Welcome to Colony 3 (Colony @ KL Sentral)

Oooh can’t wait to write this blog post!

As you guys know *ahem* my job is to manage the build and design of every Colony location we come up with.  So far we have two locations (KLCC and Eco City) and the third one is at KL Sentral.

KLCC design theme was ‘modern gentleman’s club’ while Eco City was ‘British Colonial’.  Every design theme so far has been a luxurious blend of old fashioned concepts with a modern twist on it.  The third Colony is no different!

This time we chose ‘Parisian apartment’. I personally love this theme ok lol.  Many apartments in Paris are old, so they come equipped with grand old fixtures like plaster crown moldings and cornices on ceilings and walls.  Contrasted with modern furniture, artwork, and plain wood floors, the effect is gorgeous. <3

The challenge however, was to adapt this concept to a 15,000 square feet space, as opposed to a cramped French apartment hahaha.  The theme is beautiful in a small space, but when we did the artist sketches, the concept was too sparse for a space of our size.  I’d removed our signature black and white checkered tiles for Colony @ KL Sentral cos I sien already wtf.  But ended up putting them back in a different style to create that grand feeling that was initially missing.

For every location, we try to come up with a ‘Wow.’  For example, Colony @ KLCC’s Wow was the black and white marbled corridor.

For Eco City it’s these pink phone booths and canopy beds.

For KLCC, it was our signature black and white hallway.

I didn’t have a Wow for KL Sentral. *forced smile wtf* Like I’d said, we had to up the luxe factor here already and while it worked, it also looked like a standard luxurious place.  Not that special wtf.

But then towards the end suddenly got a lot of lightbulb moments and inspiration!  So let me take you guys on a virtual tour ahem.

Ohai iz me.

This is our main door!  When you step out of the lift (we take up the whole floor) this is what greets you.  Opted for a wrought iron gate for that grand feeling!  Fatty said got The Greatest Showman feel hahaahha but no.  This gate is inspired by Les Miserables (movie version) ok.  Jean Valjean’s gate in his garden is like this hahaha.  Cosette and Marius sing to each other through this gate please hahahaha.

On the left is our reception and concierge. Every Colony has a different color scheme and this one’s accent color is duck shit green lolol.  The name very bad but it’s very beautiful!

Our signature black and white tiles are present in our main lobby – but in a different, jazzed up configuration.The pantry is towards the right of this picture, and you can see Nitaya doing her work at the pantry seating lol.

Here’s the pantry area!  We don’t have an in house cafe for this particular location so to make up for it, we created an extra pretty pantry.  Coffee and snacks are readily available, and coffee will be brewed by our community managers without you needing to do anything!

The cart in front is for snacks and desserts and was inspired by Laduree hehehe.  It’s a Parisian theme after all.

Another view of the pantry.  Behind  the wall is a mid sized meeting room.

What the entrance looks like from inside.

This is our lounge slash event space! This space was designed to hold seminars and workshops or annual meetings (besides product launches and media events of course).

Our furniture is modular which means we can rearrange into whatever configuration is needed.

And for privacy and sound proofing, we have these padded foldable walls!

When closed tadah wtf.  The panels are custom printed with this Japanese crane print. *hearts in eyes*

Comes with sound system and projectors of courseeeee.

The highlight of the event lounge is the mock fireplace. T_______T *caresses

Can I bring this home with me wtf.

Seemed a bit extra to pile firewood in the hearth or put electric fire there lolol.  So we styled it with ferns and cork.  I’m also looking for a piece of tree trunk to add to it! Let me know if anyone here got jalan wtf.

Now for the more business looking side of the office wtf.

On the other side of the pantry is our hot desk and reserved desk area.

The doors to our private offices.  Posting this picture because I feel with this Colony, I got a lot better at identifying the little details that really pull a look together.  And gives the place character!

So please note the cornices and mouldings framing the doors guys. Hahahah.

Each Colony location has a bigger conference room that can fit 14-20 people.  This is KL Sentral’s!

One of our hallways.  Beyond the fire door ahead is a special area – where all the Luxe Suites are located.

Each Luxe Suite is named after a former British colony.

Our Luxe Suites are scaled up versions of our private offices.  They cost a bit more, but come with a slew of additional services, meant for people who are interested in the ultimate office experience.

For example, we have a fully ergonomic chair and desk for use!  Can be fully adjusted for any individual’s height and preferences.  And the desk has a wireless charging option so if your phone has wireless charging capability, you can just place it on the desk and it will charge. ^^

The suites are also automated.  You can choose to control the light colors and brightness, curtains, music and TV via Google Home voice control, or an app.

Each Luxe Suite comes with a mini bar and fridge, and a lounge area to entertain guests.  Plus a personal concierge service on call for anything a Luxe Suite guest needs.

Oh and my latest vlog!  Has a sort of tour of Colony plus our usual day.

That’s about it!  What do you guys think? *seeks for approval WTF*

You can check out our website here for free tours and if you need any questions answered!  Our team is very prompt.  If not prompt tell me wtf.



What I want out of education

As a kid, education meant going to school, finishing homework, and following whatever the teacher told me.

I was really good at school.  Just as well cos I looked like this LOL.  I gave up all sorts of activities – taekwondo, piano, electone, swimming, Chinese, art class…  The only thing I really stuck with was my studies.

I entered Year 1 (age 7) in a government school.  The main medium of instruction was Malay and I didn’t understand a word.  When we chanted the Rukun Negara every Monday, I heard the words undang-undang (law) and wondered why we were talking about prawns (udang) WTF.  I had to sit next to a girl I knew from kindergarten who translated everything the teacher said.

By some miracle, I did well in my exams.  Good enough in fact, that I was first in my class wtf.  And still, cos I didn’t understand Malay, I didn’t know I had been announced first and Mummy Ooi didn’t find out until she came for report card day wtf.

So the bar was set.  I was supposed to be clever, so my parents had high expectations, anticipating straight As and top class rankings.  And for the most part, I fulfilled that.  I scored straight A’s in all major exams, and also the minor ones wtf.

But I saw no significance is what I was learning, except that it was good for passing exams.  I’d memorize facts days before an exam, vomit them out on the test paper, then immediately forget everything… until the next test.

It didn’t even matter whether I even understood the content, as long as I knew how to answer test questions.  For example, I scored an A1 in Add Maths for SPM because I was so good at answering questions.  I didn’t understand Calculus at all, but I could dydx the shit out of it.  When I got to college though, Calc turned out to be a graduation requirement.  College level calc actually requires you to understand the concept, and I nearly failed. -_-

I’m pretty sure that was the case for most of us in Malaysia.  Now that I’m a mom, that’s not the learning that I want for those two!  I was actually thinking a lot about the purpose of education, and I do think that education is not only about learning facts.  Because today’s world is so different – information is literally at our finger tips with Google, so I think what children today need is not what to know, but how to know.  They don’t necessarily need to know information, they need to know how to get the info they need, and what to do with it.

