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Fighter graduates kindergarten!

It actually happened a month ago la wtf.

And it was the biggest event of November for me. T_____T

So leading up to it, Fighter would tell me now and then that he was worried he couldn’t remember the moves for his graduation performance wtf.  And I gently laughed it off each time, chalking it up to Fighter’s slightly anxious personality.

But then the day came…. and I didn’t expect to be overwhelmed with all these emotions I didn’t know I’d feel!

Photos first.


Penny and her friend Kiesha (whose brother is Fighter’s classmate) running around like the princesses they are wtf.  This was before the ceremony started, when all the six year old graduates were in their classes, trying on their robes and caps.

After that we had to leave the very important graduates and go into the auditorium to wait for the ceremony to start.  There was a speech or two, some singing and then they started announcing the classes and giving out certificates of graduation from kindergarten!

I knew it was gonna happen – duh, why else would we be sitting in that auditorium wtf – but it still hit me right in the gut: my son is graduating kindergarten. T________T

2019-11-16 12.29.00 1

Look at this little boy. T3T All grown up and accepting his graduation certificate like a little man. T3T  Shaking hands with people some more.  Did I teach him how to shake hands. T3T

2019-11-16 12.28.58 2

He looks so proud, and if anything, I was even prouder.

And then, to my disbelief, Fighter proceeded to sweep up two prizes .  One was for ting xie/ejaan/spelling – every week they do a spelling test for either Mandarin, Malay or English and those with the best scores are awarded a trophy.  I think Fighter missed a 100% once or twice but evidently still good enough to get a trophy hahaha.


Fighter had already told me he was getting two prizes, but he forgot what the other one was for.  His details sounded too vague to believe so I didn’t hahaha.  So yea I was so surprised when he picked up another award – for oustanding performance!  Honestly I have no idea what “outstanding performance” means cos suspiciously, they’re all boys LOL plus there’s already a top 3 in class.  This is a separate category.  I feel like “outstanding performance” actually means most improvement which I am very  happy about!

Fighter is the least naughty kid ever but I think he improved cos he used to cry a lot last year hahahaha.  His teacher Ms Ho said he got so much better this year plus he’s apparently hands down the best behaved child in class so that could be it wtf.


Back in the classroom with his beloved Ms Ho, and Ms Photo Ruiner of the Year.

2019-11-16 12.28.59 1

My darling,

I am and have always been so proud of you but I didn’t know how much until I saw you walk on to that stage and receive your prizes.  I cried then, because I was so proud and honored to be your mother, and I also cried a little because every step you take feels like a step away from me (even though it shouldn’t.)

Every day I see you maturing and growing more and more independent.  You are sweet to your little sister, adore your father, and you are so forgiving of me when I am clumsy and accidentally hurt you or spoil your things wtf.  You are so independent now, going about your day, busy with your plans of play, and making your small decisions.  Yet at night when I put you to bed, you pull me close, snuggle against my arm and whisper “I like this mommy.”  And I am the center of your world again.

I didn’t have any notions when I got pregnant with you, but if I did have any, you would have blown them all wide open, the amazing little person you are.

I will cry again on the first day you start primary school, but if you ever read this, please know how much I love you and am proud of you.  It is a privilege to raise you (and Penny) and to watch you grow into the wonderful man I know you will be.

Love, Mommy.

(shit I write this own self want to cry again WTF)


Here’s a vlog I made of that big day!  So glad I captured it — such great memories. <3

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  • Congratulations Fighter! You are growing up so fast! Audrey, you are a great Mommy!

  • Haha so perceptive he can say he feels “Good and bad”! Congrats both!!

  • i love the bond that you have with your kids. happy graduation, jude! <3

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