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Let’s talk about poop

I actually did a search on my old blog posts (wow am I prolific blogger or what) and realized that I never wrote about Fighter and constipation and the reason why I switched the whole family to Mamil.

Fighter has had a problematic stomach ever since he was born until today.  Exactly like the mother -_-

He had no problem when he was solely breastfed.  It was when solids were introduced that the problems started. *cymbals clash*

I started him on veggie and fruit purees and almost immediately, he got constipated. -_-  I assume it was partly cos of solids itself, and partly cos the purees he always wanted was apple and banana.

From then on he struggled on and off with constipation.

No matter how much fruits and vegetables he took, or how much water, every so often he’d go for days without pooping.  When he finally managed to go, the poo would be the size of a monster and frequently streaked with blood. T___T And he’d cry and cry cos hello who wouldn’t!?

Most of the time though, he just wouldn’t be able to go on his own and I used Lactulose so often that I was super familiar with it.  At one point on doctor’s advice, I had him on daily Lactulose for a month. O_O (Lactulose is a type of sugar that helps the stool absorb water so it’s easier pushed out.)

Sometimes the case was too extreme for even Lactulose.  Then I had to resort to suppositories, which are the worst.  It’s instant relief but the problem is holding him down screaming while I stuff a wax pill up his butt. T____T  It was traumatic for me, what more for him.

I must have written about it on social media because I remember followers telling me to try Mamil.  And I happened to see Google Ads about Mamil too! But it seemed too good to be true – milk can help with constipation yau mou. Lolol.

Then one fateful day, Mamil approached me to collaborate.  I was still skeptical honestly, but they gave me a couple of cans to try.

Fighter’s constipation pretty much cleared up after that. (!!!!!!)

That’s why I continued to collaborate with Mamil.  I even worked on a brand video with them last year!  With Penny, I put her on Mamil immediately too without considering any other brand.  As a family, we’ve had no constipation problems since that dark, dark period in Fighter’s early years.

Last week, I attended a talk organized by Mamil about gut health.

2018-07-31 10.14.18 2

Hi guys wtf.

2018-07-31 10.14.17 1

A doctor and a nutritionist headed the talk so it was actually pretty interesting and I learned a lot about gut health!  Gut health is actually pretty important cos besides say our lungs and skin, it’s the body’s first point of contact with the outside world; anything you consume will go into your stomach, so your gut is essentially your first line of defense against outside pathogens.

Anyway um…. if you don’t want to see graphic pictures you might want to skip this next photo.









Seriously this chart is my bible now. T3T  Type 3 and 4 are normal, the others are not.


Constipation happens when poop gets stuck in the big intestine and blocks up the passageway.  The longer it stays there, the more water it loses and the harder it gets.

And as is general knowledge, constipation happens for a variety of reasons: not enough water, not enough fiber, slow movement through the digestive system, etc.


Fighter was too young to tell me so I don’t know if he was actively holding his poop back or not when he had constipation!  But it is totally possible. D:


How to improve stool quality for easier pooping. Common sense la – water and veggies and fruits.  But yep, also probiotics and prebiotics.

Everyone knows what probiotics are but what about prebiotics? Honestly I had no idea until I went for this talk lolol.  My phone would auto correct ‘probiotics’ to ‘prebiotics’ and I thought prebiotics was just a made up word LOL.

But it is not!  If probiotics are the good bacteria that help in gut health and immunity,  prebiotics are the food that probiotics eat to multiply and grow. ^^ So we need both probiotics and prebiotics to maintain good gut health.


Prebiotics can be found in fruits and vegetables, or supplemented beverages.


Besides stimulating the growth of Probiotics, prebiotics act as a fiber to promote peristalsis (the movement of intestines to push food on its way), and soften poo.


Main prebiotic types are FOS, GOS and Inulin.  I didn’t know Lactulose was a prebiotic until now!


Here are some of the common food sources of prebiotics.  That’s why it’s important for your kids (and you) to have a balanced diet. *nags*


Mamil is fortified with probiotics AND prebiotics – GOS/IcFOS which is all the important prebiotics I mentioned earlier.

I think my kids eat a pretty balanced diet as it is, but maybe not enough good bacteria still.  I think I tend to underemphasize rather than exaggerate, so I’m being completely honest when I say that Mamil really helped my kids with their constipation. T____T

Mamil cited a survey that said 9/10 of moms vouch for Mamil and I’m one of them for sure hahaha.

The problem is, nearly a year ago, Fighter actually switched to fresh milk supplemented by two scoops of another formula brand that’s associated with weight gain.  A doctor suggested doing that to help with his growth.  Meanwhile, Penny is firmly still on Mamil.

I didn’t notice it right away, but now Fighter’s poop fluctuates.  Sometimes it’s normal, but sometimes it’s type 5 or type 2 (not normal).  And sometimes he gets stomach pains and poops up to three times a day wtf.  He didn’t have this problem and I suspect it’s cos his prebiotics intake has decreased cos he switched milks.

He overheard me talking about this and asked me to buy him Mamil lolol.  I will probably do that when we finish our current supply actually.

2018-07-31 10.14.18 1


With the Mamil peeps and experts.  Thank you for saving us lots of pain and crying. T______T

This post was written in collaboration with Mamil.


My experience with Medklinn

2018-08-13 09.54.28 2

Imma be up front about this.  This is a collaborative post with Medklinn. I’ve heard the name Medklinn around for years but I actually didn’t know what they are or what they do.  Well today let me tell you wtf.

When Medklinn first approached me to collaborate, I thought oh ok they sell air purifiers.  I was all like nuh uh bro cos I already have three air filters in the house and I don’t need anymore.

But here comes the revelation *jeng jeng jeng*…. Medklinn is NOT an air purifier.

It’s an air + surface sterilizer.

An ordinary air purifier sucks in air, pushes it through their filter system, purifies it, and blows it out again.  For best use, you will need to change the filters regularly – the carbon filters and the HEPA filters and the like.  Which uhhh I have not been doing. :/ Changing filters is never on my mind and sometimes I keep the same filter for years which is worse cos the filters are basically grimy with dirt and germs and air is basically passed through it and pushed out again, dirtier than before.


Medklinn does not take in dirty air to be cleaned.  (omg now I put it this way normal air purifiers sound like a special laundry service for air lolol *nerd*)  Medklinn instead produces and emits something called Active Oxygen which neutralizes harmful particles and microorganisms in the air.

Active Oxygen is produced naturally in nature, through phenomena such as photosynthesis, moving water, UV rays, and thunderstorms.  Using a special technology called Cerafusion, Medklinn units produce Active Oxygen to sterilize the air and surfaces in our homes and offices.