I asked this question on Instagram too!  I don’t remember anyone mentioning they wanted their kids to ace exams, but I remember getting a lot of answers like learning manners, independence, sociability, kindness.

So here’s what I want Fighter and Penny to get out of their education.

The ability to solve problems

I am the worst at this honestly.  When faced with a problem, my first instinct is to refer to an authority for answers. Because I’m so used to getting the right answers from my teachers and not having to discover answers myself.  So yeah, I want my kids to be able to look at a problem, and think and find creative ways to solve it.

Critical thinking

This gets me so much because I feel like 70% of people around us?  Don’t know how to think wtf.  Simply put, critical thinking is defined as the objective analysis of an issue in order to form a judgment, but I really feel that is lacking in Malaysians every time someone RTs a cyber trooper or sends a whatsapp message with some urban myth.  It drives me mad honestly, when people don’t do some quick research and just jump on a bandwagon for something or worse, spread misinformation.  I want the kids to learn how to think – to seek information, to be discriminating, analyze and then form a logical judgment.  And to know when an opinion (even if it’s their own) is wrong.

To love learning and own their own learning

Like I’d mentioned earlier, I had very little regard for what I was learning in school.  I especially hated Sejarah in high school, but when I got to college, I randomly took a class on Chinese history to fulfill my requirements. Surprise! I ended up falling in love, and majoring in Asian Studies with a focus on Asian history.  In college, I finally understood the significance of history to how it affects us today. When I wrote essays and papers, I knew I was improving my writing, not just to get an A.  I started to appreciate the effect of learning – the joy of unlocking new knowledge and knowing I was getting better and smarter.

And that’s what I want for my kids.  To have the joy of learning, and not only when they go to a liberal arts college.  And I want them to control their own learning journey without me nagging from the sidelines wtf.


The world today is so different from our parents’ time and it’s changing even more quickly.  It’s going to get more and more crucial that children today learn the skill of adaptibility.  As current jobs phase out and new roles develop, they’re going to need to know how to turn their hands to new challenges and tasks.


This one speaks for itself la wtf.  I am again terrible at coming up with new innovative solutions to anything because I never tried and I wasn’t pushed to either.  Fatty is actually excellent at this!  I think creativity can be cultivated, it’s just that local schools are crap at this.  So kids, please be creative wtf.


Humans are social creatures and nearly everything we do will involve other people, and forming and maintaining relationships with people.  To succeed at anything, we will likely need to know how to get along and work with others.  I hope my children will have empathy and know how to read others right and treat others well.


This is such an underrated skill in Malaysian schools I think.  Besides maybe the debate club or something, I don’t think this is a key focus at all, at least not in my schools.  Malaysians are generally at least bilingual which is great, but everyone has a first language.  The problem is, I notice that for some, they’re not even fluent in their first language, be it Chinese or English. Eg. they could lack a strong vocabulary or make grammatical mistakes.  Angela and I talked about this years ago; she wondered how people who didn’t have a good vocabulary would articulate ideas even inside their heads if they didn’t have the words for it.  I figured that instead of one accurate word, they probably used a string of them to describe something in particular.  But I understand what she means.

Language is essential to the development of ideas.  And communication is a way to share those ideas. Without effective communication, where would we be?  How would we spread ideas, persuade others to a cause, change perceptions?  I don’t mean saying whatever comes to mind either.  I mean organizing thoughts and conveying ideas in an articulate, eloquent manner, whether it be written or spoken.

All these skills I wrote above?  I don’t even have all of them but those which I do, I developed only in college or when I started working.  For example, being a liberal arts school, the writing at Mount Holyoke was rigorous.  We had to craft arguments, sell ideas, tell stories.  My writing improved so much after four years of writing papers.

Children shouldn’t have to wait until they get to a good college or start their careers to start developing these skills.  In my last blog post I wrote about my concerns about Chinese school and received a lot of comments from people who did attend Chinese school and fared well.  I’m not saying that Chinese school or other options we have are bad; I just believe we should want better for our children.

2019-01-03 12.39.40 1

What do you want for your kids?


Where do we go from here?

End of the year has been super busy for us!

Within the last week of school, Fighter’s school celebrated Children’s Day and took a field trip to school.

Penny even busier wtf.  She had a Rainbow Party, a year end performance, a full on water play day at school, and a Christmas party wtf.


Fighter on his school trip.  They went to a local theme park but I can’t remember what it’s called wtf #shitmom

I don’t have photos of his concert but he apparently did so well!  Last time he wouldn’t even let me come watch him, but now he agreed to have Grandma and Daddy come.  He said Grandpa cannot cos Grandpa farts too much WTF FHL. Hahahahahaha.


Penny and Jenn Vie, whom she says is her best friend now hahaha.  It’s Rainbow Party today, which is basically the culmination of all the colors they’ve learned about.  They’re supposed to wear colorful clothes but I miraculously found a rainbow print dress in Penny’s closet! I’m proud of my shopping wtf.


Messy paint and water play time.



She wanted to be Cinderella for the last day of school hahaha.


During her performance!  She’s saying “Hi everyone” hahahaha.  Super cute this picture I love.


Penny got a Good Behavior cert on the last week of school!  This is her second one this year; every week they choose 2-3 children who did something exemplary that week to present a certificate to.  It could be they were the best at something, or a personal achievement.

Penny got hers for “being loving to her friends and helpful to her teachers”. :))) When I met the teachers for end of term chat, they told me the same thing too – that Penny would look out for her friends and make sure everyone was ok.  And she’d rush to help the teachers wipe down tables and clear away their supplies. :)))


This was the rest of Penny’s report.  I more or less already know all this, but just posting cos the pictures the school took are cute hahaha.


OK I know this one she’s damn good at cos she already bosses everyone else around to follow rules lol.


This one cos the top picture also so cute!  This little boy really likes Penny, calls her his best friend and is always seeking her out apparently.


Penny will be leaving this school and joining Fighter at his school next year!  I’m quite sad about this actually because both kids have been at this school since the start.  Fighter started play class here when he was one, so it’s been 4 years of our lives.   We’ve had a good experience at this school and Imma miss it!

But I decided to put them both in the same school next year cos I’m tired of doing two different school runs every day wtf.  Every day I drop Fighter off, then Penny.  Then I wait around a couple of hours before going back to Fighter’s school to pick him, then to Penny’s to get her.  Penny is quite mature anyway so I think she’ll do well there.

Fighter is at a Chinese kindergarten now and he will go on until primary school.  Penny will be the same.

I registered Fighter for Chinese primary school because it seemed the best option out of international and government schools, but I’m starting to doubt my decision. T____T  The problem isn’t that he can’t cope, it’s that he’s coping too well WTF.

He’s normally very agreeable and eager to please.  So because of that, he’s generally very well behaved and attentive in class.  As a result, he’s really good in his studies, especially Chinese, not just because he likes languages, but cos he tries very hard.

