Wife Points

Here’s where I gain a bazillion wife points!!!

It’s always been a running joke between Fatty and me that he’s always the more romantic, thoughtful one of us.  So every time I do something uncharacteristically sweet or thoughtful for him, I feel the need to say “WIFE POINTS!” to remind him that I’m racking up good wife points doing something nice hahahahaha.

(this includes buying indomie at the supermarket wtf)

This month is his birthday month!

Every year when his birthday rolls around, my anus shrinks WTF cos I always get very stressed thinking of what to get him hahahaha.  He loves presents but he also loves shopping wtf.  Every time he needs or wants something, he buys it himself like within two minutes -_-

So the window of getting him something he wants is very very short -_- Also, every time he buys an item, he’ll make sure it’s the biggest, best item of the range.  Considering that his spending power is way more than mine, it gets even harder to find him something.

But this year genius struck wtf.

The key is to buy him something that he wants, but would never get for himself.  Or something that he doesn’t know he wants!

So on the morning of his birthday, I woke him up and got him out of the house.  I didn’t wanna tell him where we were going to avoid the surprise so I insisted I drive.  Luckily I sort of knew the way if not have to use GPS super fail hahahaha.



I drove us to… Subang Airport.


Where we met a pilot!!!!

Ok Fatty’s birthday present was a chance to be Pilot for a Day.  The pilot would meet him, brief him, explain the basics of flying and the plane parts.  Then Fatty would get to sit in the cockpit with the pilot and watch him fly.  And if things are stable, the pilot would hand the reins over and Fatty would fly the plane!

WIFE POINTS!!! *pumps fist

But very safe wan la cos the cockpit has two controls.  So if Fatty screws up the pilot can easily take over.

Fatty is normally very careful and plans for the future a lot (unlike me who rarely thinks too much -_-) so he was quite apprehensive at first.  He asked the pilot, “what happens if you have a heart attack halfway?” FHL curse his life hahahahhaha.

The pilot said nothing to worry about because the control tower or whoever would guide him how to land the plane safely.


In the hangar!  At this point I wished I got him a Helicopter Pilot for the Day deal instead.  Looks a billion times cooler leh!


Fatty and the pilot walking ahead to the plane.


At this point when I saw how tiny the plane really was I got nervous hahaha.  Clearly I didn’t think it through and didn’t realize what the plane would look like.P1010294

The cockpit.

It’s a Cessna something so Fatty and the pilot sat in front while I sat behind.

And wore this stupid hat with camera on it wtf.

I got this Pilot experience package from Redribbondays and they wanted to document it so they gave Fatty the hat to wear so the camera could record his view and experience.  But he didn’t like it and asked me to wear it instead wtf.


Bird’s eye view of KL!  We flew from Subang to KL city center.

That’s KL tower!



And the Petronas Twin Towers



Flew over lotsa terrace houses! I guess this was PJ.

The houses looked like little boxes!  Then it reminded me of Walk Off The Earth’s Little Boxes which I am addicted to and is really about suburban living wtf.


Curve and Damansara area! Rush hour jam hasn’t kicked in yet wtf.

Wah and I also noticed a lot of bright blue patches when we flew over PJ/Damansara.  All swimming pools!  Damansara in particular, every house had a pool wah so many rich people in this world wtf.

The pilot passed the controls to Fatty who instantly made the plane dive WTF.  But after a while he got the hang of it and he was quite good!

But after a while sitting in the back I started to feel a bit airsick.  The plane doesn’t come with aircon so for ventilation we had to open the windows.  But sometimes we had to close it and lack of air makes people sitting in the back nauseous.  Plus I was hungry wtf.

So we flew back to Subang and landed safely yay! I used The Secret to keep us safe lolol.


Pilot Fatty and Licensed Pilot.

Since it was his experience, Fatty really explains it a lot better.  For his view, see his post here.

Then at night I outdid myself and got all Fatty’s friends and the Nuffies together for a surprise dinner!

No la hahaha the Nuffies did most of the organizing – Rina, Angeline, Mimi, Pinky, Linda, thank you all!!!!!! *plants kisses


College friends… who didn’t know what to get a guy who has everything wtf so they bought him flowers hahaha.



Nuffies!  Michelle, Pinky, Lydia, Jestina, Yuen.


More Nuffies wtf.  Fresh, Karen, Mimi, Fatty, Angeline, Rina, Linda, Nic, Tim 2.


Check out how long the table was hahaha.

It was also Munster’s birthday hahaha.

Check out Fatty’s shirt btw.  That was the Nuffie’s birthday present for him.  Tim-ception wtf.


He said it was the best birthday surprise I ever gave him!

Shit me now I dunno how to compete with this next year.


  • Jessie

    COOL~~~~!! @@@@

  • Olga

    That’s a great present! I’m sure he was happy! Men like such adventure presents the best I think! My husb always invites me to do smth crazy (in my opinion only) for his BD (shame on me but I refuse on the common day 🙂 )
    Once we presented my brother with horse ride, he was also so happy!
    My husb is pilot-to-be and we flow together in Cesna as well! Both sat in front and he gave me the rails at some point 🙂 that was fun. He likes to fly so much!

  • Michelle

    What a wonderful and exciting birthday present! Omg, I bet he was so happy! The only thing is, like you said, how are you going to top it off next year? Haha

  • Constance Ant

    surely a memorable day for him!

  • msbulat

    I thought having you in his life is already his best present ever!

  • Reiko

    I really think you did a great job. This is such a rare birthday present. Definitely one that can satisfy a Gemini male. Lol.

    Next year ar… Let him be a father la. Best present of all hahahaha

  • Saphy


    …and the list goes on

    but omg so cool of you to give him that as a birthday present :O!!

  • Lisa

    hahahaha.. so cool! great job Aud.. when I read post before about wants to surprise Tim and always almost failed, this one is really a success…! hahahaha..
    But yeah, every year after we done something brillian for other people, we will not know what to do for next year.. =_=”

  • AndreaC

    Hi Aud! ahaha the first thought I had was what are u going to get him next year and I wanted to ask u then your last sentence is about don’t know what to get him for next year lol… so what ya going to do next year haha?

  • Frau J

    That’s so cool!!! This will be in my bucket list. As for the camera, I don’t know how you wear it, if it was me the video will turn out very shaky because I move my head a lot especially when I’m super excited lol!

  • messi

    easy, give him a baby next year! so get ready 9 months b4 his birthday 😀

  • hanneebuff

    Baby next year. Can or not? hehe! lots of people suggested it already.

  • Jill

    omg so cool!!! I would love to do this too.. but how did u go about it?? Who should i contact & make arrangements??

  • tze

    aiya next year get him the helicopter thingie la! he won’t expect the same thing twice in a row so it will definitely be a surprise wtf

  • Mindy

    Wow sounds like a really good birthday surprise Timothy had!
    Thumbs Up! Good Job!! This surprise is so awesome but I am too short to fly a plane…Sobx fated to be the passenger lol

  • dianne

    thumbs up! smooth, smart and classy=)