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 9.48.22 PM

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 9.48.43 PM

Active Oxygen is basically ozone, and negative ions like of O3 and O- .  These molecules work in a few ways: by destroying harmful pollutants like viruses, bacteria, allergens and moulds, and by binding airborne particles like dust and spores together, causing them to fall to the surface.

Active Oxygen also oxidizes Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) like formaldehyde, a cancer causing chemical.  In the same way, it eliminates bad household smells from cigarettes, food, or pets.

Because Active Oxygen directly destroys and neutralizes all this nasty stuff, it also ends up cleaning any pollutants and allergens that are found on our surfaces – beds, tables, chairs etc., not just filtering the air.

Medklinn gifted me two units, which I’ve placed in my bedroom, and Fighter’s room for the past month.  I thought that way would be the easiest to see results, since I have horrible sinus issues and Fighter gets so many colds and wheezing and running noses we worry he’ll develop asthma.

We were actually going for a two week trial period but I asked for a month to really test the efficacy of the products.  I leave it on 24/7 and try not to open the windows, to keep the Active Oxygen in and pollutants out.  It’s best to shut windows and doors for the best performance and to monitor results.

2018-08-13 09.54.28 1

This is what it looks like.  When it’s on, it emits a very slight buzzing sound that is not intrusive at all.  There’s also a very distinctive ozone smell, which frankly reminds me of Mummy Ooi’s fish tank when I was growing up hahahahah.  I don’t mind it.

After turning the Medklinn on, I more or less forgot about it and went on with life wtf.  Emily, my blog manager asked me about two weeks into it, how?  And I said er no difference la I still have running nose in the mornings and blocked nose at night before I sleep.  And the week before, Fighter had a persistent running nose.

This week is the fifth week we’ve had Medklinn at home.  I haven’t really had a blocked nose since then, although at night I need to clear my nose before I sleep, but could be due to dust I inhale when I’m outside.

Fighter hasn’t been sick since then.  I normally need to use a cotton bud to clean his nose every few nights but his breathing has been clear so far.  It could just be a lucky few weeks that he hasn’t encountered any germs, but within this five weeks, Penny has fallen sick twice.  Both times with leaky noses and horrible coughs that lasted so long they overlapped. -_-

When one of them falls sick, the other confirm fall sick within days.  Like when Fighter kena conjunctivitis, so did Penny within the week.  But Fighter stood strong this time. No cross infection. :O

2018-08-13 09.54.26 1

Tomorrow I’m going to move the one in my room to Penny’s room, and see monitor when she next falls sick.

But all in all, I am impressed with Medklinn! It’s so easy to use too; it’s small and portable, and even though it’s switched on 24/7, power consumption is low (less than 6.5watts).  Maintenance is minimal; you change the cartridge annually.  And no chemicals are involved.

The technology makes sense, and so far, the results are quite evident.  With two small children in school, I deal with colds and other infections every few weeks.  I myself have never fallen sick so many times in my life cos they keep passing bugs to me too. -_-

Especially with the HFMD scare that’s happening now!  If any of them kena (TOUCH WOOD), I hope with our Medklinn, the virus will hopefully be contained and not pass to us la.

2018-08-13 09.54.27 1

If you want to read up yourself about Medklinn, here are some links:

Medklinn website

Medklinn and HFMD

Medklinn and sinus allergies

This blog post was written in collaboration with Medklinn.


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“Don’t underestimate the value of doing nothing.” – Winnie the Pooh

The last few months have been, to say the least, hectic for me.

We were rushing to finish KL Eco City on time before our official launch party.  Then came the launch party and it was a big, busy, rushy (but very fun and awesome must clarify ahem) event.


Hi! wtf.

And then I had a bunch of other stuff to work on.  A bunch of blog campaigns featuring blog posts came in.  I’m #grateful (lolol inside joke) but the deadlines were all around the same time and I was dying wtf.  Then came a bunch of admin stuff: applying for visas for the family and for Dada our helper to go to Australia.  Our visas are sap sap sui but Filipino applications come under a lot of scrutiny and there’s a long process to it. T3T

Even tougher was applying for my Canadian visa cos Angela is getting married end of the year!  Wah lau have to submit my entire life history like this.

And then, we also started work on the third Colony!  Another flurry of drawing plans, artist drawings, and licensing work.

Anyway to cut a long story short, I was bogged down with a lot of work non stop.  Normally I can handle but I think the blog deadlines took up any extra time I had left and I was quite exhausted.  To make matters worse, I think my kids are two of the clingiest children I’ve ever seen in my circle. -_-  Whenever they’re back from school I gotta say bye to any productive time I might hope for wtf.

And then and then.  I also made a very last minute decision to switch Penny to Fighter’s school next year, instead of waiting one more year.  Mostly cos I’m tired of driving to two different schools back and forth every single day hahahaha.  Penny is very independent (when I’m not around wtf) and mature for her age, and I think she’s ready to go to a bigger school like Koko’s.  So that was another mad rush – going to the school for a tour and to ask more about the Pre-K class, then preparing the documents for registration.

So I was feeling slightly burnt out.  Two Fridays ago I decided to take a break and go have breakfast with a mommy friend while waiting for the kids.

Then this happened wtf.


If only bumpers that fall off work on the same principle as teeth.  Got Tooth Bumper Fairy to come and give me money when my bumper comes off. Hahahahha.

What happened was that there was no parking so I had to ask the valet to park our van for me.  He parked on the side of the road and I didn’t know the sidewalk jutted out in front of my car!  So when I tried to leave, my bumper tried to stay behind hahahahaha. T____T

That day was another long day for me.  The next day, Saturday 8 am was also Penny’s school registration, and like in Fighter’s case, I was prepared that we will have to go line up overnight to register. -_-  I thought if I start the queueing at around midnight, I should be safe.

Fatty was away in Taiwan that day and I was so tired.  After putting the kids to bed, I thought I’d just order some Mcds delivery and just dinner at home before going over later that night to check out the queue.

At 7.30 pm Sieu Ee called me and told me people are already lining up. T_________T

I wanted to cry already wtf.  Cannot even eat my dinner in peace meh. T_____T  Resigned, I waited for Mcds to arrive, then grabbed the sack of food and got into the car, a smaller car that I drive if I’m not ferrying the kids.

On the way out, I hit our own front gate WTF.  Seriously wtf Aud.

Look at my dent, just mocking me wtf.

Quite bad leh cos the gate fell off its rails WTF hahahaha.  T_____T  And the gate paint is all over that dent too wtf.

