Adventure is out there

These are the only instances in my life where I have gone for a bona fide adventure – adventure in the most common sense of the word.


Don’t even know what this is called.  Flying fox?

All I know is I didn’t dare to jump and tottered on the edge before the guy lost his patience and shoved me off the platform.  Then I hollered all the way until I reached the other side. -_-


Then amazingly, on the same day we clambered up the rocks (more like a small hill really) to sit under a waterfall.  Of course I was terrified.

Okla I am a very chicken indoorsy person.

But adventure doesn’t necessarily be just about flirting with danger.

It’s about embarking on new experiences and trying out different things!


  • water sports….


I’m on a boat!  And nervous lol.

  • Thrill-seeking type activities with friends…

For example paintball (blog post here), go karting… does mini golf count!? hahaha.

  • Of course, can’t forget the food adventures.


  • Nature exploration? *grimaces


Seriously I think this was the only nature-related adventure I’ve ever had.  Technically I climbed a mountain hill rock so it’s rock climbing!  There’s also mountain climbing, jungle trekking… those of you who like these kind of things would know better.

Anyway if you’re someone who’s keen on adventure and know exactly where to take a foreign friend who comes to Malaysia, the Nestle Drumstick Home of Adventure app is for you!


Very easy to play.


Just pin your adventure location and tell what’s so awesome about it.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Total of RM35,000 worth of cash prizes to be won, to fuel more of your crazeh adventures.

Contest ends 23 December!


Too bad shopping is not a category!

If it was, I SURE WIN.


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8 Responses to Adventure is out there

  1. Cindy Tong says:

    ooohh thats super cool to play golf with ur cute wedges..

  2. Leanne says:

    HEHE UP reference <3

  3. Huey yee says:

    new layout! so pretty! :)

  4. cindy says:

    finally a blog makeover! your blog look so fresh! lovely ^^

  5. Jaslin says:

    Your new layout is super cute!!

  6. Ida says:

    Nice new layout! All your favourite things in the banner! Nice read too! :)

  7. Helen Lena Chap says:

    Drimsticks icecream were and still my favorite icecream!

  8. Fourfeetnine says:

    Yay I love it too!

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