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I am back from Phuket!  (sorry Mild I know you’re gonna kill me T_T  But Phuket is so far from Bangkok anyway would you have come to Phuket to see me! *bulging eyes)

Which I deem a highly successful trip because I came back the same skin tone I went in *smug

Thanks to Nivea SPF50 sunblock applied and reapplied obsessively throughout the whole day.

Also thanks to Nivea SPF50 sunblock that gave me rashes FML.

But I decided that rashes > getting dark, and being itchy for a few days > being a weird grey shade for weeks.

Apparently my skin is super princess and is allergic to all sunblocks except expensive face ones like Shiseido haih.

Anyway I have so much backlogged stuff to write!

Last week, I woke up with a mofo-ing huge swell in my eye!  And it hurt like shit too.

Actually I only felt pain then when I looked in the mirror I got a shock T________T

It went down after a day and a trip to the doctor’s for eye drops so good for me *relieved

But it hurt whenever I moved or rolled my eyeball so I couldn’t even look at people properly in the eye without turning my neck wtf.

I also went for a photoshoot with Klue and this was the loot the makeup artist Ming brought with him.

The makeup he did for me.  Too bad I didn’t think of taking a picture until much later that night.

Anyway I had enough of photos for the moment T______T Because I was so bad at posing for shots you don’t even know T______T

I am just horribly awkward and un-graceful (have you seen me dance wtf) so I guess it was no surprise that I’m bad with this too.  Dunno how the photographer managed not to cry wtf.

Btw I am no longer using Freshkon Monthly but am using Acuvue Dailies with rims now!  More convenient, a whole lot cleaner but also more expensive.  Does anyone use Geo lenses and are they good?

This is Desmond’s car.

And it was Desmond’s birthday.

So this was our birthday present to him.

HAHAHAH so cute right!  Look her eyes are shining!

And her lashes are all curled and fluttering!  And her lips are freshly outlined with pink chapstick wtf.

Proud papa wtf.  She also has pictures of Adam Lambert plastered all over wtf.

Amazing what a devious mind (Mehlin’s) and an hour of hard labor (Aiping & me) can do wtf.

Desmond drove off with his car like this!  In the rain hahahahaha.

He stopped at a gas station and people gave him weird stares hahahaahahah.

Then when he was driving the eyelashes and lips flew off halfway HAHAHAHAHAH Imagine the person behind him!  If I were them i wouldn’t know how to react if a pair of lips flew to my windscreen and stuck there hahaahhaahahha.

Ok quite gross but skin blotters!  Guess whose is the one with the most oil wtf.

Taken on the plane to Phuket.  Next entry only write la since Tim has beaten me to it anyway *gloom.

And lastly, I couldn’t do this before since I was away but…

Happy Birthday to my Angela!

I know you’re away in LA now shopping and partying it up so I guess you’ll just have to read this when you’re back wtf.

I never get to celebrate your birthday with you cos we’re always on summer vacation and separated T______T Anyways I hope you can imagine me right next to you when you’re in a club wtf.  Like a (short) ghost next to you, doing my 70s dance moves and stealing your drink WTF.

Or when shopping I’ll be walking around the store totally apart from you but we’ll still always pick the same clothes /boo

Anyway we’ve been apart for a year now T_______T and even that day when i called you shouted at me in Mandarin wtf but that doesn’t mean we don’t talk nearly everyday and what is one year in a lifetime of soulmate-and-bestfriendship anyways wtf.  Have a great 23rd birthday (without me) (and nearly as old as me now huh WTF) and… I’ll see you when I see you wtf.



  • jammie

    fucithalmic is heaven sent

    lucky it got better during lunch! else you’d have scared away our chapfan appetites wtf

    happy birthday desmondkiu and happy birthday angie! angie when are you coming to malaysia i wanna meet you /boo

  • Kelyn

    Angie’s birthday is on 16th June or 17th June?? I’m on 16th June.. Same June babies.. ^^

  • Joce

    oo u got ah miu (thats wad u named the bag in ur older post)! 😀

  • misshazel

    woah u dont have pores! lol ur skin is flawless! have u tried Biore’s sunscreen? i have super sensitive skin too but Biore is okay on me! and much cheaper too compared to Shiseido.