The downside is that said agreeability inside a strict Chinese school environment, where there’s only one right way (the teacher’s way), has created an unreasonable fear in him of getting scolded or “being wrong”.  I’ve noticed a reluctance to try new or “risky” things because he can’t make sure he’ll be “right”.  His teacher even told me that when she even turns her attention to him and asks, “Jude what are you doing?”, he freaks out and bursts into tears. O_O

And his school is just kindergarten, not a proper Chinese school!  They have rules but the teachers are cheerful and loving.  And – I asked Fighter himself – his teacher has never even scolded him before.  So I can only deduce that it’s the environment that has created this irrational fear in him.

It’s not that I want an environment free from rules for my kids – definitely not la cos life doesn’t exist without rules.  But I don’t want Fighter to be afraid of being different, or to make mistakes.  I want him experiment to find answers, without worrying if it’s the right ones.  If it’s not the right answer, it’s okay because if he’s not afraid of trying and failing, he will eventually get the right one.

Penny is a more immovable character who wants to excel but doesn’t care what people think so much so I actually think she’ll do well in a Chinese school hahaha.  But I also have doubts now about how much of her potential she (and Koko) would reach in this environment.

So that’s my dilemma now.  Where do the kids go from here?  (

AngieEntry AudEmo

Angela’s wedding

Feeling super brain dead now but I’m facing a backlog of work (ironically thanks to my Vancouver trip which is what Imma blog about) so lets get cracking wtf.

I did a week long Vancouver trip recently because…. *drumroll wtf* my soul mate got married!  Wah I just remembered there’s an Angieentry blog category that I can add to wtf.

This is the story of Angie’s wedding and the first solo trip I’ve taken in yearsssss.

Beware a shit ton of photos coming up!


So the trip started with these two crying their eyes out because I was leaving. -_-

I’d already prepped them for weeks beforehand, telling them I needed to go help Auntie Angela with her wedding, and that I’d come back with presents for them.

Penny told me I can go but I must come back in ONE MINUTE wtf.  Fighter asked if he could come with me, and he already has a visa (it’s his Australian visa wtf).  Then Penny said I don’t need to go there to buy presents, just buy here (in Malaysia) lolol.

Normally my parents come over to stay before I leave for any trips and they’re so happy and distracted with Grandma and Grandpa that they don’t mind me leaving.  But my mom had an eye infection so she couldn’t come over yet.

This was the hardest trip ever to leave on cos I got in the car and both of them were wailing outside with our helper Dada. T________T I ain’t gonna deny I cried in the car too. T____T


So much guilt that when I saw the Disney Store in HKIA I might have gone overboard with the gifts. :X

Anyway I must public service announcement first.


I’d just got to the airport and before I could get a luggage cart, a guy dressed in some uniform came up to me with a cart and offered to help me.  He said it was a porter service, and I was like oh? Since when does KLIA have this?  He told me it’s been some time and my first, optimistic thought was, wow Malaysia Baru service also better now wtf.

We got to my check in counter and the guy continued to wait there for me while I checked my luggage in.  I smiled at him awkwardly and still didn’t think it was anything.

After I was done, he basically pushed my tiny pink carry on suitcase to the security checkpoint and said….

That will be RM 27.  Actually it’s RM 30 but now got discount.

FML.  I was too scared not to pay him after he brought all my bags in, but seriously WTF.  He did NOT inform me prior that there would be a fee, making me think it was a considerate service from the airport!  Believe in the best in people also cannot wtf.

And he basically charged me for something I could easily have done myself! I only had one suitcase for check in and one carry on bag!

So guys. Never accept this service from these con artists.  I should have reported them la gah.

The second incident is this.


I arrived a day earlier than expected WTF.  Normally traveling from Asia to North America gains you a day and you arrive on the same day.  But for some reason Cathay insisted at different times that I would arrive the day after only.  Angela and I attributed it to my layover in Hong Kong but seriously my layover was only three hours wtf.

I spent the flight from Hong Kong to Vancouver puzzling over the timing until just before we touched down, the pilot announced the time and date of arrival.  Then only I knew I was a day early hahahaahha.


Reunited and it feels so good~

As usual with us, it’s like we just saw each other last week, no matter how long we haven’t met up.


Visited Melu!  It’s Angela’s cold pressed juice bar (and other healthy stuff) and I’m so proud of her. T______T


My juice! Flu Fighter or something it’s called.  Picked it cos I had a raging running nose thanks to the change in temperature from KL to Vancouver.  It was orange and turmeric mostly and very yummy!


With Angela and my Zara jacket wtf.

Melu is in downtown Vancouver, on West Pender Street wtf so go check it out whoever’s in the city!  Shit seriously I actually remember the road name cos I had to walk over using Google Maps hahahaha.


On the way to run wedding errands!  I was there a few days earlier so I went with her to get stuff done.  Very nice actually cos we travel together and all but we rarely get to just hang out doing mundane every day stuff.  I haven’t been back to Vancouver since we were like 22 and it’s nice to see her every day life too. *not creepy*


Wah this one hahahaha.  So one night we were at an izakaya and we were seated in a booth just talking and laughing.  Then suddenly this guy came up to us and said, “Sorry but my friends and I heard you talking and we’re wondering what language were you speaking?  Japanese? Korean?”

FOL.  We were like “….English?”

And he was like, “Hahaha! No seriously, what language were you speaking?”

He asked three times, and we said English three times and he still didn’t believe us WTF.  Then he proceeded to try to ask us out wtf.  I was tempted to tell him sorry we busy doing wedding planning but I didn’t know if Angela wanted to give out that info hahaha.

But anyway what the.  Hahahaha.  When Angela and I talk to each other, we speak in Malaysian English, but even then I already minimize our accent with her.  I speak like Malaysian but pronounce words American if that makes sense lolol.  So that’s like our special language wtf.

Clearly it’s also our secret language cos nobody around us can understand hahaha.  We were friends with Americans for a year (and damn close some more ok, hang out every day type) and after one freaking year, we realized they thought all this while we were speaking Chinese to each other WTF.


OMG Malaysian oysters can jump back into the sea wtf.


Saw a raccoon outside Angela’s house! I thought it was so cute until the next morning we woke up and discovered it had dug up a large portion of her backyard WTF.


Movie trip!  Watched Ralph Breaks The Internet.


Also with Angela’s cousin Kelvin who used to hang out with us a lot on weekends back in college.


Opened my door on my last night in Canada and found this homeless trio waiting for me outside my room hahahaha.  It’s because I’m very fun to be around ok wtf.  Angela is stretching out on Frank if you can’t see hahaahha.


Two nights before the wedding!  Bride doing DIY teeth whitening hahahahaha.  And my sinus was really bad wtf.


One night before the wedding!  Bride booked a room for her bridesmaids at the hotel, and we went to check out the hotel bar, called Reflections and apparently super popular cos of its decorations.

It is very pretty!  And I got some ideas for Colony too hahaha.


My (non alcoholic) drink.


We used to selfie so much and now neither of us take photos that much also.  Is it age or trends?  We will never know wtf.


So take more now!


Wah this one turned out a bit gross hahahahaha.


Little Christmas details!


