That’s what friends are for


Things Fighter and Penny say part 832728472.  The older they get, the more savage they get FML.

Eating fried chicken from a recipe I found online for dinner.
Me: This is so good!
Penny: Yea. But it could be better if we ordered McDonald’s.


Talking about what everyone in the family is good at.

Penny: Koko is the master of Minecraft.   I’m the master at running, Mommy is the master of Angry Birds (cos I play a lot fml hahahaha).  Daddy is the master of chocolate.


During Zoom class.

Ms Ho (on Zoom): If you can, I want you to try reading a book every day.
Penny (talking to herself): I’m going to play Barbie doll house every day.
Me: I’m going to tell Ms Ho. Laoshi…. Penny said she doesn’t want to read, only wants to play
Penny looks worried.
Penny: Oh the mic is not on. She can’t hear you. *relieved*


The kids had set up a “hair salon” in Penny’s room and asked us to be their customers.  Fatty and I had a Zoom meeting though so we said wait a while.  When we came down from our call, the kids already had Dada our helper as a customer.
Fighter: Wait in line wait in line!
Me: But we came down all the way just for this
Fighter: OK Dada you’re done! *pushes Dada out of the way*


At bedtime when I’m tucking her in and kissing her goodnight.
Penny: You know Mommy every night I don’t want you to go away cos you’re so cute and nice and soft


Penny: Today I poo very long because my poo is very slow.  I got a lot of poo.  When I  have a bit of poo my backside pain.  When I have a lot of poo my stomach pain.


Fighter: I wish we could have a pet lion.  But it would eat Daddy because they go for the fat ones first.


Fighter: You’re the expert!
Me: At what?
Fighter: at everything!


Before we decided on Fighter’s name, when he was inside me we jokingly referred to him as
Fighter: I wish I was named Fei De!  But how?  All my school books are already


Fighter: My science teacher is Chen Lao Shi.  He’s a guy.
Penny: How does he look like?
Fighter:  I don’t know
Penny: Just tell me if he’s got pimples or not.


Fighter: I made a new friend today! He’s in Standard Two.
Penny: Does he have pimples on his face?


Fighter: When I grow up, I want to be a scientist, an archaelogist or an inventor.
Me: how about you, Penny?
Penny: I want to be the same job as Koko.
Me: why??
Penny: So I can see Koko every day at work *dreamy look*

Penny is super obsessed and idolizes Koko guys.

Fighter: One day I’m going to invent a camera that when you put someone’s picture inside, that person will appear in another photo even though the person wasn’t there.
Me (thinking “that’s photoshop”): Oh ok that’s nice.  What about you Penny?  What do you want to invent?
Penny: I’m gonna invent a fairy wand and fairy wings!

Not so scientific after all. HAHAHAHAHA.


Fighter was grumbling because their best friends (who are also siblings) haven’t returned to school yet post lockdown.  But Penny’s BFF Mia has started coming back for ballet class which is a weekly affair.

Fighter: I wish I was you Penny!  Then I could see my best friend once a week.
Penny: I wish I was you too Koko.  And also me.  But I like being me more.


Me trying to make Fighter feel better about missing his best friend.

Me: You know what?  I know it sucks that Chase is not in school yet but look on the bright side, you made so many new friends! (he’s been telling me about new friends he’s made in school – even kids from different years)
Fighter (brightening): Oh yea.  I made six new friends.
Me (turning to Penny): How about you?  Do you have any friends in school (since Mia is not back yet plus her class has divided into two groups who go to school on alternate days, and none of her other friends are in her group)
Penny: Nope.
Me: Why? Why don’t you go and talk to the other kids?
Fighter: Yea it’s so easy! Just say hello! (clearly an extrovert)
Penny: Mommy I got a friend.  She’s He Laoshi (Ms. Ho, her teacher LOL)


So as I was saying earlier, Penny recently has developed this hero worship for Fighter hahahaha.  She’s also super protective of him and it’s damn adorable!

One day they were playing Minecraft, in a world Fighter created.  A creeper walks in to Fighter’s supermarket.  If you don’t play Minecraft, apparently creepers can explode which causes damage to whatever you’ve built.

From upstairs I could hear…

Fighter: No no no no NONONONOOOOOO
*creeper explodes*
Fighter (bursts into tears): WAHHHHHHHHHHHH
(Fighter cried hysterically cos he had apparently spent a lot of time building up his supermarket lol)

I rushed down to see what happened and tried to calm him down.  What I didn’t notice was that in the midst of all the havoc (and Butters getting caught up in everyone’s legs), Penny had grabbed her own iPad and was tapping furiously on it.

She was trying to rebuild the broken supermarket for Fighter. T_____T

After a while though, she got logged out of the world, because it belonged to Fighter and Fighter was inactive.  So this resourceful Baby then grabbed Fighter’s iPad and accessed the world from it, and kept on building the supermarket until it was finished.

Then she took the iPad over to Fighter who was still bawling on my knee, showed it to him and said, “It’s okay Koko.  Look — your supermarket is okay.”

In the midst of all the chaos and crying, Penny kept her head and did the best thing to fix the situation – she fixed Fighter’s bombed out supermarket.  And she did it purely for him. T________T

We’d always worried that Penny lacked empathy but no, she has tons of it now.  And not only does she feel empathy for people, she actually does something about it, which I can’t even say for many grown ups!  I was sooooo proud of her then.

Fighter stopped crying and hugged her.  And for the rest of the day, I noticed he was extra nice to her, even bringing water for her to drink LOL.


Enjoyed writing this so much!  Hahaha gonna compile more as we go along.




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  • I hv a son (older) and a daughter too and I must say my daughter too idolized her bro a lot… hahahahaha!

  • this dynamic between them is amazing. i love that they’re each others’ biggest fans.

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