Vlog: Chinese New Year 2019

OK this one I rush like sai to get it out before Chinese New Year actually ends wtf.  Cos we got wish you happy CNY in the video ok so must make sure it’s still relevant lolol.

This Chinese New Year was pretty ok actually. I usually dread CNY – the rush, the preparation, the weather wtf, and the billion family obligations that make me feel like my time is not mine wtf.

But this year CNY was in the middle of the week and we got a longer break.  We didn’t rush as much, we took a flight and avoided the horrific jam, and it was generally very chill with close family members.

Also, I’d planned to vlog for the New Year and my kids vlogged some for me! Hahahahaha.  So watch this if only to see Fighter and Penny vlog LOL.


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