Oh yea this was right before my phone dropped to the back of the sofa cos I balanced it precariously on the edge wtf.  I had to climb next to the couple seated beside us and the girl was crying OMG I think I rudely interrupted a breakup wtf.


Cleaned up the next morning cos someone’s getting married!


With Team Bride!  Vivian, C and Chen, the sole bridesman wtf.


The first look! I was wholly expecting Frank to cry but he didn’t. Sucks wtf.


This magical couple. T____T

After that was a lot of photo taking, and we even adjourned outdoors to shoot portraits at the art gallery.


Looks so nice right?  Well it’s mid winter wtf.  It was 6 degrees C and windy. T____T  My smile is frozen hahahaha.  We’d all have our coats and capes on and when it was time to shoot, we’d throw the jackets towards the team to quickly catch and snap.

I was seriously dreading this portion of the wedding cos I am so bad with the cold, even with my bedroom aircon I’m wrapped in two blankets wtf.  By the time we were done, my nose was running big time, and even my neck and head hurt from shivering too much hahahaha.  But it was fun too, complaining about the cold and joking and posing.  And achievement unlocked ok, take outdoor photos in winter in a flimsy chiffon dress hahaha.


Ran back indoors after and had the most glorious hot tomato soup ever.


I really really like tomato soup now after this hahahaha.


The wedding coordinator, Lisa from Shing Weddings is so detailed and thoughtful.  She made sure the bridal party had time and food to eat because we were on our feet with duties the entire day.


These two hahahahaha.


Then it was time for the ceremony.

Angela walked in to Elvis’s Can’t Help Falling In Love and as the opening chords struck, even before she walked in, my face crumpled and I thought I was going to bawl WTF.  She was just so beautiful and everything was so beautiful.  T_T So god bless us, the photos here with me inside are probably gonna be damn ugly cos the whole time my face was moving trying to control my tears sorry guys. -_-

Congratulations you two. T____T So so so happy to be there and see these two get married and fluff Angie’s train. T______T


With my beautiful Angie T______T (this is what one glass of wine does to me)


The beautiful, beautiful set up.  The hotel was gorgeous, the decorations impeccable and the coordinating team was amazing.  They only invited 80 people so everyone who was there wanted to be there for the newly weds.

The layout is quite different from Asian weddings!  The main table is viking style, on stage, and it’s the bridesmaids and groomsmen that sit up there with the couple, not the families.

It was where I gave my maid of honor speech too!  Slightly stressed cos Angela is damn competitive and kept telling me I must beat Frank’s best maid (his best friend is a girl)’s speech WTF. She even brought props so I was looking around hastily to see what I can use as props too hahahaha.

But I think my speech went well!  Cos everyone laughed so much at it hahaha.


The prettiest cake ever.  Made by Angela’s friend Effie!


Table setting.


Playing with the photo props.


We were really tired hahaha.  Bridal party taking a break on the floor hahaha.


First dance by the newly weds. T3T


Me and Vivian, whose husbands didn’t come hahahaha.


Met all Angela’s friends from her side of the world. :)))


It’s a wrap!


So tired after it all we changed back to sneakers and loafers hahaha.

We always joked about this day, and it finally happened.  My best friend and soul mate got married to a man worthy of her love and life. 🙂 I’m so happy for them and so glad I got to be a part of the biggest day of their lives.

Posting my MOH speech here. 🙂

Hi everyone.  My name is Audrey and I am Angela’s maid of honor.  Some of you I’ve had the pleasure of meeting just now. But well, most of you – may not have seen me before and that’s because I live in Malaysia.

Angela and I met in 2004 – 14 years ago! – at college, Mount Holyoke College in the US.  We were going through orientation together. And I noticed this girl who I thought was really cute…. She’s pretty, she was wearing pink like me.  And makeup!

But I didn’t like her immediately. I think everyone here knows what Angela’s voice is like? It’s high pitched and very cute.  So yea…. the first time she opened her mouth I thought she was faking it.

I was like guys.  Nobody has this voice.  Yea I was super judgmental.

So I avoided her.  To my surprise, she  kept coming up to me and inviting me to do stuff with her!  And I didn’t really have any other friends anyway so I went along with her.  (She told me later that she’d already identified me as potential best friend because like her, I was dressed in pink). We went on an organized trip to Target for school supplies and ended up picking all the same things.  From that day on, we were inseparable.

In junior year, we made it to Kyoto, Japan together for a year abroad.  In our senior year, we had the option of having our own single rooms but we still chose to room together. She was literally my other half.  We bonded over the same interests – shopping, Japan, and the love of pink for example. We also shared the same sense of humor and values.

We are basically the same person, except for some obvious differences.  She’s very neat while I’m super messy – she’s had to kick my dirty socks over to my side of the room more than once.  She’s very organized, while I lose things on a daily basis, and she remembers everything I forget (especially when it came to school work).  And luckily for our friendship, we like different types of guys. One of my favorite things about her though is her drive and determination to achieve whatever she’s set her mind to.  I mean look at Melu guys!

When we graduated, the day before we both flew home – her to Vancouver, me to Kuala Lumpur – we sat in the bathroom and cried.  We called ourselves soul mates and at that point , we couldn’t imagine life without each other or even if we’d ever live in the same country again.

Well today we still don’t live in the same country.  We plan trips and meet every one or two years – she either comes to Asia or we meet in the States.  And when we meet, it’s like nothing has changed!  We’re still soulmates. The only thing that changed was the introduction of a boy named Frank Yeh.

I first heard about this Frank guy in 2012.  Angela was in Malaysia for my wedding, and I remember the night before, we were lying in the dark in my room while she went on about Frank.

It wasn’t until two years later in 2014 that I met Frank with Angela on a trip to LA.  My first thought was – this guy is EXACTLY Angela’s type. Tanned skin, big eyes, and like, a cool demeanor.

Frank is the opposite of cool. He’s warm and friendly and hilarious and I could see he was crazy about Angela.  I’ve only had the pleasure of meeting Frank on two occasions – once when we did that trip to LA, and a year ago when we were in Bangkok for a friend’s wedding.  

I got to know him better during that trip and found out that in addition to being hilarious and friendly, he’s also stable, genuine, wise and calm.  In other words, he’s perfect for Angela who has been known to be excitable and emotional… when it comes to guys. I don’t think I could have chosen a better man for Angela to spend her life with.  If I had to give up the title of soulmate, I would willingly give it up to Frank. She’s always been amazing, my favorite person in the world. And he makes her an even better person.

I’m so happy to be here today to celebrate the marriage of my soulmate with the best man.  To Angela and Frank. May you both have the funnest, most loving life together.




AudSocialButterfly Audvertorial

How to keep your kids busy (and learning) this school holidays

So Fighter and I were invited to Green Guardian last week.


Green Guardian is a special education center that aims to educate kids about different environmental themes , via educational and entertaining content.  I thought it was very cool how Green Guardian focuses on environmental awareness, cos the future generation (and its parents) needs to not just be aware, but internalize the importance of taking care of the Earth.

