The full length one

Quick update!

The video I first posted about our wedding was actually a hastily put together clip specially to be shown during our wedding banquet.

This here’s the full length one (well, full length means 9 minutes here lol) – complete with mini interviews with me and Fatty!

(But dunno why in the beginning I manage to say the word “after” like seven times in a row WTF stuttering dunno why hahahahha T___________T

So fun wanna relive our wedding day again! 🙂

  • Suetyen

    You both are perfect to be together. It is such a romantic & perfect wedding ! I’ve never get bored of watching this & also the meme proposal Timothy did for you. For now, I can’t wait to see fighter’s video 😀

  • serena

    You’ve got a lovely body shape!What a beautiful wedding !!!

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  • sherry sherry

    I love your wedding dress!