Things Fighter and Penny say part whatever

Time for another Things Fighter and Penny Say!

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Penny: “I think next time I want to be like Auntie Sherlyn.  I’ll get a dog and have a husband but I don’t want kids.”
Fighter: “I changed my mind, Mommy.  I think I don’t want to get married I just want to stay with you and Daddy forever.”
Me: “How about you, Baby? Do you want to stay with us too or have your own house?”
Penny: “I want my own big house.” *gestures widely
Fighter: “YAY then I get the Barbie house!”
Fatty: “Somebody’s gotta tell him than in 20 years he won’t want the Barbie house.”
Me: “I tried.  He can’t imagine ever not wanting the Barbie house.”



Fighter: “Mommy, you know why Ah Chor [their great grandmother] and all the old people are still alive?  Because on my 6th and 7th birthday I wished that they would be alive forever.”



Mummy Ooi: “I don’t really like caviar, I don’t know why people like it.”
Fighter: “I also don’t really like Javier, he bombed my Minecraft house.”

editor’s note: He heard caviar as Javier HAHAHAHAHAHAHA



Fighter: “Mommy, does a serial killer eat cereal?”



Not really something they said but it was too cute I had to include this.  The kids play a game called Bloxburg on Roblox which is similar to The Sims.  You work a job, earn money to build your own house and furnish it.  The difference is you get to interact with other players in your town since it’s an online game.

One day, Penny comes up to me crying because…. she had made a friend in Bloxburg and she designated that person as “roommate” which basically gave that player permission to edit her house!  And that player for god know what reason started deleting furniture in her house and moving her staircase around LOL.  Penny was so distraught she cried, but Fighter turned out to be such a protective older brother – he was in the game too, and he immediately sent out a message to this player: “Hey why did you delete my sister’s stuff. YOU STUPID” LOL but I guess stupid is an off limits word cos it came out as ****** ahahahaha I cannot.

He then proceeded to block that user and report her lolol.

Later on, I also found out that Penny had zero money left in the game because she kept giving her money away.  When I asked her, she cried and confessed that she did that to make friends. T_______T Omg I cannot with this funny little girl hahahahaha.  She didn’t know how to type or read so she couldn’t communicate with the other kids.  So in her 5 year old head, she thought she would make friends by giving people money omg hahahahahaha.

And it turns out that was the reason why she made that player her roommate too.  Because she was so happy to have a friend who played with her in the game. Hahahahaha.



We’re eating mangoes.

Fatty: “Dada [our helper], take the mango seed.  You like it right?”
Fatty: “You know, Kong Kong loves the seed too.  Even Daddy likes mango seeds.”
Penny: “I don’t like the seed, I like the sofa.”

editor’s note: she thought we said ‘seat’ LOL.



I forgot how it came up but we were talking about LGBT and I was explaining the concept to the kids.

Me: “Usually boys like girls and girls like boys.  But sometimes there are boys who like other boys, and girls who like other girls.  And that’s okay because everyone is different and likes different things.”
Both of them: *digesting this info*
Me: “So it’s up to you next time if you want to marry a girl or marry a boy.”
Penny: “I want to marry a boy.”
Me: “Oh? So you like boys?”
Penny: “Yea.”
Me (thinking she had some boy she liked): “What boys do you like?”
Penny: “Kind boys.” (then whispering in my ear) “Also handsome.  Handsome boys.”



It’s Orientation Day for Penny’s school and they’re doing it on Zoom.  The kids haven’t been back for so long the teacher is showing them photos of their classroom.

Ms Ho: “Do you remember your old classroom?”
Penny (yelling): “I don’t even remember my old life!”



So a group of boys in Fighter’s class established a “gang”.  The gang’s main activity is to stay back on the Zoom call after class is over and teacher has left, and they talk to each other and watch each other play Minecraft LOL.  One of Fighter’s good friends, Ayden asked him to join the gang, and said he already told the gang leader Fighter would be joining LOL.  This was what Ayden’s mom told me.

Me: “So I heard Ayden asked you to join the gang.”
Fighter: “Yea.”
Me: “Are you going to join them to play Minecraft?”
Fighter: “Nah.”
Me” “Oh why not?”
Fighter: “Because Luke [gang leader] said only boys!  No girls allowed! I said it’s not fair to not let girls join.  So I said I don’t want to join.”

Oh my son. T_______T  We would be a better world if there were more of you hahahaha.