Fighter has been learning about recycling, and reducing, and saving Mother Earth at school too so this program is a great complement to his learning.

If you see the picture above, the walls are all covered in interactive projections!  That’s because the center is equipped with state of the art technology and simulation effects to create an enchanting learning experience.

2018-11-16 12.00.53 2

Their programs are designed for children aged 5-12.  But Penny is super FOMO so she and Fatty tagged along.  At her age, some of the concepts went over her head, but she had fun anyway cos the games and things are very nice la hahaha.

Because Fighter is five, we did the Curiosity Class (for  5- 8 year olds).  We went through 4 stops in total, each detailing a different aspect of saving the environment.

2018-11-15 04.25.32 1

First stop was ocean based!  It’s called Love Our Ocean, and the game consists of an interactive projection of the sea on the walls.  The kids each chose a sea creature, colored it in and scanned it into the program so their virtual fish would join the sea and swim around.

2018-11-15 04.25.35 2

But then trash started dropping from above! Dammit humans wtf.  So the kids had to run up to the ‘sea’ and hit the falling trash to destroy them and save the ocean and their fish hahahaha.

2018-11-15 04.25.35 1

Second stop was actually my favorite!  The kids moved to a special interactive room, and got cushions that look exactly like pebbles to sit on.  Hahahaha sorry I just need to say this cos I thought the pebble cushions are damn cute.

2018-11-15 04.25.34 1

They watched a video about how we use electricity at home, and how we sometimes end up wasting a lot of energy because of our behavior, eg. not turning off lights when we leave, not closing fridge door (the critters always do this *hard stare*), not optimizing the aircon so it’s always on full blast even if we don’t need it, etc.


Then they played a couple of games: this one is a house where the shower keeps turning on, stove also boiling, fridge door keeps opening, TV on etc lolol.  Their job is to turn off all these things as often as they can within the time frame.

2018-11-15 04.25.33 2

Second game was they had to control this robot avatar to jump over oil tanks and other nasties (I think) and collect things like solar power and wind power hahaha.

2018-11-15 04.25.33 1

This one I don’t think they completely understood, and they had trouble with their timing also but look at them damn absorbed please.

Third stop was The Earth.

They learned about the different continents and even played a little quiz.  Penny actually got South America right but I swear it’s because it’s pink (the color of her obsession wtf).

2018-11-15 04.38.59 1

My play by the rules son raising his hand to answer a question lolol.

2018-11-15 04.38.59 2

Hugging me cos everyone clapped for him when he answered right hahahaha.  Penny hugging me from behind cos again she FOMO hahahaah.

2018-11-16 12.00.54 2

Passed by this cosy reading nook on the way to the 4th and last stop!

Later I found out that this reading spot is part of Green Guardian’s  ‘One for One’ program, which encourages children to swap books or other reading materials to preserve the environment and promote a reading culture.

2018-11-16 10.38.46 1

The 4th stop was about Recycling.  Specifically paper recycling.  The module went through the main steps of paper recycling and the kids completed mini games in relation to those.

2018-11-16 10.38.45 1

Like this!  Turning the wheel to shred the used paper.

2018-11-16 12.00.53 1

Finally the mission is over! Hahahaha the kids found an unoccupied space and chilled out lolol.

2018-11-15 04.42.26 2

Group picture with the other kids and teacher Tina!  Tina was very good too – bubbly and energetic and good at engaging the kids.

2018-11-15 04.42.25 1

The critters.

2018-11-15 04.42.26 1

Group photo with all the parents!  I’m posing with one boy and one earth worm wtf.

I was actually very impressed with Green Guardian!  The place was clean and bright, and the equipment top notch.  It’s a great, educational way to fill their free time!

I liked that they focused on environmental awareness cos it’s a very relevant topic and it’s never too early to start teaching kids.  And they made everything very age appropriate and fun – the kids could perfectly understand the importance of caring for the earth.  In fact, they took it too seriously already, I’m in Vancouver now but I saw on IG that they didn’t even let Fatty watch TV or turn on the AC cos they said save electricity FHL HAHAHAHAHAHA.

So if you’re interested in taking your kids to Green Guardian education center during the upcoming school holidays, please do!

They’re actually having a school holiday special now, normal price is RM 100 per class, but it is RM 38 until 31 January 2019.

I’m thinking of taking Fighter again too, as new content will be added time to time.

As mentioned earlier, Fighter and Penny joined the Curiosity Class (Age 5 – 8) but there’s also the Discovery Class (Age 9 – 12) which is more comprehensive.  Each class is 2 hours long, with 15-25 students in each class.

You can either book a class online HERE or via walk in, but by booking online you can book your time slot easier.


Audrey’s 10% Discount Code: BG-31X328b1 (Apply when you check out)

The 10% code is applicable for walk ins too!  You just need to inform the staff you read my blog post. 🙂

This blog post was written in collaboration with Green Guardian Plus.


Queen Bee Penny

This is the story of Penny and her Queen Bee tendencies wtf.

Really ok!  Fatty showed her this poster and asked her which one is she and she said she’s Regina George FOL.

School is on break for Deepavali so I decided to organize a play date at our house for some of Penny’s friends – three other little girls.

2018-11-06 06.17.21 1

I’m surprised my house didn’t collapse wtf.

Penny was so excited I thought did I accidentally feed her weed or what wtf.  She couldn’t sleep the night before – regret telling her the day before – and the next morning, she asked incessantly if her friends were coming.  Every time the doorbell rang she’d yell, “Mah fwen is here!” (even when it’s not.)

When her friends finally arrived, she was so ecstatic!  She ran around the house, pushed herself around the house on her baby toy car at top speed, and basically went mad wtf.  Her friends were equally happy to be there, dispersing to different toys immediately lol.  One or two who aren’t in her class at school took a bit of time to warm up but after an hour or so, all of them were playing happily together.

Fighter mooned around a bit, before he came up to me and told me sadly, “Mommy, I have nobody to play with.”  I felt bad cos he’d asked me to ask Chase and Su Yee to come over but both also not free lol.  I told him to go play with the girls who by then were all clustered in Penny’s room, cos earlier I saw him playing with Leyla and Jenn Vie.

The moms were sitting around my dining table so we continued chatting while Fighter went off.

A few minutes later, I heard loud sobbing and Fighter came hurtling over to where we were sitting.  He threw himself into my arms and cried heartwrenchingly, “MOMMY THEY DON’T LET ME PLAY WITH THEM!”


I wiped away his tears, hugged him, and told him it’s okay, he could sit with us moms instead and he sniffed and agreed wtf.  Wah luckily at this age he’s still not embarrassed to  hang out with his mom or else I don’t know how hahaha.  After a while though, he got off my lap himself and ventured back into Penny’s room.

Not a minute passed before he rushed back to the dining table, sobbing, “MOMMY PENNY STILL DON’T LET ME PLAY WITH THEM!”  And he burst into the most tragic sobs, tears and snot flying everywhere.