  • dolly

    oh.. Happy birthday to Angie..
    and your eyes look terrible leh.. =.=”

  • elaine

    Happy birthday to Angie too…

    And I used to have the same mofo-ing sweel eyes like you too…That’s ebcause I RUB IT non-stop constantly for 5 mins…Damn itchy that time…

  • TianChad

    Desmond even gave you a feminine pose ;p

  • PinkPaperPlane

    That’s awesome what you did for Desmond. And I used to get swollen eyes like you did all the time except it was worse that my whole eye was swollen shut. Well glad it went away. Looking forward to seeing photos of your Phuket trip.

  • lucy

    The car so cute! Can you teach me how you did the eyelashes??? I wanna stick it on my boyfriend’s car since he sayang his car more than he sayang me T________T

    Hope your eye is getting better =)

  • Ping Ping

    I thought whose photo you put up when I saw that swollen eye one.. =x But nehmind, all pretty now.

    I did not see the lashes okay? T___T I half blind liao. Then I keep staring at the love thingie on the car and try to make out the eye part. Why am I so stupid like this??? Sigh, nehmind, saw it in the end. Nice lashes. I mean on the car. XD

  • Hiew10y

    The car is cool… what a great present to him!!!

  • yanyan

    I’m using GEO Lens… it’s very good…. well.. so far, find it good.. some ppl complain of stinging pain after using it.. some find it fine.. i got from different supplier, and different supplier different quality.., dunno why… i bought from one guy.. very comfortable.. nice effects too..! and oh.. can u mail me? i need to ask u about ur china phone.. need advise.. i got one too

  • puripuri

    i use geo lenses too! they’re awesomeee! 😀 super comfy and i even occasionally er nap in them hehe they’re so cheap hor, mine was RM30 a pair. but you’d have to check properly coz some people selling fake ones >__<

  • vvens

    haha i dint notice the lashes on the car until you mentioned it! so cute! i’m gonna steal this idea from you and do it to some friends some time.. hahaha

  • shereen

    i’ve been using geo lens for 2 months, and its been really good! well, to me at least it was reli comfy =)

  • hui wen

    OMGGGGGGGGGGG you got the bag! :)))) So happy for you!!

    Bag buddies. *shy*

  • brenda

    im using Geo lenses and they’re amazing. I love the angels and the nudies!! I wanna try the GnG and Leah Dizon contacts though.

  • Audrey

    jammie: ya u didn’t see it at its worst =(

    kelyn: she’s june 15!

    joce: i did!

    misshazel: really? i should try that! no my skin is flaky and uneven colored with random freckles =(

    dolly: yea tell me about it haih

    elaine: hahaha eh i think that’s what happened to me too! i rubbed mine damn hard the night before=(

    tianchad: yea to fit in with his car!

    pinkpaperplane: oh really? how did you cure it?

    lucy: cut a rectangular piece of black paper and cut like strips into it halfway. then curl the strips upwards to simulate lashes:D damn easy!

    ping ping: hahaha its ok at first i couldnt really see the lashes in the pic also!

    hiew: hahaha i dunno if he really liked it.. wtf

    yanyan: how long have u been using it for? u can email me at 🙂

    puripuri: how long have u been using them for? im super paranoid about my eyes now T_T

    vvens: yay post pics when u do!

    shereen: so many ppl using =0 how much are yours?

    hui wen: i did!! T______T bag buddies *thumb cilek wtf

    brenda: where do u get them from!

  • puripuri

    i’ve been using it for like half a year ady! i actually have 2 pairs hehe and usually it feels like im wearing nothing at all! but i have heard complains of them lenses not fitting right and they get blur-ish. its a risk la >.< thank goodness mine turn out okay coz i’ve really sensitive eyes!

  • shereen

    i bought it at RM27,RM29/pairs depending on the design of the lens..i can email you the site if u’re really interested =)

  • eunice

    I wore Geo lense and i think it’s super uncomfy… =/
    i dun know if it’s my eye cause my friend said it’s ok.

    bought it for RM 22/pair.

  • wen

    OMG I HAVE THE SUPER EFFING PROBLEM WITH SUNBLOCK!! yeah i can only use super super atas sunblock from dermatolgist and my eye swells up too =( i think its a sign that you’re allergic… and my eye ALSO swells up when i eat painkillers …

  • Anna

    yeah I’m allergic against sunblock too :[ and I’m very pale so I burn easily D:

    haha cute car!

  • annie

    I’m using the different brand. not freshkon and geolens. super nice n comfortable. But i throw away oredi the box. If u interested, I can go to the shop and get the brand for you.