I really nearly cried then.  On one day, I had two accidents.  With two different cars.  That must be a record right there wtf.

I think I was so tired, I wasn’t really looking and just banged the gate wtf.  I’d planned to go for a massage or something after we completed Colony @ Eco City but never got around to it because more things kept cropping up.  I wasn’t even sleeping well for a few weeks because at night my to do list kept running through my head and I’d worry about what else I needed to complete.

Immediately after that school registration, Fatty and I took the kids to watch Christopher Robin (Thanks Disney for the premiere tickets!).  Through sleep deprived eyes, I saw the movie poster.


Pooh Bear really is on to something.  As grown ups we forget that and we fill up our free time with maximum things so we feel “productive” and “useful”.

Well fuck that.  I didn’t do nothing and ended up with two car accidents in a day.

Sure we get stuff done, but maybe we would get more done more efficiently if we took a break every now and then.  Never underestimating the value of doing nothing again. 😀 You? *threatening look wtf*

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Colony @ Eco City tour!

Hello everyone!

So the launch of Colony @ Eco City has come and gone (two weeks ago) and I’m finally getting around to blogging about it! T____T  I haven’t really been writing much about it so this post is gonna be it ok hold on to your seats wtf.

We’ve been working on this since last December so it’s been like 7 months in the coming!

This project was quite different from our first one, when honestly I had no idea what I was doing.  I thought this would be easier, having gone through it once before.  As usual I was wrong. Lol.

The first Colony used to be a serviced office before we took it over.  All we had to do really, was renovate and furnish it.  Sure, we added facilities and equipment, upgraded the Internet and things like that, but everything was mostly set up already.

For Eco City, we had a completely blank space.  Only concrete walls and floor and exposed piping.  So we got to work.  We first submitted our plans for approval from DBKL and Bomba (City Council and Fire Department)… but first I had to go talk to engineers too for drawing up the plans.  My first time dealing with anything like this, but the engineer was so nice he walked me through the entire process, step by step.  I understood then, but my sieve-like memory has forgotten some of it now. -_-

After that came the electrical drawings, the plumbing drawings, fire safety drawings, data points, airconditioning, flooring, furnishing….

All these came from our awesome design team ok.  I merely nodded and trusted Buddha WTF.

Then came the fun part – design.

When we first secured the space, we were ecstatic – huge floor to ceiling windows, tons of natural light, nice spacious square shape.  It even faced a hill which had a river running towards us. #goodfengshui  It’s also bigger than our KLCC location and Fatty and I imagined it would be our flagship location.

So since it’s Colony… what theme would be better than a (British) Colonial theme?  I have no idea how other designers work but for me, it really helps if I have a strong theme in mind to allude to.  Because I like a lot of things wtf and I don’t want to stray off track hahaha.  A theme helps remind me and keep me focused I guess.

I usually try to strike a balance between ‘homey’ and ‘comfortable’ and ‘luxurious’ for Colony so I felt this theme matched the purpose as well.  Colonial style decoration would be grand enough, yet toned down enough for people to relax in it.

This was our first artist’s impression.


*poker face*

It’s nice! But it looks like The Majestic.  Or Fullerton in Singapore.  When I thought colonial, I totally forgot that it’s a popular theme for hotels in this region hahaha.

I thought it needed a bit more character, or something to change it up a bit.  Working on Colony, I learned that I like contrasts in design, and this design was too straight in getting to its destination.  Does that make sense?

I asked, how about adding some unexpected colors?  Like pink?


*more poker face*

*puts saline drops in eyes*

I removed the fuchsia and replaced it with pastel pink.  And eliminated the Buncho yellow.

Results were much better!  We also added a whole bunch of elements traditionally associated with colonial style: a lot of greenery in the form of big leafed plants like banana and palm, blue and white Chinese porcelain, brass fixtures, beautiful old books, and rattan.

And here’s the final result! 🙂


Here’s the cafe area.  The cafe in Eco City is run by The Embassy, who have an outlet in Starling Mall too.

We chose a gorgeous dull mint color for the cafe which contrasts so well with the pink!  ID was skeptical about too many colors but I love itttttt.

We did marble topped tables for the old school charm and rattan backed chairs.


The lounge area where people can chill, have discussions or hot desk.

The day beds on the right are my pride and joy. T___T I kept thinking in the initial design drafts that the ‘colonialism’ wasn’t coming out strong enough.  I’m so glad I saw these canopy beds on Pinterest hahahaha. Cos they really make the space! This pic was taken before the canopies arrived so I might update this later.

Designer customized the beds for seating; I imagined full on beds but these are much better cos I don’t want people to have to put their feet up when they sit down la hahaha can’t be too comfortable wtf.


Details: we put in standing louvers, painted black.  When I was Fighter’s age, I lived in my grandparents’ Colonial terrace house in Penang which had louvered windows so this is so nostalgic for me. 🙂

Our throws are cased in mostly botanical prints or animal skin prints.  For rugs we used handwoven rattan-like rugs.


Spin behind the cafe a bit.  Lockers for our Reserved Desk guests (who don’t have locked drawers for their belongings) are on the left.  Straight in front is the kids’ playroom.


The kids’ room includes a nursing room!  The cushion is so apt ok. When your nips are bleeding and you’re putting cabbage leaves on your boobs to stop the clog, remember what the cushion says wtf.

Anyway yellow armchair for momma to sit, next to it are appropriate baby supplies – diapers, wet wipes and even nursing pads thoughtfully provided by Applecrumby and Fish.  And changing table on the left!


Here’s the playroom!  Walls are done in customized wallpaper.  Picket fence is there to corrall off screaming and running lolol.


Inside we have a slide, a dolls’ house, and a city scape set up…


And a toy kitchen on the other side.  All from Taobao LOL GOOD BUYS LEH.  Sorry I don’t know where to get it cos ID got everything.


The highlight is this wtf.  There was a little bit of space under the stairs outside so we broke it in and created this little nook.  Then Katrine created a house facade around it and filled it with beds, cushions and lots of stuffed animals.  I think it’s the critters’ favorite part of Colony actually.


Back out again.  Another view of the lounge and Reserved Desks area.


Phone booths are done up in pink!  One of my favorite details here.


What a phone booth at Colony @ Eco City looks like.


Inside we have an old fashioned writing desk and chair, with a Persian style rug on hardwood floor.  We filled it with cushions, throw blankets and furry to reduce any echoing that could come from phone calls or video conferences. ^^


This nook is our Instagram corner. Hahahah.  The pink is a print we got from Shutterstock and blew up LOL.  Cos customizing a wallpaper was too expensive wtf.  #renohacks


Our conference room.  Fits 14 people!  Our meeting rooms are always named after famous explorers or trailblazers, so for this Colony, our conference room is called Battuta, for Ibn Battuta.

