Lurve of Purikura

Desmond sent me a Lurve quiz the other day.

I played the quiz and got an 80% compatibility match with Desmond. Best frenz 4eva wtf.

And I also found out I am a French Onion.

Anyway Lurve is having an affair a contest on Facebook called “What’s Your Lurve Affair?”

The Lurve app is filled with like tiny games and stuff to play with that is quite fun.

Got the share your Lurve portion which I failed at miserably.

And sticker picture portion!

Actually I doubt this picture is sticky wtf.  But it has my favorite element of sticker photos! (besides the white light that makes everything beautiful)

The photo editing and adding cute things into the picture.

I love purikura!  Those of you who have been reading me through Japan would know how much of a purikura (and karaoke) freak I used to be.

But I guess now that I am quite old it’s quite hard for me to walk into a sticker booth and take purikura huh.

Well not in Malaysia anyway.

Plus I doubt Suet or Tze or Jam would wanna go with me.  And I think Tim would sooner run himself over with a tank wtf.

My only hope for sticker pictures is far away in Canada T3T

Hello Angie T3T

Those were the days huh.

Good times good times.

Somehow purikura machines make you look bloody Olay fair and darkens your eyeliner so you have seductive eyes wtf.

With Christine and Angie.  Damn cute ok can put lips! And heart! And kira kira!

Damn high tech ok!  Can clone us!  More of me to look at!

If only the world had more Audreys, it would be a better place WTF.

And this is what I like to think of as the origin of sticker pictures/purikura.

Sticker pictures lifesize manual version wtf.

This was taken when one day we borrowed David’s soccer jerseys and put them on.  What jerseys were those anyway?

Taken in Harajuku.

I remember this batch of pictures!  Angela’s aunt saw these pictures and said Angela looks very pretty and shining, Christine looks very pure and I look very logical WTF.

*remembers for life

Taken near Christmas I think.  Clearly our Japanese still sucked because what we wrote there doesn’t make sense at all.

I think we were trying to say “why are we so cute” wtf.

Anyway those good old days are gone *emos

I am now old and mature and should have better things to do than decorate photos with cute symbols.

Ok I lie.

Cannot play in public doesn’t mean cannot play in secret.

I put a fried egg on Suet’s head hahahaha. And gave Latat some sexy lips.

If you wanna try also, try your luck at the Lurve Facebook app and who knows, you might win something!

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