Tokyo Kawaii

If you’ve been following my tweets, you’d have seen me and Cheesie tweeting about gyaru and Sungei Wang and #cryptic and I forgot what else wtf.

If you’ve not been following my tweets, please do so now here because you don’t know what you’re missing. Answer: nothing. wtf.

Anyway, the reason for all this hype was NHK’s Tokyo Kawaii TV program.  NHK (for you who have been living under rocks) is Japan’s national public broadcasting organization, and Tokyo Kawaii TV is a TV program focused on Japanese fashion.

So Tokyo Kawaii actually contacted me and Cheesie a couple months back and asked us if we would wanna be filmed for their show as followers of gyaru fashion out of Japan.

Gyaru according to Wendy according to Cheesie wtf is

gal” and all the trendy fashionable girls in Japan are called gyaru. (Wrong scold her not me lol) There are other branches of gyaru like hime (meaning princess, so they wear frilly stuff) and like yamanba (super tanned faces and white lips, which, for the life of me I cannot understand how it is the least bit attractive), etc.

Reason why we never say anything about this before is cos we were suspicious and didn’t know how the end product would look like.  Maybe got only 5 seconds airtime of our backsides or something who knows wtf.

But now talk about it la since filming was actually very fun and whatever it’s worth we got damn alot of fucking cute photos out of it wtf.



You know how I’ve been saying fuck florals and Liz Lisa and Imma be more otoko poi (masculine style) because to be honest my character isn’t very feminine anyway and I think a less feminine style would suit me better.

So a week before Cheesie and I went shopping for obakawa/ojikawa style clothes!  Obakawa and Ojikawa basically translate to Grandma Cute and Grandpa Cute wtf -_-

Something like this!  A bit preppy/nerdy, a bit vintage and a lot of sterotypically “old people” elements like thick ribbed knitwear, plaids, brogues etc.  But modernized with thigh high socks and short hemlines.

In short (pun intended) damn cute!!


Yalah so I went super ojikawa for the first day of our shoot!

Thick grey floral sweater – Zara
Suspender shorts – Zara
Navy socks – Daiso
Heeled loafers – Sungei Wang


While Cheesie totally betrayed me and went back to Liz Lisa!!!! Everything on her from minimaos.

Okla her reason is that mermaid hair looks best with Liz Lisa which I have to agree.


Ojichan needs glasses!


Better view of Cheesie’s outfit (and my face)

We actually still match despite the different styles cos of our floral tops! And Shelly Mays!


Ya alot of pictures of us.  Suck it up.


With the hosts Maiko and Lie!  They’re so horribly beautiful ok just look at them.  Whoever in Xiaxue and Cheesie’s blogs who said they’re not pretty is blind!!! Or lying wtf.

I’ve seen plenty of tanned gyarus but these two actually made me consider tanning myself just cos they look so good!  Me – the person who is deathly afraid of the sun and slathers on sunblock like my father’s name is Coppertone.

(Is it me or do I look like my head is on backwards WTF.  Having no boobs gives you that effect wtf)


Anyway they wanted to see what a gyaru’s life was like in Malaysia so we went to Sungei Wang which is the best mall ever for cute cheap trendy stuff :D

This here’s Makita-san the director who probably doesn’t need to ever gym in his life already cos of the camera he lugs around for hours a day.


Maiko and Lie checking out makeup at Sasa.

They super cute and enthusiastic!  They grabbed a Sasa sales assistant and asked her what she thought of our style WTF.



Then they accosted some 18 year old Ah Bengs and asked them if they would like it if there were more girls who dressed like us WTF.

Hahahaha quite cute la actually cos the guys were so young and they were swaggering cos I think they were nervous that two hot Japanese girls wanted to talk to them and they wanted to show off to their friends hahahaha.

Interestingly, one of the Ah Bengs was Indian!  Soon we’ll see a Chinese rempit yay 1Malaysia wtf.


We were also in Sungei Wang to scout for girls who are interested in Japanese fashion to join us the next day for gyaru makeovers.

We found Yuki and Yokoi!


Then our blog readers found us! Actually I think they’re Cheesie’s readers more than mine wtf.

Cos we tweeted about being in Sungei Wang and asked whoever who wanted to come look for us to learn gyaru makeup and they did!

That’s Christy and Jac.


Exchanging email addresses with Maiko.



Then back to Cheesie’s house cos they wanted to ransack her gyaru wardrobe!

Again they are so so so pretty how can anyone not think so!


Damn good at posing some more just look at Lie!

This kind of pose also can pull off super artistic leh!

We look like trash next to them T_________T


Me and Cheesie tried to emulate and look like this WTF.


Actually Cheesie damn good at winking see! *keeps quiet about self wtf


Playing around with Cheesie’s ミラクルライトalso known as ring light wtf after the day’s filming was done.



My favorite photo <3

Day 2 of filming in next post!

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