People who studied sejarah should know la ok hahahaha.  One other meeting room is called Murasaki for Lady Murasaki Shikibu, who was a lady in waiting in Japan, and wrote The Tale of Genji, considered the first ever novel in the world! *nerd*  And the third is called Armstrong for Neil Armstrong, who was the first man on the moon.


This is our event space.  When there are no events, this area will be used for just hanging out or hot desking.


When there are events though, the furniture can be moved around to accommodate the style of event.  I tried to choose lighter, individual pieces for easier shifting.


Ooh one of my favorite spots too!  We ordered these steamer trunk tables from China and they got lost at sea FML.  I was going crazy cos I thought we were gonna launch with no tables but luckily they came in time!  I love them so much I got two smaller ones for our bedside tables at home.


Ordered this chair cos I thought it was really unique but now I suddenly see it everywhere. -_-


Here’s the entrance to our private office suites!


Flooring is in black and white tile for a retro feel.


The pictures I chose all also got colonial theme one!  We have a lot of old maps, tropical animal portraits and vintage photos of British colonial scenes.


This is a special room, called the Jamestown Suite.  Named after one of the first British colonies, it’s a glammed up luxe version of a normal Colony office.


We outfitted it with wallpaper, hardwood floors, a Chesterfield couch, TV screen…


A Marshall speaker, and smart home capabilities.  You can basically control the curtains, music, TV and lights with Google Home. ^^ For special clients only hehehe.


Here’s Murasaki.


I added this pug which is damn random but damn cute ok hahahaha.  Apt cos Murasaki in Japanese means purple and his shades got purple there wtf.


The pantry (and a mop).


Nap room which you can book to take a quick break.

I also made a video tour!  I shot it while some of our furniture wasn’t even in yet though but just to give you a guys a sense of the place.  Also includes Fighter and Penny’s reaction to the kids’ playroom hahaha.


Fighter and Penny’s progress reports

It’s the middle of the year and as every parent of school going children knows, it’s report card dayyyyyyy.

I’m the kind of mom who gets excited over her kids’ progress reports so F my kids’ lives especially if they don’t do well next time hahaha. I walk Penny right in to her classroom and chat with her teachers most days, but Fighter’s school is a lot bigger – every day I just drop him off at the entrance and rush to send Penny to school after that, so I never get to talk to his teachers.  Parent teacher chat would be the first time I get to really talk to them!

This year was also interesting because it’s Penny’s first proper year of school so it’s also her first school report ever.

Penny’s progress report


Compared to Fighter I can see Penny is naturally more graceful and athletic la hahaha.  But the funny thing was, Teacher told me that when they practiced balancing the ping pong ball, they only noticed how perfectionist Penny is and how determined she is to do things correctly.  To her, the whole point was to not drop the ball so she walked unbearably slow. Lol.

Teacher encouraged her to walk faster so she obeyed and ended up dropping her ball and getting mad at the teacher for forcing her to walk faster hahahaha.  When she resumed, she walked at her snail’s pace again hahaha.



Not only does Penny understand classroom routines and teacher’s instructions, she is also very good at bossing her friends around and forcing them to obey the teacher WTF.  Hahahaha.

It again reinforced how competitive Penny is; she’s memorized the routines so when she knows something is going to happen, she rushes to be the first to line up, receive things, go to the playground, whatever it is she must be first wtf.  So much so that the teachers have had to pull her back a little to give the other kids a chance. :X

On the other hand, the teachers in school have taken to calling her ‘class monitor’ cos she helps her teachers get the class in form, calling them out when they fall out of line, helping her friends keep their water bottles, etc.


She’s a perfectionist when it comes to getting her work done.  Most apparent in their arts and crafts, of which they do a lot.  The teacher usually shows the class an example of how their artwork should look like, and the kids have to do their best to follow the instructions.

Other kids just listen one time and then do it.  Not Penny.  She watches as the teacher demonstrates, then while she’s doing her work, she carefully refers back to the sample to make sure she’s got it right.

Check out her bumble bee above.  I couldn’t have done it better wtf.


And see this display of Humpty Dumptys on brick walls.  Guess which one is hers. Lolol.

Teacher also told me she got damn a lot of admirers in class OMG.  Like nearly every boy likes her and wants to sit with her OMG OMG.

I asked, huh, why her!?  Teacher said, well maybe cos the other girls in class are boisterous and active, while Penny is soft spoken and demure.

Say what.  Whose daughter are you talking about wtf.  At home Penny is damn bossy and loud mouthed and active can?

Well apparently she’s not like that at school hahahaha super cheat people.

What the teacher said is true though.  Every few weeks she will tell me who’s her boyfriend and it’s always a different name WTF.  *rubs temples*  Although to her ‘boyfriend’ literally means a friend who’s a boy la.

And the mother of a very sweet little boy, J, told me how her son counted out Peppa Pig cookies to keep to give to Penny in school cos he knows she likes Peppa Pig. *rubs temples harder*

TL;DR: Penny is doing very well at school!  She’s competitive and does her best in every task.  She’s slightly obsessive about being neat and putting things away but I take it as a good thing. ^^ She loves story time and speaks one of the best out of her whole class (which I feel is cos she has an older sibling while every other kid there is the oldest or only child in their family), although she can’t pronounce her own name yet and keeps saying her name is “Banana-pee” HAHAHAHA.

Fighter’s progress report

In Fighter’s case, we received their report cards first before we met their teachers.  Fighter very conscientiously informed me to check his report and that I have a lot of “homework” to do ie inspect his report and sign it.

Either he’s very naive to the ways of the world, or he must have thought he did very well. LOL.


This is his English report.  For some context, star = excellent, triangle = average/meet requirements, circle = needs work.  However, the teacher told me that for the first semester, they usually rate triangle so there will always be room for improvement in Semester 2.  So I’m guessing that if they get a star in the first sem, means they excellent until the teacher cannot deny wtf.

Fighter’s English is okay la got a few Excellents and the rest are average.  As should be la since English is his first language.


BM he has some things that need work: naming objects around him in Malay… actually only that one wtf.  I feel not bad too considering that this is the first year he’s even been exposed to Malay!


Chinese.  Jeng jeng jeng.  The things he needs to improve are: able to express own needs with simple sentences, and willing to speak in Mandarin, which to me are the same thing la.  Also cannot write Chinese characters correctly haha.

