told Juvyn it was a surprise for me cos our birthdays are six days apart hahaha. Thank you girls <3


My favorite aunties also threw me a surprise birthday + CNY dinner!  This one also I was completely fooled cos like a week before only we discussed meeting up before CNY and everyone sounded completely casual!  Like simply decide on venue and date and it was pretty last minute also!


Styled by the fabulous Hui Wen and Soiree Lab as usual! Hahaha FML birthday theme is Chinese New Year wtf.  And we’re all decked out in Azorias qipaos!


Birthday celebration with Suet and Jammie!  This was actually after CNY cos before that we just didn’t have time to meet and we all had marital obligations.


With these two who I’ve known since we were kids.  (18-19 counts as kids right wtf)  We knew nothing then but we thought we knew everything wtf.  And now we’re all married and exchanging angpaus and realizing we don’t know everything hahaha. How much we’ve grown. 🙂

On my actual birthday, Fatty asked me what I wanted to do.  I felt a bit lazy so I told her just dinner between us will do since all my other friends already celebrated separately for me hahaha.

We were supposed to go to a fancy Japanese restaurant, Oribe for dinner, which is actually located below Colony.

Before we stepped into Oribe, Fatty told me he had to go up to office to pick up some documents first.  So I was like why now! Why not go eat first documents can get later.  But he just strode off WTF.


So ok lo I also follow.  In front of the office lift I stopped to take an ootd pic hahaha.  Fatty loitered around so I told him he was in my photo wtf and why doesn’t he quickly go get his documents. So he was like orh and walked off.

After I was done, I stepped into the Colony cafe area….


And saw this bunch waiting for me. <3333 Not in this specific pose of course wtf.
2018-02-10 06.05.42 1

My loves.  (some others couldn’t make it!)

I actually saw these balloons already when I was taking my ootd hahaha. But I thought oh someone left their baby shower balloons in the office ah WTF.  Really didn’t expect it to be a surprise party!!!

2018-02-10 06.12.23 1

With all my favorite food!!!! My taste is normally damn simple one hahahaha.  So I had dai chow dishes, crab noodles, fish head curry, and braised duck rice hahaha.  Although I was a bit sad no sashimi for me that night hahahaha but these totally made up for it.

2018-02-10 06.09.38 1

With my big ass A.

Not enough photos but thank you everyone for coming together and chipping in. T____T Fatty was master planner of course and Sieu Ee got the cake.  My parents picked up the fish head curry (and cooked white rice LOL), Hui Wen brought the balloons, and our driver rushed around getting all the other food hahaaha.  Drinks was from our cafe, Bold Grains. <3

2018-02-10 06.09.38 2

This was my cake! Since the theme of the night was Aud’s favorite foods, they had to give me a McDonald’s cake la hahahaha.  I eat McDs a lot less now since I don’t want the critters eating it too much so this jelly cake is an awesome idea.

The nuggets damn real can!?

2018-02-17 11.09.00 1

Then it’s CNY! This Fatty super bo chup CNY one and I was raised in a family where everything we wear must be new.  So every year I gotta go out and buy him a few new shirts for CNY as a compromise wtf.  Whereas the kids get everything new. :3


Penny and I in matching Azorias qipaos!  Azorias don’t actually make kids clothes (although they totally should) but Hui Wen customized a mini one for Penny so we’d twin. 😀

See this girl and her stupid face lolol.


Most enthusiastic one is the smallest one hahahaha.

2018-02-17 10.56.38 1

One  more with my Mochi.

2018-02-15 02.10.33 1

Mochi just sticks to everyone wtf.  Hahahaha Tobe took this pic of them and I loveeeee.

2018-02-17 05.36.30 1

One of my handsome boy.  I shot and directed this photo okay! Hahahaha.  He’s sooo easy to photograph.  Penny also la, just that she keeps doing her peace sign pose only, some more her peace sign is three fingers not two hahaha.

A couple of days back I had a mini flea to sell the clothes the critters have outgrown.  And some of the moms who were buying were saying that if got girl die, cos means will spend a lot on clothes.

I beg to differ though!  I feel like I actually spend more per piece for Fighter’s clothes than Penny’s.  Cos pretty girls’ clothes are literally a dime a dozen – cute girls stuff are basically everywhere ok.  It’s harder to find fashionable boys clothes (especially if you don’t want clothes with cartoon characters on them lolol) and the trendier items tend to be pricier.  Plus I like dressing Jude like Justin Bieber WTF.  So I buy lo hahahaha.


One with Le Fats.


And one with Fat Her who looks super weird cos Pitu erased all his wrinkles and added a “cute” filter to his face.  He looks like someone’s aunt here wtf.

And if you follow my blog closely, you’d have realized that Fat Her has salt and pepper hair.  But right before CNY, Mummy Ooi decided his hair is too grey and whipped out a box of black dye.  FHL his hair came out jet black.  So black it looks like a wig HAHAHAHAHA.


Grandma and the critters.


Selfie in between nagging the world’s slowest eater to eat his lunch.


OK this is a story worth telling wtf.  Why am I at the police station you ask?

Okay so basically if you’re traveling on a domestic flight (in Malaysia at least) you need to bring your IC with you.  Kids have a special IC called MyKid and if they don’t have it, they can either bring their passport or birth cert.

Fighter has his MyKid but for some reason when Fatty went to register Penny’s birth they told us they’d call us when her MyKid was ready but they never did.  And I also never follow up with them la wtf.

So when we flew domestically last time, I brought a copy of her birth cert and they allowed us in.  But apparently the law is it must be original!  So this time I again brought a copy.  Cos dowan to lug around such an important document which is basically a sheet of paper la later become kiamchai how.

So… the check in counter let us through.  But they stopped us at security check wtf.  The officer told us I could either just miss my flight…or go file a police report saying I’d lost Penny’s birth cert and use that to board.  This was half an hour before takeoff FML.

So I ran la wtf.  While Fatty, Fighter and Gaston our helper went to board, I was pushing Penny in her stroller and running.  Thankfully there’s a police station right next to Penang airport so that’s where I ran.  There was a flight of stairs I needed to descend.  And Penny was still in her stroller.  So I flagged down this random uncle nearby.

“Uncle, can you help me carry my stroller down the stairs?”

“Uh my leg pain but ok.”

FML and F the poor uncle’s life!  I spun around and saw a young man.  No leg problem I’m sure wtf.

“Excuse me, can you help us carry my stroller down the stairs? His leg got problem.” *pointing at the poor uncle

So the three of us lugged Penny in her stroller like Cleopatra down the stairs.

And from then I made a 100 m dash to the police station wtf.  The policeman saw me coming at full speed and hurriedly yanked the door open or else Penny would have smacked into the glass hahahaha.


So that’s why we ended up at the police station la hahahaha. The policemen reassured me that it would take five minutes but see this girl.  I think she understood what was happening so she’s here looking very worried about her situation hahahahaha.

Some more so poor thing she’s dressed in her pajamas, ready to sleep on the plane one hahaha.


We made it!  Fighter was super worried I wouldn’t get on the plane but here we are, beeches!  Here’s the both of them lying down drinking milk on the plane lol.


Passed out wtf.  Really same genetic factory – sleeping positions also the same.




  • Charmaine | Architecture Blog

    Really love your monthly updates! Penny’s three finger peace sign – I did that in every single pic when I was young too! To imitate the claws of my favourite Digimon LOL.

    Charmaine Ng
    Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • fourfeetnine

    LOLOL you worse leh cos you actually did the 3 fingers on purpose HAHAAHHA