Pixar’s Up is here!

Angela’s watched it like months ago and I forbade her to tell me anything about it because I’ve been dying to watch it myself for like a year since I saw the trailer in US last summer wtf.

But it’s here now!

And I am one of the very honored people giving away 20 pairs of tickets (courtesy of Nuffnang) for the premiere:

Date: 11 Aug (Tuesday)
Time : 9.30pm
Venue : Cathay Cineplex Damansara
Since some people have said it wasn’t fair to give tickets away to the fastest people to email, this is what Imma do.

A pair of tickets will go to whoever can tell me why I am so cute a funny story!

Cannot be stupid jokes ok.


Q: What do you call a Transformer made of furniture?

A: PeraBOT

(source: Desmondkiu)

Actually any story also can *fickle.  Preferably cute, sweet funny stories that would put a smile on anyone’s face!  Like a story of how you & your first bf started, or how in first grade you went to the toilet and had no toilet paper so you wiped your ass on the wall WTF.

Funny story, romantic story, touching story, horror story also can.  Entertain me!  But must be true wan ar don’t go and google shit and send to me wtf.

20 best stories will win their tickets!  (email to fourfeetnine AT gmail with the subject “UP stories”)

P/S: Also, in your email please tell me if you’re ok with me posting some of your stories up and your blog url if any!

Blowing flower petals UP wtf.

ok people contest closes 12pm monday 27 july! emails after that will not be entertained :(

btw to Vin who talked about his Genting story in my comments which made me spew saliva all over my screen, not sure if you’re trying to get tickets too, so let me know by monday 12pm!

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