Why I use wtf so much

Okay this entry is to clarify what wtf is and why I use it so much.Tired of everyone bitching about my usage of wtf.

wtf does stand for what the fuck. The wtf I use does not have the same connotation as the usual angry/disbelieving swear word”what the fuck” seen normally.

wtf as how I, Tze and Suet use it was actually invented by my ex-boyfriend. He’s the type of person that people always like to kacau so whenever someone said something about him, he’d shrug his shoulders and mumble “wtf wtf”. wtf.

Somehow Yeff and Leroy picked it up from him and it spread to not only a shrug, but putting up your hands as though in defeat then saying “wtf”.

(I tell this story also I feel it’s stupid)

Then the wtf syndrome spread all around the OKR gang la which is Yeff and Chris and Arnold etc., and the Stella gang which are Leroy’s friends from Stella Maris. And spread to the girls associated with them I think. wtf.

Anyway, Yeff was the one who passed it to me. Then I passed it to Tze and Suetbecause it’s a very infectious syndrome.

wtf as we use it is used at the end of every or phrase that sounds ridiculous or dumb.

It is used to signify that the sentence is a joke, even though it may be already obvious. Thus, it can also be used to soften phrases that may sound harsh online, since you can’t read expressions and body language online can you.

I use it so liberally in my blog because this is how I type on msn and in real life my speech is peppered with wtfs as well. Why should I change my personality on my blog to make people happy?

About being taken seriously, maybe next time when I feel the need to, I will stop using wtf. But since people say I might be prosecuted for slander against the government (which I still maintain I am not, I only spoke the truth), it’s just as well that I used wtf in my entry because noone is going to take my tirade seriously, are they?

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  • It’s okaishh

  • when i started reading fFn, “wtf” to me was really nothing more than the colloquial language found in most Malaysians dictionary (eg. i think so ‘lah’, u don’t know wan ‘hor’, why so like that ‘leh’ etc etc…)

    like you said Audrey, if we know how to read on with a “pretty developed sense of justice to be used to guide our inner conscience”, we can sense the message that you were trying to deliver across isn’t really about ‘wtf’ at all… i mean, i personally take it as ‘lah, ‘loh’, ‘hor’ etc etc…’ amongst other things… no puns intended whatsoever here.

    just continue being yourself mate, coz as a blogger, I believe that you can’t please every netizens worldwide anyway… and tqvm for sharing what you shared here.

    keep up the great work!

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