Tokyo in two days

Just realized I haven’t blogged about our Tokyo trip!

About two weeks ago I took a super rushed two day trip to Tokyo to meet up with #addiction for a secret Foruchizu mission.

Super rushed la until I only brought along one teeny carryon bag with ONE suit of clothes.  Regretted it immensely when at the end of the trip I had to sit on my bag to zip it shut.  Lolol.

Anyway we will reveal what we have in store for Foruchizu in a couple of weeks.  Very excited!

Just some random snaps of Tokyo in two days.


Huge billboard of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu in Harajuku.

There is an actual shop selling Kyary related items. *mind boggled.  What am I doing with my life.


Sorry you’ll see a lot of #addiction photos here!  Everything we’re wearing from EMODA.  Except my $9 shopping bag.




Only my favorite ever type of rice (besides Hainanese chicken rice.  And braised duck rice)


Shopping and surveying at Lumine Est in Shinjuku.




Cheesie’s cake.  Cheesecake wtf. (no, I don’t think it is.)


Coolest thing ever.  It’s iced coffee… but instead of ice, it’s frozen milk cubes.  Ingenious or what?!


At tea time.


Most interesting part of the trip!  Since Cheesie is like all famous in Japan already with lotsa fashion connections, she brought us to this Runway Channel popup store in Omotesando.


Where there were special Runway Channel purikura machines D:


And branded gacha gacha machines.  SHUT UP AND TAKE ALL MY MONEY.

Seriously I gave them all my money wtf.  Each turn was 500yen each so I kept going to change my paper notes to 500yen coins.  Changed until I felt pai seh cos the guy at the counter kept seeing me go up and change.

Such a cool fashionable event and I act like sua ku aih.

Just pick your favorite brand’s machine and put in money to get surprise items.  Quite nice some more the stuff!  From earrings to necklaces to socks to nail polish to shopping bags…


The… I dunno what it’s called… the board where famous people go to stand and take photos lol.

It was really eye-opening actually getting a look into the Japanese fashion industry!  My religion is Japanese fashion but I don’t really keep up with the people (models, producers, etc) involved in the industry so I was a bit blur dunno who is everyone.  But still awesome!  Without Cheesie I’d never get a look at how it was like.  Thanks #addiction <3


With Hayley (top right) and… Mai I think wtf forgot her name.


Ambience photo.


Each Runway brand designed a limited edition tshirt to be sold. ^^


Another one.  Outside 109.


With Runway light rings and glow bracelets!  *hoards all the premiums


Then dinner at NALU cafe!  NALU is under the same ownership as 76style ^^  My burger was yummeh.


New impulse purchases.  Cheesie’s is the cat one, mine is the one with labels lol. Both from Laguna Moon.

Why I blogged this now is because… we are flying to Japan again next week!  Going off on a Taiwan + Japan trip with Cheesie, Wendy and Qiuqiu on Wednesday! Feeling super lucky and blessed now ^^

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