How I got my hair back with Beaulife Clinic

A lot of people have been DM-ing me about my hair loss journey (actually should be called hair gain journey la wtf) cos I’ve been mentioning that I’m doing a hair loss treatment with my aesthetics sponsor Beaulife Clinic.

I didn’t want to post anything much until I completed the treatment which for me took about six months!  I’m guessing everyone’s treatment would take different amounts of time depending on the treatment and the seriousness of the case.

So I completed mine sometime late last year and just didn’t have time to sit down and write until now!  So here it is.

So long time followers would know that I’ve always had fine and thin hair; it’s a genetic trait from my mom and my brother Ooib has it too FHL.

It probably doesn’t help that I color my hair very frequently too wtf.

Sometimes people would ask me (luckily I’m not too thin skinned wtf) if I was experiencing hair loss problems just cos my hair was so fine.  My answer would always be no, I just have very fine hair.  Because it was true, I never noticed any drastic hair loss or changes in my hair, it had been flat and fine my whole life.

Until about a year ago.

Until now I’ve never noticed any distinct hair fall, so it must have happened very gradually.  To this day I don’t know the reason but very very slowly, my hair started to thin.  It got to a point that even I noticed it, although I was in denial for a while.


Especially obvious in this damn Colony toilet hahahahah.  My hair was short so there was nothing to weigh it down but it remained flat.  And if you look at my parting, it was HUGE.  I had already flipped my hair around a bit here so my parting is not a straight line (volume trick wtf) but you can still see it.


Another pic from my dark days wtf.  You can see that I styled my hair and curled it and everything — yet it remains super flat on top hahaha.  I compensated by taking pics from angles where it wasn’t so obvious.


But boh pian when people take candids lolol.  I was at orientation in kindergarten here and you can see the light shining off my bald spot wtf.

By now my bald spot/big parting/lack of volume was really bothering me.  So to hide the fact that I was balding…. by getting hair extensions.


Looks nice right!

There is nothing wrong with extensions; in fact, Number 76 and Hikky do a fantastic job and their extension quality is 100.  But extensions may not have been the best idea for the problem I was facing.


See?  My bald spot was still shining and glorious wtf.


The lighting here is better but trust me, it’s still there celebrating. wtf.


My parting was really obvious!  My fringe wasn’t really parted very severely but you can see my parting all the way from the back to my hairline.


My parting was pretty messy here so there’s no straight line, but instead you can see my scalp through my hair wtf.

In looming desperation, I contacted Beaulife Clinic.  I usually do facials and the occasional Botox with Beaulife and I’ve always been very happy with the results!  But they do a whole range of other things as well, and hair problems is one of them.

I can’t find any photos taken then but I did a consultation with Dr Leong who told me that in addition to my hair loss, I was probably having a scalp fungal infection too FML.  He prescribed a medicated shampoo which fixed it pretty quickly, and then he drew out a six month PRP treatment plan for me.

PRP therapy stands for platelet rich plasma therapy.  The doc basically takes my blood, spins it in a machine, extracts the platlets out of my blood and injects it into my scalp to stimulate hair growth.  I didn’t notice any more hair fall than usual but I suspect that my strands of hair were just getting thinner and less dense?  So the PRP is supposed to address that.


After my first session of PRP. (you can actually see my scalp all the way from my forehead to the back of my skull wtf.)

After 1 or 2 sessions I noticed that my hair fall increased!  I freaked out but Dr Leong assured me that was normal, it was my hair cycle accelerating, and my old hair was dropping out because the follicles were starting to regenerate to produce new hair.


Because of the numbing cream that they massage into my head before the injections, my hair is damn gross hahaahha after my sessions I have to go straight home to wash it off.


Here’s a picture of the top of my head taken right before PRP started.  I have a parting wtf but because my hair was so sparse, it looked like my parting was just branching out all to the sides.


This photo was taken after my last session of PRP.  My parting is still pretty distinct, but at least there are no more “mini partings” branching out from it anymore.  The width of it also looks reduced.

But the biggest difference is how I look from the front.


I think this was halfway through my treatment …. so maybe 3 months in?  My hair had grown longer so I removed my extensions.  (One thing about my hair is that although its damn thin it also grows damn fast wtf)

At this point I didn’t see a difference yet.  My hair looked bouncier here cos of the lighter weight and it was blown out, but it was still definitely thin.  If you look closely you can still see my scalp.


This was the second half of last year, I think I had maybe 1 or 2 treatments left.  The change was very gradual so when I took this photo I didn’t think that there was a difference.  But now when I look back, my hair already looked fuller!

I did my last PRP session towards the end of the year and for a while I wondered what to do next.  My hair looked about the same to me, maybe not as sparse anymore but I felt the difference was negligible.  I wondered if I should continue the treatment for a while more.

It wasn’t until our family trip to Shanghai a month after I finished PRP that I really noticed a significant difference!


Us in Shanghai Disneyland.  My hair definitely looked fuller and had more body now.


Here.  In case you forgot how my hair used to look wtf.


This was taken on our cruise off Shanghai.  There’s a direct overhead light shining on my head so the parting still looks big but look at the hair around it on the top of my head!  Due to the lack of volume, my hair was always flat against my skull, but now you can see that the hair on top is puffing up nicely just like normal people. T______T I don’t remember the last time my hair had this effect, even with a blowout.


Another picture on the same day.


Compare to nine months ago before I did my PRP.  I seriously had no hair LOL.


The next few photos were taken a few weeks after I noticed the big difference. Puffy hair on top T_______T


Under bright overhead lights.  My hair looks so voluminous already!


Very satisfied with the results! So grateful to the Beaulife team for helping me with my hair loss and self esteem. T______T

I blogged this cos really a lot of people have been asking me.  I’m not sure what other questions you have but let me try to answer what I think people would like to know.

How do I know PRP is right for me?

The best way to know is to go for a consultation with a certified, experienced doctor.  I went to BeauLife Clinic and consulted with Dr Leong.  He said PRP for hair growth generally works very well for women with Female Pattern Hair Loss, which is what I looked like I had.  It’s basically when hair follicles weaken, so hair that grows out drops more easily, and grows out finer and shorter.

He was right. 🙂

How much is it? How long will it take?

This depends on how severe your case is and how many sessions you will need.  The figure will be RM2-3K onwards at Beaulife.  I’ve been to many different aesthetics clinics in KL and find Beaulife the most reasonably priced.


Does it hurt?

I’m not that good with pain and it does hurt la.  This is with numbing cream too mind you.  It usually hurts more on the sides of my head and near my hairline.  But I guess if you have higher pain tolerance you’ll be fine hahahaha.

What should I expect in terms of results?

I would say be realistic.  PRP is not a hair transplant and it will not do magic.  However, it will strengthen your hair follicles so it can reach its full potential to grow stronger, thicker and longer hair.

Do I need to repeat this treatment?

I’m not a doctor but I understand that usually female or male pattern baldness is caused by genes or hormonal imbalances, which are not problems that will necessarily go away. So I’d say there will probably be times where I’d have to go back for a booster too.  Please check with your doctor about this.

If you have any other questions you can leave me a comment or DM or just contact Beaulife!  Their Instagram is @beaulifeclinic.

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  • very interesting post!

  • Thanks for sharing your journey!

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