I already know his writing not good cos his fine motor skills also not that good la wtf.

I was surprised though that he wasn’t speaking in Mandarin cos he actually seems to really enjoy Chinese.  I asked him and he said he was too shy to speak hahaha.


Okay the only thing he needs help with is controlling his emotions. :X

I also sort of knew this already cos quite often (although recently not as much anymore) this boy would be all okay in the morning and in the car.  But when we arrive at the school gates, he’d give me sad puppy eyes and dramatically grasp my hand before reluctantly getting down. O_o FML la hahahaha.  Sometimes he’d even be teary eyed so I supposed that was why he failed this aspect lolol.


Cognitive development – apparently cannot count down from ten to one wtf.  But I dunno if this was graded some time back cos when I asked him to do it for me, he did it with ease.


No problems with self care or computer skills!


*buries face in hands*

This was the area he needs the most improvement in.  All I have to say is he completely takes after me HAHAHA.

The only things he can do absolutely well is walk stairs one foot at a time and it’s cos we have stairs at home.  He can also put on his shoes and that’s cos I’m too lazy to bend down all the time hahahaha.

When I talked to his teacher, she told me that Fighter is the only kid that when he runs she pays full attention cos she’s so scared he’ll fall down. O_O When he runs (or walks) apparently sometimes his feet don’t even face straight so he trips over himself.

I had a revelation then.  Is that why I’m always tripping myself?!


Child’s character is super spot on: sociable, easy going, inquisitive…. and anxious. T____T


At school waiting for my turn to talk to the teacher.

I’ll summarize what the teacher told me here:

  • Fighter’s test results are actually really good.  He had full marks for most things and those he didn’t get, the most he missed is one or two questions.  I actually thought the teacher fed them the answers until she confirmed that those were tests and she didn’t.
  • Fighter is the most focused child in the whole class. O_O Apparently he’s the only kid who can sit still an entire lesson and not take his eyes off teacher.  Which is why he learns so quickly and well – because he’s very good at concentrating.  I wouldn’t have guessed!
  • Part of the reason why he’s so focused in class could be cos he’s scared the teacher will scold him though wtf.  He has never been scolded or punished cos he’s so well behaved but apparently he lives in fear that teacher will scold him cos she’s always scolding other boys wtf.
  • Usually the girls are more guai, so Teacher lets them go off to recess or wherever first while she scolds the boys/waits for the boys to calm down.  So because Fighter identifies as a boy, his lower lip will start quivering and his eyes will turn red… until Teacher sighs and says, no not you Jude.  You can go ahead with the girls.  Then he’ll nod sniffingly and go off with the girls. HAHAHAHA WHY OH WHY.
  • Socially, he plays with other children but sticks the closest to Chase.
  • When he doesn’t know how to do something, he doesn’t even try but goes to ask Teacher immediately.  He does this at home with me too which annoys me cos he doesn’t even try! He has low confidence in his drawing skills and honestly his friends draw way better than him cos I can see he’s not very interested in coloring and drawing in the first place.  Did not get in from me okay I am actually very good in art wtf.
  • He cries a lot in school.  I didn’t know this and I was slightly worried to hear.  Teacher said he really is quite anxious and would cry over things like forgotten pencils or handkerchiefs.  I’ve seen this side of him at home but didn’t realize he was like this in school too.  It’s like he panicks over the tiniest thing that isn’t 100% correct and cannot see reason already. T_T I don’t know how to fix this also to be honest.
  • Teacher has been reassuring him and I’ve been doing the same at home la so at least I know I’m on the right track wtf.  He has been improving, although Teacher said the other day she was just doing her teaching thing, when suddenly she heard a loud wail then someone burst into tears.

It was Fighter wtf.  The kids were tasked to draw and color a vehicle each, and the teachers would take each drawing and paste it into a mural on the classroom wall.  Fighter was drawing a van and apparently his friend said his drawing sucked LOLOL so he cried omg.


I went outside to check out his van and indeed it’s very weird cos it has legs WTF.  Oh well Dali drew melting clocks okay what do you guys know about art.

TL;DR: Fighter is academically very bright, yet sensitive, anxious and clumsy wtf.

I thought it was pretty interesting though that both my children are fussed about getting things correct and perfect.  The difference is that Penny is determined to create a perfect specimen and she makes sure she does that.  Fighter wants to get it right too, but if he doesn’t have the confidence, he gives up without even trying.  Maybe because better to not try and not fail, than to try and fail?

In that way, he reflects me exactly.  I too am used to always doing well academically, yet I’m afraid of reaching beyond my comfort zone because I’m scared of failure.  There are so many things I want to do but don’t because I’m scared to fail.  It’s quite jarring seeing my flaws in my son.

Maybe that’s what parenting is about though.  Learning how to raise a good, well rounded person, and learning more about yourself as you go along.

AudSlave AudVerbalDiarrhea

A first achieved

Wow I don’t even know where to start.  And I definitely don’t have an AudCategory for this lol.

So a couple of months back, JCI invited me to be a speaker for their event.


On ENTREPRENEURSHIP. Me. To give a talk on being an entrepreneur.  *trembles *shivers *shakes *bites nails

Actually it’s cos they couldn’t get Fatty so they asked me LOL.

I was very nervous.  I said no.  I could not be a speaker but I didn’t mind being a panel judge for their New Entrepreneur Convention, which was teams competing to come up with the best business idea to solve current problems in the market.

Fast forward to a week before the event.  Work was cranking up (and I’ve more or less abandoned my blog T___T), we were in our last building stages for Colony Eco City so I hadn’t given much thought to the event.  Nothing to prepare anyway since I wasn’t going to be speaking.

But then a week before I noticed… that I was the only female speaker.

And I wasn’t even really speaking. ://///

And then I started hearing from people: DMs from my followers about how they were planning to attend to listen to me speak, people telling Fatty or me props for being the only female speaker.

2018-07-05 01.23.41 1

Met a bunch of JCI people at Colony to prep for the talk too, and they also said a lot of people were looking forward to hearing me speak. T_T

*beats self

I am a blight on women everywhere wtf.  Why was I the only female speaker yet I declined the opportunity to say something?  Did I have nothing important to say?  Were my words less important then the men’s? Lol.  Ego and the Mount Holyoke feminist in me dictated that I should speak so I contacted the organizers, who said the schedule had been fixed but they could let me have five minutes.

2018-07-05 11.25.52 2

So in the end, I did it.  I got up in front of hundreds of people and delivered a short speech about *ahem* entrepreneurship. (That’s Colony behind me wtf.)

