March doings

It’s early April!  Which means it’s the beginning of the year for Japan time for March updates!


In the beginning of the month, I looked like this. HAHAHAHA.  No reason for posting this other than it’s my blog and I like gratuitous pics of myself wtf.


Anyway this was the day Sieu Eeverything Buddy TM and I had a mini flea to get rid of kids’ clothes and shoes (and also half of Sieu Ee’s ginormous wardrobe).  Here’s Penny with her coloring sheet which SE prepared for kids of moms who came for the flea.


Fries over guys.


The four of them playing some form of er chairs wtf.

This flea was…. so so.  Cos it was only me and Sieu Ee after all, and while we had a lot of stuff to sell, it’s only just two sellers.  So I was worried that if I broadcast it, that’d be not enough for everyone to buy.  So I ended up just inviting people who’d already messaged me to buy stuff.  I talked to like 70+ different people and most (like 3/4) said they were coming.

But very very few people came.  I think less than 10? 🙁  Wah write already sounds damn sad lolol.  I was initially very frustrated cos I was trying to be considerate to people, but end up backfire on myself wtf.  But aiya I now know that people don’t owe me to come anyway.  So next time I will share it out if I do another flea!


Act photoshoot with the kids first wtf.


I also registered Fighter for primary school! O_O Yea moms of younger kids, FYI primary school registration happens at age 5 ok this is a public service reminder wtf.

My face like this cos pretty stressful la filling in the forms and being scared he doesn’t get a spot hahaha.  Also that my firstborn is going to big school. T_________T Don’t grow up so quickly T________T



One day when I was trying out some new lipsticks from Revlon.


Went for a shorter beige cut!  Thanks to hair goddess Hikky.


I’ve actually been very bad with events for the past few months. :/  Either I cannot make it, never make effort, or worse, last minute cancel due to the kids or work meetings.  But I’ve resolved to be more hardworking wtf and I made it for BCBG Max Azria the other day with Hui Wen!


Here’s Penny on the day we threw a birthday party for her at home!

She’s with her cousin, baby Jack, whom I suspect she thinks of as her very own Baby Alive doll LOL.


With all her friends hahaha.  She only wanted to invite girls. -_- The boys here are all people’s brothers hahahaha.


I filled up the inflatable pool on the balcony, and threw in a bunch of water balloons and water guns and let the kids go crazy!


Birthday girl with her favorite drink in the world (Milo).


One of the presents she received was an art set!


Her first freestyle art piece! ^^ I was so proud I kept it but last week I realized she somehow found the paper, stamped on it and tore it up WTF. -_- #mysteriesofathreeyearold

At least I will always have this photo wtf.


Hanging with her BFF Mia.  Mia went for a trial ballet class and she showed Penny photos from there and now she won’t stop asking me to take her to ballet class wtf.


On her actual birthday, we brought cupcakes, balloons and Koko to school to celebrate again with all her classmates!


One of her other favorite foods – ikura wtf.


Why do I have so many photos of Penny with ikura wtf.


She actually came down with bronchitis two weeks back. T___T  Luckily she recovered really fast with the help of antibiotics, inhalers and medicine.


Sick so she got to stay home at school.  She built this city and was very proud wtf.  Good use of time home from school I say wtf.




Pic at work one day!  Visiting a prospective site for a new Colony. ^^


And this was at Eco City.  Our cafe partner was taking measurements for their kitchen.


Made it to a Shiseido launch this month too! On a roll yo wtf.

Collage 2018-04-09 22_36_49

And Three Cosmetics whose products I love!  The food served at the Three event was the best of any event too hahahaha cos it was all sushiiiiiii.



Pierre and Lay See moved into their new home so there was a housewarming dinner!  In true Lay See style, she super overachiever with hosting hahahaha check out her beautifully set table. :O


Oh this time she’s not sick ah wtf.  Just being whiny and refusing to eat dinner wtf.


Became a panelist with Fatty at The Star’s Women’s Fiesta.  It was a very interesting experience cos the whole event really focused on women and our issues.  But I wish our panel got to speak more about female empowerment.  The words are super overused now but it’s an issue dear to my heart okay hahaha.

Collage 2018-04-09 22_34_42


And the finale…. Fighter and his little girlfriend hahahaha.

Ok the whole story is this.  One of his classmates had a birthday celebration in school so his parents came in to class to blow candles etc.  The mom saw Fighter and the girl he sits with, and managed to snap these super cute shots!!!

In school the kids get arranged in boy girl pairs, according to height.  So Fighter and SY are the shortest boy and girl so they sit together.

They get along very well apparently and now SY is calling him her boyfriend and she’s his girlfriend hahahaahha.  But they’re five la.  So boyfriend = friend who’s a boy, girlfriend = friend who’s a girl wtf.

To see the live action video of them (complete with subtitles) check out my Instagram!

  • Charmaine | Architecture Blog

    My favourite drink growing up was Milo too! Now I like Ovaltine more though, haha!

    Charmaine Ng
    Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • Tze Ching Pang

    She actually came down with bronchitis two weeks back. T___T Luckily she recovered really fast with the help of antibiotics, inhalers and medicine.

    I’ve never heard of children that can “get” bronchitis. Seriously. I’m a qualified medical professional. Who’s challenging the opinion of your what must be super lousy paediatrician.


    big fan of your hair!! and it’s always lovely to run into you, aud. i’m glad you went to the event. :’D bummer we didn’t get a photo.