One part of me was like are you seriously getting bullied by three year old girls. O_o  The other part of me understood.  At seven, something similar happened to me: the girl who I’d thought of as my best friend managed to corral all the girls in my class to not ‘friend’ me.  And because no self respecting seven year old girl wanted to hang out with boys, I was left with no friends hahahaha.  The pain of social rejection and exclusion is very real.

And Fighter is so similar to me as a child.  His relationships are very important to him, as are other people’s opinions of him.

I sighed, and left him for the other moms to sayang, while I went to Penny’s room to talk to her.

I knew she was the ring leader for sure, because I seriously doubt any of the other girls would dare bully Jude in his own house hahaha.  And it just seems like something Penny would do la wtf.  I was right.  It was her.

I asked her, why didn’t she let Koko play with them?  She looked guilty and mumbled something about there not being enough space for him in her room wtf.  I told her there was plenty of space, and how would she feel if Koko’s friends came over and they didn’t let her play with them?  Would she be happy?  She shook her head no.  She agreed to let Koko join them and peace came over our household wtf.

We the moms continued to chat and have tea while the kids played on.  At a later point, it was Penny’s turn to come up to the moms.  She looked crestfallen and said, “Mommy, nobody play with me.”  I looked around, and sure enough the other girls were playing in the play room with Fighter, and nobody was in Penny’s bedroom with her LOL.

My chance to drill into her some empathy so I reminded her that this was how Koko felt when she excluded him.  She nodded and seemed to understand but I have a feeling this will be a lesson I’ll need to keep working on with her. *sweat*

They all ended up playing happily together (including Fighter who later went for his Korean lesson) so peace came over our house again wtf.

Later Bomi told me though, she asked Juha about the incident too, why they kicked Fighter out.  Juha told her that they’d created a secret club so they couldn’t simply let anyone in LOL.  I was like where on earth did they learn about ‘secret clubs’!?

Then I remembered Peppa Pig. :X Oh right wtf.


The four girls and the four moms piled in my van cos it was raining so I was dropping them off at their cars hahaha.

It was actually quite interesting watching the little girls play.  Before this, I’d seen Fighter play with his friends, but children Penny’s age only start playing together around now; before they’d always parallel played.  So I’m used to seeing boys play – usually a lot of rough housing, chasing, pretending to fight, then really fighting and someone usually gets upset wtf.

Girls are different!  At one point, Jenn Vie and Leyla were fighting over a toy but they were doing it so quietly we didn’t even notice until the end hahaha.  And even then, they resolved it themselves, no physical fighting involved.  But the difference is girls engage more in social warfare. O_O Lol.  All the verbal and social mean girl behavior like gossip, teasing, exclusion. :/  Not to say boys don’t do it but girls definitely do it more.

As a kid, I was very shy and nerdy wtf so I was at the mercy of the queen bees at school hahaha.  My two best friends were super popular so at their whim they’d just ask everyone not to friend me fml.  Didn’t help that I loved studying and was always first in class so everyone didn’t like me hahahaha.  Disclaimer: That was just childhood nonsense and both my friends grew up to be inspiring, big hearted women.

But Penny…. I have no fears of her being bullied.  Instead I fear she’ll be the one doing it instead wtf. *stares at Penny*


It will be my job to make sure she doesn’t go down that path. *puts on cape*  To learn empathy and kindness and compassion.  I’m watching you Penny wtf.

2018-11-05 07.06.56 1

These four cuties. <3


Fighter and Penny answer your burning questions part 1


The first word of my this kind of blog post will always be “Vlogged” cos I have vlogged!

A month or so back I asked on Instagram questions you guys wanna ask the critters.  I gathered them all (there were a lot of repeated questions!) and posed them to the kids.  This video is their answers to all your burning questions wtf.


AudVanity Audvertorial

A review of my favorite Swissline products

Life since launching our first Colony location a year ago has been… a blur.

Days merge into weeks into months and suddenly it’s been two years since my last facial wtf.  I understand the importance of facials, but when I only have a limited time for uh self preservation, I almost always choose to do my hair.

It’s because I really cannot stand bad hair and when I’m at the hair salon I can bring my laptop and phone and still do something else while waiting. Still productive! Facial I have to close my eyes and not move hahahaha.

But my skin badly needs some TLC and plus…


2018-08-05 04.13.38 2

I ran out of some of my favorite Swissline products – Cell Shock Total-Lift Light Cream, which I use for a day moisturizer, and my favorite Cell Shock White Diamond Brightening Serum.

So I decided it’s time to make my annual pilgrimage to Energy Day Spa in Great Eastern Mall for a facial and to stock up on products.  They are a main distributor of Swissline products in Malaysia. ^^

2018-08-05 04.13.36 1

Hello sanctuary. ^^

Every time I do a facial I tell myself I must go more often cos it’s such a nice respite from the daily grind and I always enjoy it (but then reality is I rarely go wtf).  What’s not to love – perfect ambience and temperature for sleeping, a comfy bed, and someone pampering you.

EDS gives the whole proper spa experience too – from changing rooms filled with amenities, to a lounge area with hot tea waiting before and after treatment.


Hi wtf.


My face in all its bare naked glory.  I got 99 problems and my face is one of them LOL.  Um… nothing super bad la to be honest but the usual – fine lines, dark eye circles, redness and uneven skin tone.

And then hor two beauticians already told me I have a mustache WTF HAHAHAHA.  I don’t think it’s obvious also everyone has fuzz on their faces what!  But ok noted I will laser it off wtf.

No photos of the facial cos my eyes were closed but I had the Triple Action Exfoliation facial. Ninety minutes of relaxation.

The cool thing about this is that instead of traditional exfoliation, my beautician applied the Desincrusting Treatment to ease my whiteheads and blackheads out.  When it came time for her to squeeze all the nasty gunk out, she did so so gently it didn’t even feel like exfoliation!

And like I said Energy Day Spa is a spa, so my beautician also gave me a head, shoulder and arms massage. ^^

The second the facial was over, I patted my face, curious to see the difference.  Not only did it feel extra moisturized and more supple, it felt firmer.  My flesh felt like it had tightened up.  I hoped my face would become smaller hahahaha but I couldn’t really see a difference in the mirror la.  I definitely felt a difference though.

2018-08-05 04.03.23 2

Also stocked up on my Swissline products; here’s my full skincare range!

Cell Shock Age Intelligence Youth Inducing Eye Cream
Cell Shock White Brightening Diamond Serum
Cell Shock Age Intelligence Perfect Skin
Cell Shock Luxe Lift Light Cream (for day use)
Force Vital Hydra Soothing Mask (for night use)

2018-08-05 04.03.25 2

I’d been using the Cell Shock Total Lift Light Cream before, but I’m replenishing my supply with the Luxe-Lift Light Cream, a new, improved version.

2018-08-05 04.03.25 1

My initial thought was that the packaging is really more luxe! Hahaha. I love the gold glass jar it comes in, and the texture of the cream is light and smooth.  It’s for combination to oily skin.  I prefer something heavier for night and lighter for day so this cream slots in perfectly in my morning routine.