2018-07-05 11.25.52 1

With Jin, the organizing chairperson and Fatty.  I just noticed I’m wearing the same dress I wore for another panel recently FML.  Cos the dress is on point and formal enough but also made of sweater material so it’s also warm enough  I get super cold one and have to wear a jacket some mornings.  In Malaysia wtf.


Oh here’s another photo of me with an ugly neck wtf this is why I hate official photos.


Er being critical of people as a panel judge.

2018-07-05 11.28.48 1

Real non official photo.

2018-07-05 01.27.17 1

But actually I felt like this the whole time wtf.

The reason why I didn’t want to speak in the first place was because I didn’t feel qualified to speak — I don’t feel like a real entrepreneur and don’t identify as one either.  I felt I had nothing significant or inspiring to share.  So when I really got down to speak, I told Fatty Imma just be myself and say exactly that.

Fatty was horrified wtf.

“You know how I’m honest and pretty self-deprecating in my blog? I think I will speak that way too.  To, you know, be true to myself.”

“What!? No you can’t do that.  These people don’t know you.  They’d just wonder what you were even invited for!  And you have to say something.  What’s the point of coming all the way here just to be a judge?  You’re not contributing anything and you’re wasting your time.”

Ok calm down dude hahaha.

In the end…. Fatty gave me an introduction. O_O Slightly shy cos nobody else came with their own personal emcee lolol but he wanted to give the audience some context in case I say stupid things about myself wtf.

What I ended up saying was this:

“Hi my name is Audrey Ooi. I’m a blogger and I’ve been blogging at fourfeetnine dot com for the last…. 14 years (O_O).  Within the last year though I’ve been working on a coworking space called Colony with my husband Tim.

“As you guys already know, I don’t have an official slot here.  I asked JCI not to give me a speaking slot because I don’t feel qualified to speak on entrepreneurship.  I’ve only been trying my hand at it the last year and I definitely don’t identify as an entrepreneur or business person also. In fact I think most people here (it being an entrepreneurs conference) probably have more lessons and experience to share than  me.  But then I thought that should be precisely the reason why I should speak here.

“I never wanted to be in business.  I don’t have the typical personality for it – to run your own business a person is usually self motivated, passionate… a go-getter. I am none of the above hahahaha. I am easy going, chill and lazy so I just didn’t think I have what it takes.

“The past year has been a huge learning curve though.  It’s been very interesting and I learned so much.  One of the things I learned is that… in business you don’t have to be good at everything.  If you ask me to run Colony I think it straight die LOL.  I really wouldn’t be able to do it.  So what I learned is that entrepreneurship is teamwork.  Tim and our GM, Nitaya handle the finances, the operations, the investors… all the boring stuff. And I’m free to do the fun things that I’m good at – the conceptualization and creating the spaces itself.  And together we’ve created this company.”

(Honestly Tim coached me a lot for this speech wtf. Credit really goes to him.)

2018-07-05 01.27.17 2

I still don’t feel qualified.  I still don’t identify as an entrepreneur and I doubt I ever will.  (same like how I don’t identify as an influencer wtf.)  But I’m glad I got up there and spoke anyway.  Cos even if you think you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re still doing it anyway.  Does that make sense?

Oh and also the kiasu feminist in me wanted to make sure women had a voice wtf.  So many inspiring female role models out there leh I’m sure they have great stories to share.


Thank you to JCI for giving me the opportunity.  Thank you to Fatty and my friends who pushed me to get out of my comfort zone.  And thank you to the audience for being so nice and lenient on me hahahaha.  I’ve spoken to audiences before but never to such a big crowd.  And usually about fashion or parenting or even blogging, but never about this topic.  I actually felt quite accomplished for the rest of the day. :)))

Funny Fat Her stories

Fat Her and the Google Home


This here, folks, is a Google Home. (I’m linking it here not cos I’m sponsored but so that I don’t need to explain what it is hahaha)

Karthik gave it to us as a gift cos you know he works at Google and so he’s this huge Google advocate.

Google Home is basically the Google version of Siri or Alexa and you can hook it up so it’s connected to and controls your household functions.  We haven’t done much to it yet so it’s so far hooked up to our TV only.

But you can still do quite a bit with it.  You can speak to it and ask it questions.  And of course we use it to turn on Netflix or certain movies for the kids.  There’s also a game called Akinator where you think of a character or person and Google basically asks a bunch of yes-no questions which you’re supposed to answer, and through some elimination algorithm, guesses correctly your person.

Fighter loves this game.  So far he’s asked Google, and Google has guessed correctly probably the only two famous people he knows – Superman and Psy. Hahahahah.

Penny doesn’t understand this yet wtf.

This is not a story about Google Home.  This is a Funny Fat Her Story (see blog categories wtf).

So my parents were over the other day and Fatty was showing them our Google Home.  He suggested they play Akinator so my mom went first.  I can’t remember who she picked already but as usual Google Home got it right and everyone was laughing and amazed with it.

Then suddenly my dad piped up. “Okay okay my turn! I got a good one. Fighter will love this.”

He proceeded to play Akinator and answer the questions Google posed to him ….. until I realized that the person he was thinking of was Fighter WTF.

“Eh Daddy is your person Fighter!?”


“WTF you’re not supposed to pick a person that nobody knows!!!! How is Google supposed to guess who is Fighter!?”

“Huh we know him what.”

OMG HAHAHAHAHAHA I was super annoyed but also cannot stop laughing hahahahaahha.

Some more when Google asked, “Is this person on Youtube?”, my dad answered, “Yes” because of my vlogs WTF HAHAHAHAHA LAUGH DIE ME.

And you know the best part is?  Because I was berating my dad that he needs to pick someone famous, for a few days after that Fighter has been asking me: “Mommy, why am I not famous? How to become famous?” Thanks dad.

And that is a Funny Fat Her Story for you.


Sorry I haven’t been blogging! I think this is my longest hiatus yet.  I’ve been super super busy and when I had time I just wanted to watch Westworld or The Handmaid’s Tale you can blame TV for my absence wtf.

But this week is the last week before our deadline to finish Colony Eco City!  Watch out for a blog post or another vlog when it’s done.  Until then babai.

P/S: If you still want to see what I’m the kids are up to, there’s always Instagram Stories!  @fourfeetnine yo.



Our house got burgled and we didn’t know it for one day

The title is self explanatory but our house was burgled recently! And yea, I didn’t know it until a day later. O_O

On Friday night, Fatty and I went for dinner and a movie.  We got home right before the clock struck midnight.  As usual, I went to check on both kids whose rooms are downstairs.  Both of them sleeping peacefully.  Then I took my laptop from the dining room table and headed upstairs to our room.

