The Apartment

One of my favorite things about the US is the reality tv. 😀

I used to watch so much TV at college!  Angela and I had a TV in our room and I used to vege out in front of it watching program after program.  I wouldn’t even get up to pee cos I’d watch all the commercials too hahahaha I really think Malaysian marketers could learn a thing or two from US ads. :X

But I digress.

When I got back to Malaysia, I stopped watching TV as much.  I was very busy with work, and having so much going on in my life, I thought I just outgrew TV.  Everything I needed was online anyway.

Then this past couple of months when I came back to the US, I discovered I was wrong.  Oh how foolish I was wtf.

It wasn’t that I outgrew TV, it was because there’s nothing like American reality tv back in Malaysia. :3

Even if I spend a few weeks here a time, most of my nights would be spent catching up on these shows.


Right now embarrassingly I’m hooked to Extreme Makeover House edition type shows and every other show on HGTV (please kill me now it stands for Home and Garden TV fml so auntie)

So it greatly interested me to find out about a Malaysian/Asian reality TV show called The Apartment Style Edition Home Make over TV show.



The Apartment pits eight pairs against each other in a series of challenges all involving designing spaces of an apartment, so it really tests the contestants on creativity, ability to work together, smarts, etc.


Sime Darby is the Co-Creator of the show, so the prize is…you guessed it, a luxury apartment in Sime’s luxury development,  #TheVeo

It’s situated in KL and is ia 2+1 studio duplex and I think other units are up for sale too.  For info go here.


Some of the contestants.  I really like the blond girl’s hair hahaha.  But sorry to be judgmental, although they’re BFFs I doubt they’d work out cos they both seem a bit diva and probably cannot work together. :X


Clicked through to these American brothers’ profile cos of their uncanny resemblance to Sawyer from Lost hahahaha.


They both signed up for the show without partners and merged to form their own team.  JP apparently went to Parsons in New York (super prestigious design school) so I think they have the best chance of winning!  It’s more about skills than how well you know each other innit.

This is actually The Apartment’s 2nd season and it’s also already halfway through I think.  Tune in to Astro StarWorld Channel 711 to see how it turns out!

But if you think you can do better than these people, here’s your chance to prove it.

You can style your own Veo with The Apartment’s app.


This is mine HAHAHA.

For all my love for decorating shows I’m not very skilled myself T____T

But those who have a flair for it have a shot at winning all sorts of home related prizes like a Sharp TV, VIVA furniture and fresh coats of Dulux paint for your home.


If you love me unconditionally, can head over to the #StyleYourVeo app and vote for me also lolol.

Hurry, tune in to StarWorld Channel 711 to see how it turns out!

  • Eeva

    If I’m not mistaken, the black and bonde group has already been eliminated.

  • Fourfeetnine

    I knew it. Lolol

  • Sue Me

    Glue and Glam was brought back into the game.. I like the Dali group.. I felt that they have the chemistry 🙂 And the boyfriend is a carpenter!

  • andy chee

    Hi Audrey,nI am Andy from NUYOU magazine. As we are planning on our Love Issue for coming Feb, we have you and Tim in our mind, thus i hope i can invite both of you to have an interview and photo session with us in our studio, sharing the wedding life after the very successful proposal….Hope to hearing from you soon.nnAndy

  • Fourfeetnine

    Hi Andy please email me at fourfeetnine at thanks!