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Send me happy mail!  I am  contactable at fourfeetnine [at] gmail [dot] com.  Or for business enquiries, contact fourfeetnine [at] nuffnang [dot] com.

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  • Hi! Just started two online stores, one selling cardigans and one selling dresses and tops. Would like to find out if we could get you to advertise for our store. Like posting on your blog and twitter. Could we send you one item from each store? And what will your advertising charges be like. nnThanks! 🙂

  • I just want to know. I find you very beautiful

  • Hi aud! :DD i found out that whenever i open ur blog, it seems to stop loading for awhile. at fist i tot the problem was due to my computer problem lo so i restart la, but end up the same problem keep on continues. nnHope dis prob. will b solve asap! :DDD TQn

  • Hi.. I just watch your hubby’s wedding proposal. That’s so nice.. so touchy.. and.. suddenly.. my tears came out..:)).. You are a great couple i’ve ever seen.

  • Hey, just wondering what size shoes are you? 🙂

  • hi audrey:) i just started an online business selling women wears. may i know is there anyway u can help me advertise? i would like to send u a dress or two( just for u as gift) 🙂 ntq 🙂

  • Hi !!! Congrats on the great news of your pregnancy. Do u plan to exercise during your pregnancy ? I teach at FIt for 2 which is a fitness centre/cafe for mums n babies. Would u like to try our classes for pregnant moms ? Do check us out on fb. Congrats again n tk care !!!

  • Hi Audrey, firstly congrats on ur first pregnancy… is a beautiful experience for a woman.n Btw, can u let me know the clinic u went for your acupotomy. Would like to give a try. Thks.n

  • hey thx… ur blog actually helped me with my assignment

  • Hi, Would love to know where to get botox injection in KL for slimmer face? Thanks!

  • Hi Audrey, regarding our company is looking for some blogger for the partnership, would be appreciate if you can provide your contact detail through email. Many Thanks.

  • Marketing Suggestion For Your WebsitennWant more clients or customers? We will help them to find you by putting you on the 1st page of Google (organic or paid/ad words both). Please email us back to get a full proposal.

  • Dear Audrey, nnI am a Montessori preschool directress and I am wondering if you might be interested in at endorsement / reviews of our preschools / kids club ? Would love to hear from you. nnBest regards,nEmily

  • Hi Emily, yes please email me at fourfeetnine at gmail dot com 🙂

  • Hi Audrey!nare interested to blog about the upcoming Broadway Musical in KL?i am looking for a very happy cheerful blogger to deliver the sense of the musical experience 🙂 and i think you suit the character. Hope to hear from you soon! Cheerio!

  • I am also 4 ft 9!

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