Its benefits include lifting skin, revitalizing and reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

I normally gently massage the cream into my skin in circular motions and it absorbs well. ^^ I can’t see any ‘visible lifting’ to be honest, but my face does feel slightly firmer after application too. :))) Ok la good la don’t let my skin sag so early ok tolong boh pi.


2018-08-05 04.03.23 1

I use a LOT of different products, being lucky enough to be given and sponsored beauty items.  But Swissline is one of the very few brands whose products I will make repeated purchases of.  This blog post is a collaboration with Swissline but my honest review of their products is that they work.

I haven’t used the Luxe-Lift cream long enough, but the other products I’ve used have made a significant difference to my skin.  Like the Diamond Serum… to a point when friends started asking me what I did cos my skin became even and glowy – and I wasn’t even wearing foundation, just sunblock!



So if you do have the budget for it, I really recommend giving Swissline a try. Available at Energy Day Spa in Great Eastern Mall.

This blog post was written in collaboration with Swissline.

AudBaby AudVerbalDiarrhea

To the mother judging another mom, please stop.

I wanted to write this story because I think it’s important.  It’s not an easy story for me to tell because I have a lot of guilt and sadness about it, but it needs to be penned down.

So a week ago, last Sunday, Penny came down with a fever.  The next day she complained of a sore throat.  One of her classmates was confirmed with Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD) on Thursday, so I feared the worst.  I kept her from school on Monday and took her to the doctor, who, sure enough, detected sores in her throat.  She did have HFMD.

HFMD symptoms include, fever, loss of appetite, feeling unwell, and the infamous spots or blisters on hands, feet, sometimes the butt and genitals, and sores in the mouth.  The sores can be very painful and can stop a child from eating.

HFMD can be very contagious, especially among siblings, and especially among kids like Fighter and Penny, who play together every waking second, and regularly sneeze and (accidentally) spit at each other.  So I made the decision to send Fighter to my parents’ house where he would be safe from catching anything.

The next three days were a downward spiral.  Penny’s fever went away after a day, but she developed sores in her throat and on her tongue.  Tiny red spots also appeared on her feet and her butt, but luckily none of these grew much bigger and they never turned into blisters.  The first two days she accepted some ice cream but not much else.  On Wednesday morning though after missing dinner and her milk the night before, she drank two cups of cold milk and with a lot of coaxing, ate a bowl of porridge.  The worst was over, I thought.  I promised her that when she was all better, I would take her out for Mcdonald’s french fries hahahaha (her favorite food in the world) and buy her this Frozen Lego set she’d been wanting for ages.

In the afternoon though, she stopped consuming anything, even water.  She was so sad and moody that I was at my wits’ end.  To cheer her up, I strapped her into her stroller and took her to Toys’r’us.  We went straight to the Disney Princess aisle where she suddenly changed her mind and picked a Cinderella castle instead wtf.  I tried to bribe her to drink some water with the Cinderella castle but she continued to refuse.

By 7 pm, she had also refused any dinner, porridge, ice cream, frozen yogurt, Vitagen, Milo, soda, any kind of liquid actually.  She didn’t even want milk which in normal circumstances is her vice wtf.  It occurred to me that the night before, her diaper was completely dry, and during the day, she had only peed once.  The milk and porridge she had that morning?  They were the only things she’d consumed in 36 hours.  By now, she had even stopped swallowing her saliva, instead keeping it in her mouth until we made her spit it out.

That night, terrified she was dehydrated, I rushed her to the emergency room.  We ended up admitting her and putting her on an IV drip.  We stayed there for two nights and the entire time she was spitting up in a cup wtf.  Even spitting hurt her and she’d cry on and off until her eyes were swollen.


She still didn’t eat but at least she was on the drip.  On the final morning, she finally drank apple juice, and best of all, she stopped spitting out her saliva!

Two things happened though that I want to mention.

The first was, I posted this photo on Instagram because I was so happy I could cheer her up even for a while.

I didn’t expect to get comments and DMs criticizing me for bringing out a contagious child.

The truth is, I did thinkabout it before taking her out.

But the thing about my decisions when it comes to happiness vs small health risk, I tend to choose happiness. If something makes myself or others happy and there’s what I see as small potential risk to myself or others, I do it anyway.  I operate on a ‘Life is too short to worry too much’ mentality I guess, which others might see as recklessness or impulsiveness.

When we were trying to conceive, I visited Japan anyway, after the Fukushima incident when South East Asia was still awash with rumors of stillborn babies, and everyone was canceling their trips.  Because I love Japan, and I’d read up about the effects and judged it to be minimal risk.  I ate foie gras in my pregnancy before Fatty and I realized foie gras is supposed to be off limits, and then I ate the last spoonful anyway.  I don’t mind letting my kids have play dates with kids with colds because I figure that while falling sick is a possibility, it is temporary, while them being happy and making good memories is a sure thing.  That’s worth the risk to me.

So that’s how my decision to take Penny out came about.  My reasoning was five minutes in a store couldn’t hurt anyone, not when she’s strapped in her own stroller.  I knew she wouldn’t be touching anything, or interacting with anyone, and I didn’t give her anything from the store to hold; the only thing she touched was the toy we’d picked.  I saw it as a chance to cheer my sick child up against the potential risk of passing her germs to someone else, and given all the precautions I’d taken, I calculated it as a minimal risk.

I read through all the messages reproaching me.  At first I was offended and thought they were being irrational.  But after that I saw they had a point.  Even though I don’t regret trying to make Penny happy, I respect their point of view; I admit that I could have handled it differently.


So I posted this as a response.

At that point I was still in the hospital so I didn’t give much thought to it further.  I was surprised to see the responses.  Some people thanked me, a lot of people told me they didn’t see anything wrong with what I did/they’d do the same. Yet others continued to berate me.


This was one of those.  Nice hor.  After people come out and admit their mistake, this person still wanted to… I dunno, derive more satisfaction by stepping on me further?  My answer was damn rude cos this was the nth message I’d gotten in this vein already.

Another one.  I was really angry and upset at this point.  There were people leaving snide comments like “Penny must have contracted hfmd from a child who has a parent with the same mentality as you.”


Actually no.  She got it from her classmate whose first symptom was fever after their school trip to the zoo.  His mom immediately kept him home, so Penny must have caught it from him when he was asymptomatic.  Great job making judgments on other moms who are not even me, the person you’re targeting.  And good luck teaching your toddlers not to be judgmental.  Actions speak louder than words.

The worst comment though is one I’d deleted so I can’t post it here.  I can’t remember her username but her name was Liz.  In response to my apology post, she wrote something along the lines of “it’s attitudes like yours that cause Malaysia’s endless outbreaks of HFMD”.  I clicked on her profile and yep, she’s Singaporean.

Right.  Her country so good leh.  As if Singapore doesn’t get any influenza or HFMD outbreaks?  In fact, I often hear about HFMD and influenza swirling around Singapore before hearing of its arrival in Malaysia.  Every damn country deals with rampant cases, even Australia and UK  – Suet’s baby nephew in the UK just caught HFMD days after Penny.  She basically summed up my mistake and equated it to my entire country.  Liz from Singapore, message for you: get your head out of your supercilious ass.

