Welcome to Colony 3 (Colony @ KL Sentral)

Oooh can’t wait to write this blog post!

As you guys know *ahem* my job is to manage the build and design of every Colony location we come up with.  So far we have two locations (KLCC and Eco City) and the third one is at KL Sentral.

KLCC design theme was ‘modern gentleman’s club’ while Eco City was ‘British Colonial’.  Every design theme so far has been a luxurious blend of old fashioned concepts with a modern twist on it.  The third Colony is no different!

This time we chose ‘Parisian apartment’. I personally love this theme ok lol.  Many apartments in Paris are old, so they come equipped with grand old fixtures like plaster crown moldings and cornices on ceilings and walls.  Contrasted with modern furniture, artwork, and plain wood floors, the effect is gorgeous. <3

The challenge however, was to adapt this concept to a 15,000 square feet space, as opposed to a cramped French apartment hahaha.  The theme is beautiful in a small space, but when we did the artist sketches, the concept was too sparse for a space of our size.  I’d removed our signature black and white checkered tiles for Colony @ KL Sentral cos I sien already wtf.  But ended up putting them back in a different style to create that grand feeling that was initially missing.

For every location, we try to come up with a ‘Wow.’  For example, Colony @ KLCC’s Wow was the black and white marbled corridor.

For Eco City it’s these pink phone booths and canopy beds.

For KLCC, it was our signature black and white hallway.

I didn’t have a Wow for KL Sentral. *forced smile wtf* Like I’d said, we had to up the luxe factor here already and while it worked, it also looked like a standard luxurious place.  Not that special wtf.

But then towards the end suddenly got a lot of lightbulb moments and inspiration!  So let me take you guys on a virtual tour ahem.

Ohai iz me.

This is our main door!  When you step out of the lift (we take up the whole floor) this is what greets you.  Opted for a wrought iron gate for that grand feeling!  Fatty said got The Greatest Showman feel hahaahha but no.  This gate is inspired by Les Miserables (movie version) ok.  Jean Valjean’s gate in his garden is like this hahaha.  Cosette and Marius sing to each other through this gate please hahahaha.

On the left is our reception and concierge. Every Colony has a different color scheme and this one’s accent color is duck shit green lolol.  The name very bad but it’s very beautiful!

Our signature black and white tiles are present in our main lobby – but in a different, jazzed up configuration.The pantry is towards the right of this picture, and you can see Nitaya doing her work at the pantry seating lol.

Here’s the pantry area!  We don’t have an in house cafe for this particular location so to make up for it, we created an extra pretty pantry.  Coffee and snacks are readily available, and coffee will be brewed by our community managers without you needing to do anything!

The cart in front is for snacks and desserts and was inspired by Laduree hehehe.  It’s a Parisian theme after all.

Another view of the pantry.  Behind  the wall is a mid sized meeting room.

What the entrance looks like from inside.

This is our lounge slash event space! This space was designed to hold seminars and workshops or annual meetings (besides product launches and media events of course).

Our furniture is modular which means we can rearrange into whatever configuration is needed.

And for privacy and sound proofing, we have these padded foldable walls!

When closed tadah wtf.  The panels are custom printed with this Japanese crane print. *hearts in eyes*

Comes with sound system and projectors of courseeeee.

The highlight of the event lounge is the mock fireplace. T_______T *caresses

Can I bring this home with me wtf.

Seemed a bit extra to pile firewood in the hearth or put electric fire there lolol.  So we styled it with ferns and cork.  I’m also looking for a piece of tree trunk to add to it! Let me know if anyone here got jalan wtf.

Now for the more business looking side of the office wtf.

On the other side of the pantry is our hot desk and reserved desk area.

The doors to our private offices.  Posting this picture because I feel with this Colony, I got a lot better at identifying the little details that really pull a look together.  And gives the place character!

So please note the cornices and mouldings framing the doors guys. Hahahah.

Each Colony location has a bigger conference room that can fit 14-20 people.  This is KL Sentral’s!

One of our hallways.  Beyond the fire door ahead is a special area – where all the Luxe Suites are located.

Each Luxe Suite is named after a former British colony.

Our Luxe Suites are scaled up versions of our private offices.  They cost a bit more, but come with a slew of additional services, meant for people who are interested in the ultimate office experience.

For example, we have a fully ergonomic chair and desk for use!  Can be fully adjusted for any individual’s height and preferences.  And the desk has a wireless charging option so if your phone has wireless charging capability, you can just place it on the desk and it will charge. ^^

The suites are also automated.  You can choose to control the light colors and brightness, curtains, music and TV via Google Home voice control, or an app.

Each Luxe Suite comes with a mini bar and fridge, and a lounge area to entertain guests.  Plus a personal concierge service on call for anything a Luxe Suite guest needs.

Oh and my latest vlog!  Has a sort of tour of Colony plus our usual day.

That’s about it!  What do you guys think? *seeks for approval WTF*

You can check out our website here for free tours and if you need any questions answered!  Our team is very prompt.  If not prompt tell me wtf.


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