Right in the middle of my bed, I saw this.

My handbag was sitting in the middle of my bed.  I haven’t used this bag for a year or two and it’s always been sitting on a shelf in my closet.  I was out most of the day and when I was at home, I was downstairs with the kids mostly.  I remember going upstairs briefly though before I left the house for dinner, around 7.30 pm.  I was meeting Fatty for dinner and went up to get some eye drops for him from a drawer in our dressing area.  I probably went straight in and turned on the light in the closet instead of our bedroom.  So I didn’t see if the bag was already there before I went for dinner.

I picked it up and inspected the inside. Nothing but a dust bag.

3TFeeling slightly weird, I headed to our dressing area.  Two days before I had received a huge box of goodies from Shiseido, and I knew those were sitting in a tray on my dressing table.  My parents had also come over that day and my mom had passed me a stack of angpaus from her relatives over CNY which she had forgotten about.  I remember seeing that morning that our helper Dada had placed the angpaus in the tray together with the Shiseido stuff.

Now the stack of angpaus was missing.

I also had another angpau filled with petty cash that was on my table.  The angpau packet was still there, but it was empty.

I noticed a few other things.  Another one of my handbags on my shelf, I remember leaving a RM50 note in it for emergencies.  The money was missing.  There was a stray ring on the floor, next to my wardrobe.  The ring was costume jewelry, but I kept it in an acrylic accessories drawer next to my dressing table.  It looked like someone had ransacked my accessories drawer and the ring had flown out, but when I checked my jewelry, nothing was missing.

And the worst thing of all.  I kept a little velvet pouch in my makeup drawer that contained a gold bangle that my mom had given me when I got married. T_____T It has a lot of meaning to me cos my mom had the exact same bangle but bigger, when I was growing up and I always associated it with my mom, femininity and elegance.  And when I got married, Mummy Ooi got it for me. T3T  In the pouch was also a gold screwdriver that I used to tighten the screws on another bangle I wear.  Both were gone.

At first I was confused, thinking that maybe I had taken out the pouch by myself and forgotten.  I couldn’t believe that my bangle would be taken and felt like it should still be in my drawer.  Nothing else was amiss, and the kids and our helpers were sleeping peacefully.

Was it our helpers!?  I opened my CCTV app on my phone and started to watch through the whole day – hours of footage. O_O  The thought that it could be my helpers was intensely troubling considering that we treated them like friends and family; they had worked with us for years and I trusted them completely.  The CCTV footage didn’t show anything out of the ordinary, but who else could it be? And why would they leave my bag on my bed when it was so suspicious?  Did one of them want to frame the other or something!? I ended up sleeping at 3 am cos I was struggling with all these questions . T3T

The next morning, I gathered my courage, and managed to ask nonchalantly enough, “Dada, did you see the stack of angpaus on my table?”

Dada’s response was genuine surprise and confusion. She said she had placed the angpaus together with my Shiseido haul and I knew she did.  If she was planning to steal, why would she place it there only to take it later?  Dada quickly called Gaston, who stared at me in dismay. “I heard footsteps upstairs at about 11 pm,” she said.

I waved my hand dismissively. “That was just us walking around. We were back by then.”

Fatty who was listening, suddenly looked up. “Come to think of it, I noticed our window was open when we got home.”


We rushed back upstairs to check the window, and sure enough we saw…

The lock on our window was loose, as though it had been pried loose.  And there was the faintest mud mark on the window sill.

So it was a burglar after all!  He was probably rifling through my handbag and had to leave in a hurry, thus leaving my bag plonk on my bed.

My first reaction was RELIEF!  I was just so happy that it wasn’t Dada or Gaston!!!  Not just the legal aspect of it – having to file a report, fire them, etc but for years they had taken care of my family, and we also took care of them and their families.  We’d lived together for years and they’re really part of our family too.  Their betrayal would have been too painful to bear.

I was also relieved cos although the burglar came in, they clearly didn’t exit our bedroom nor did they hurt the kids or the helpers.  Plus just that day, we had our safe (which was malfunctioning) opened by a locksmith and Gaston had placed the contents of it into a paper bag in our guest room, and it was intact.  The burglar(s) probably didn’t even leave our room so they didn’t see it.  I was relieved and grateful for that.

Our loss of cash was a few hundred ringgit la, and the bangle which is worth a few thousand at least. They didn’t even take our laptops or Fatty’s watch which were laying about the room.  Those would have been a bitch to replace. Maybe they only wanted small items that were easily carried.  Only sad thing is the wedding bangle really, and the fact that I gotta use my thumbnail to screw my love bangle now hahahaha.


Checked our balcony to see how the fella could have climbed up, although we live on the third and highest floor.  See the two faint footprints on the white?  They’re probably his.

Later, we found out that our neighbor who lived directly under us also had his house burgled.  To add insult to injury, they drank his milk from his fridge and rudely left the half finished milk in his bedroom LOL.


For some reason, the burglar also stole his wife’s red jacket and his Hush Puppies sling bag, which he’s wearing here LOLOL.

And yes, that is condo CCTV footage.  Our security guards managed to apprehend the guy actually!  When he returned a few nights later. O_O  Damn daring aih.  They handed him over to the police.


And then a few days later, they caught his accomplice, also trying to climb over the fence. D:

Again I was relieved.  I was worrying that the burglars would try to break in again, since they already knew our house and probably its weak points, so it was good to know they wouldn’t be trying it again.  But on the other hand, I felt sorry for them too.  They are just petty burglars.  I’m not saying they weren’t breaking the law, but …. what was their situation that they turned to petty crime and they got caught like that? :/  Nobody wants to resort to a life of crime to get by, do they?  Not unless they’re our former Prime Minister la and even then he wasn’t just exactly getting by. *side eye*

But then.  I am changing our locks.


My PACA experience

PACA stands for Polling Agent/Counting Agent.  I’m not clear at all about how other countries run their elections, but in Malaysia, while the Election Commission runs the general election, volunteers become Polling Agents and Counting Agents to observe the election process and the counting process, and ensure that everything is done as per the law.  This is very important because in the past (and I can speak freely now!), our ruling party Barisan Nasional had been caught with their pants down, pushing in boxes of fake ballots to manipulate the votes, among other dirty tactics.

Anyway this is the story of how I came to join the PACAs

In March this year, my friend Oy Sim contacted me and asked me if I’d be interested to be a PACA.  She sent me a bunch of links explaining what was required of a PACA and asked me to let her know. Honestly, reading the job scope, I was so intimidated that I wanted to say no right away.  But I held back.  And I whatsapped Oy Sim, “OK I’ll do it.”