I was so angry.  There were way more nice and understanding messages, but I got worked up over the nasty ones cos I was at a really low point then.  We were still in the hospital, Penny still wasn’t eating or drinking, and she was asking to spit up in a cup every two minutes.  I was sanitizing my hands like crazy cos she was drooling over me, my tshirt and my face wtf.  And the pain was worse at night so she woke up crying every hour for the two nights we were there.

Oh ya and this week, we discovered fleas in our house again wtf.  So in addition to worrying about Penny, and Fighter away at grandma’s, I also had to worry about the fleas taking over our household.  And then this.

On Friday, the doctor told us Penny was well enough and could be discharged.  It was also the day Fatty scheduled a house fumigation, to bomb the fleas.  The fumes are obviously poisonous, so nobody could come home until the evening about 5/6 pm.  At our usual hospital, discharging takes a few hours so I thought by the time we were done would be good timing to go home.

But suddenly this hospital damn efficient and we were discharged by 12 pm wtf.  I delayed a bit by telling the nurse we had to wait for our ride home, and then lunch came so I ate some and tried to feed Penny.  We ended up leaving at 1.30 pm and from there, I decided to wait it out at the kids’ playroom in Colony @ Eco City, since it’s much quieter there than Colony @ KLCC or say, a cafe or restaurant.

I called up Patricia, our Eco City community manager who told me nobody was currently using the room, and maybe someone uses it on average once a week.  I told her we needed to prepare cleaning supplies to disinfect the room after we leave.

When I got there, to Pat’s credit, she’d already prepared disinfectants – Dettol and Clorox and antibacterial wipes.  When we left two hours later, she stripped the bedding in the little play house we have and sent that to laundry.  Then the Eco City team and our cleaners immediately got to work airing the room, and wiping down the surfaces and toys. It was also Friday evening, and it was unlikely anyone would come in on the weekend, but I asked Patricia to tell our clients to try not to use the room during the weekend, at least not until we had sanitized it and let it air for a couple of days.

However, one of our clients saw I was there with Penny and filed a complaint.  To be honest, I was very angry and upset when I heard.  I didn’t intentionally come to the office to terrorize people, I just had nowhere to go.  And we took utmost precautions, doing everything needed to sanitize the space.  Why was Penny being treated like a leper wtf.

But I’ve calmed down since.  To be fair to that client who complained, she didn’t know that we already had an action plan and were working on it, so I can understand why she kicked up a fuss.

But to be fair to me, maybe we should all take a step back next time instead of judging a fellow mother who’s already doing her best?


Penny has made a complete recovery. 🙂 But this is what I wanted to write about:

Without knowing her or her actions, there were people judging Penny’s friend’s mom for letting her kid pass the illness to Penny.  People, these things happen.  I don’t blame her at all, so why should you?

And after I apologized, people continued to pass judgment on me and criticize me.   Why though? Did it make you feel good to sit on your pedestal and lecture me after I’d admitted my mistake?  Do you feel like a more superior parent when you compare yourself to me?  Was it so important for your two cents to be known when we are already so down?

And people weren’t even thinking logically.  The HFMD virus is not airborne so while it may cling to surfaces, it will not float around in the air waiting to attach itself to your throat.  It is spread by direct contact with nasal or throat secretions, or poop.  But the way people were behaving, it might as well have been smallpox (which IS airborne).  Or ebola.  I’m not saying don’t be careful, I’m saying exercise your judgment and Google, and don’t give way to paranoia.

We’ve all been there – sick kids are exhausting, worrisome and heart wrenching.  As parents, loved ones and guardians of children, we all know how painful it can be.  We at least have that in common.  So maybe next time we should remember exactly that – we’re all in the same boat, raising our kids day in day out, and trying to do the best by them.  Nobody is perfect and we may make mistakes.   Yes, we can point those out, but when we do, maybe we should have a little less judgment and a little more kindness and empathy for someone else struggling as much as you.

To those who messaged with support and understanding.  Thank you.  Reading your messages really cheered me up this bad week. 🙂

Funny Fat Her stories

The story behind the poop picture


So yesterday I dragged my parents, Fatty and the kids to the bookstore.



Not just any bookstore.  I’d heard about this independent bookstore for a while now and wanted to go check it out!  You don’t get many of these in Malaysia; our bookshops are all chain stores, and secondly, Malaysians don’t read all that much wtf.  So while I love the big book chains, their selection can be quite typical (with the exception of Kinokuniya), and I wanted to explore what other books were out there.

So this bookstore is owned by what looks like a huge bibliophile and his lovely wife!  I heard that he curates books based on what he thinks are good and I always love me a good recommendation wtf.  Also, I follow their Instagram and their books are gorgeous! Suet told me that he chooses the prettiest covers he can find for his books too so I was damn excited la ok.




Here’s the children’s corner of the store.  It’s not a big store and the kids section is just this one shelf but the books are beautifully curated.

Fat Her Ooi and I went a bit mad in there hahahahah. There were so many pretty and interesting looking books!


I paced myself through every section of the bookstore and must have scrutinized a hundred books, while Fat Her Ooi flitted about the shelves.  Even Fatty who can be very selective about his choices, was engrossed; Fatty parked himself on a stool and started reading already wtf.


Meanwhile, Mummy Ooi entertained the two critters by reading them children’s books and at one point, they were drawing on scraps of paper the owner had given them.


Fat Her joined them occasionally while I continued to browse.  The store owner and wife would also chat with us and recommend reads.  It was a very enjoyable afternoon!


Towards the end, we made our choices and paid.  When we were waving goodbye, Fighter waved a sheaf of papers at the store owner.  “Look! I wrote this,” he said importantly.  (He’d been practicing writing Chinese characters which he’s recently obsessed with wtf.)

Like any self-respecting friendly adult, the owner oohed and aahed over his writing.  Penny, not to be outdone, brandished her sheaf of papers. “Yook at mine! Gwandpa dwaw for me!”  (Cos she doesn’t really know how to draw yet, she’d made grandpa draw her a bunch of stuff which she colored.)

First, the owner saw a picture of a pink flower which she’d colored.  “Oooh, very nice picture!” He smiled at her.

Then out of the corner of his eye, he spotted another piece of paper that she was waving furiously.


It was this WTF.

Fat Her Ooi’s signature – he drew this for me and Ooib even when we were kids wtf.  He damn pro at it some more the way he draw, sure and bold lines that delivered the picture in the least strokes necessary. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

We all saw the picture at the same time.  I nearly bust a vein trying not to laugh.  I didn’t dare to look at the owner at all!  Fat Her brightly said, “whoops.”

There was silence.  The store owner, probably unused to such pictures, stammered, “Oh. Er. That’s a very nice picture… It looks like a….”

At this point he gave up trying to say anything nice about it HAHAHAHAH.  Awkward silence before we all said, “OK then see you next time bye!”


And that my friends, is yet another Funny Fat Her Story.