I think Oy Sim was surprised cos she said, “Wow! You’re the first person I’ve contacted to reply me so positively.”

What had I gotten myself into?!

I had to laugh at that.  I told her, actually I very lazy to do it but because I complain so much about the government and always ask for change, now I actually have the chance to do something about it, how to say no!?  It’s a matter of principle already.

So I signed up for it, went for training and everything. I volunteered under Maria Chin Abdullah, which means I was a PACA in her constituency of Petaling Jaya, alongside fellow alums from Mount Holyoke.  Oy Sim is a fellow alum too so she pulled the bunch of us in.  I ended up taking on two shifts – the first shift (8-10 am) and the last shift (3-5 pm).  I would also go on to be Counting Agent (CA) for the tallying of the votes that would run from 5 pm until whenever.

On Polling Day, we had to meet at our station before 7 am; polling would run 8 am – 5 pm.  I planned to leave my house at 6 am (just in case I got delayed on the way) so the night before at 10.30 pm, I got ready for bed (after watching Dr M’s address wtf).

Penny woke up crying. -_-

Settled her and went back to my room at about 11, thinking never mind I still got 6.5 hours of sleep.  Cos the next day I need to be on constant vigilance ok I need as much rest as possible.

At 11.20 she woke up screaming again. T_________T

She wasn’t going back to sleep, so I brought her up to my room so at least I could sleep even if she wasn’t.  After a while I dozed off… then she woke me up again with her fidgeting. Oh god.

After I woke up, I couldn’t go back to sleep anymore.  I tried walking around, meditating, drinking a warm drink, even took a melatonin pill.  Nothing worked and I think I had maybe two hours of sleep that night.

The next morning, I was pumped though!  I thought for the first time in my life, I thought I’d need a coffee but adrenaline took care of it for me.  I met up with my team and we scouted the center, and went through some last minute revision of our job.  I was honestly very worried about making a mistake and costing the loss of a political seat.

My center happened to be in a university so our saluran  was in a dewan.  I entered and the seat closest to the three kerani (clerks) was already taken up by the PAS PACA.  So I sat in the middle seat while the BN PACA took the last one.

The PACAs’ job is to observe the entire process and make sure everything is done as per the law.  So we had to observe the three clerks – make sure Kerani 1 read out the IC number and name of each voter as they came in and crossed it off the electoral roll, make sure the person fits his identity – had to do some racial and age profiling here.

Then we watched as Kerani 2 dipped the voter’s finger in indelible ink and made sure the ink was visible and not wiped off.

Third, we observed Kerani 3 stamp the ballot paper, fold it and tear it off.  Kerani 3 is not supposed to have writing utensils so we watched for that too.

This is not an exhaustive list or else I’d have to publish the whole manual book here but it was roughly what we did.  My saluran was aged 40-60 years, and there was a neverending line of middle aged people.  I was basically on high alert continuously as voters streamed in, focusing on every step of the voting process, while at the same time crossing off their names and counting the number of voters to make sure it would tally at the end.


After my morning shift, it was time for myself to vote! I drove back to my parents’ house and picked Ooib up cos we were voting at the same center – our old high school.

This was about 11+ and it took us 15 minutes to get in and out!

Done! Fingers before it turned a corpse like black wtf.

Went for lunch with Ooib and Sherlyn then headed back to my PACA center to prepare for my next shift, at 3 pm.


See finger black already.  This was the outfit I’d chosen for my PACA role lol.  I thought we would be in a regular classroom instead of a air conditioned hall so I chose to wear something covered up and comfortable, yet not too casual or hot.  End up I froze in the damn dewan cos it was so cold!  I borrowed friends’ jacket and wool scarf and wrapped myself up in a cocoon also cold.  I was so cold the markings I made when we were counting votes also crooked hahaha.

There was a lot less people coming in after 3 pm so I had the chance to take a breather and look around.  My KTM (Presiding Officer) confessed it was his first time too so he kept flipping through his KTM manual hahaha.  The BN PACA looked slightly intimidating, but my PAS counterpart turned out to be a very friendly mother of two who was also inexperienced, so we ended up helping each other quite a lot. ^^

I don’t think the KTM liked me too much though, cos I was super kan cheong about everything.  The most important form is Borang 14 but there were other forms as well and I was very worked up about getting everything right.  I went and reminded the KTM about the forms so many times I think he wanted to punch me hahaha.  Luckily I had the PAS PACA and her colleague to help (for some unknown reason, both PAS PACAs had authorization to count), and the colleague was experienced.  The KTM seemed to feel more comfortable talking to the experienced PACA (maybe chauvinism a bit) but he helped me a lot so I’m not complaining.

Counting was actually pretty straightforward and not the ball-cringer I expected it to be.  Sometimes they count the Parliament and State seats simultaneously but for my saluran, they did it consecutively thank goodness.  I kiasu-ly pulled a desk and chair up right in front of Maria’s ballot box, wrapped my blanket tighter around myself, and we got started.

All the PACAs were counting as the votes were being read out and it was clear from the start that Maria would sweep the votes.  Same went for the DUN, Dr Shaharuddin Baharuddin.  Every time the clerk read out “PKR”, she’d inadvertently glance at me and I felt like I needed to give her a response.  So I’d give her a tiny smile or nod every time, before jotting a mark on my sheet.  Since the other PACAs had less votes and less marks to make, I’m sure I looked smug and deserving of a face punch.

Both PKR candidates won by a landslide.  There was some minor conflict when the KTM told us he wouldn’t be signing our own copies of Borang 14, but we could take a photo of his.  I hurriedly whatsapped my team who promptly sent me screenshots of election laws stating that all counting agents must have their own copy of the Borang 14, signed by the KTM and all the other CAs. Following meekly behind the PAS PACA, we showed the KTM the laws and he relented. Yay!

By the time we finished calculating, making sure the numbers added up, signed off the forms, and watched as the clerks sealed the ballot boxes, then signed the boxes again, it was 9.30 pm when I left the hall.  The other two salurans weren’t even done yet!

At that point, I was so cold my nails were blue, hungry cos I hadn’t eaten anything except a pastry my PACA head passed me, and my brain was fried.  But as I walked out of that hall, brandishing my signed Form 14, Oy Sim who was waiting for me asked me how it went.  I told her I’d do it all over again.  Whatever happened from then on, we had done our best.  At least for Seri Setia, Saluran 2, I know no hanky panky went down on election day. 🙂

P/S: When I told Oy Sim I would do it again next election, she said ok they’d send me to Sarawak. LOL.