Smelly car smelly car, what are they feeding you

Yesterday Fatty said to me, “Eh why the car so smelly.”


My reaction: “WHERE GOT.”


Denial. Lolol.

Then I turned and looked behind.


*crickets churping wtf

It’s not safe to drive in heels — every time I do, I brake unnecessarily hard and it becomes a jerky ride all because I can’t estimate strength as well with heels on — so I usually wear flipflops or flats to drive then bring shoes with me to wear later.  Then the car becomes my shoe closet wtf.  And clothes closet also, the black drapey thing on top is a dress. -_-

If Fatty is going to sit in the car I faster remove all the stuff before he comes. HAHAHA.

On top of that sometimes I tapau food and Fatty complains that the smell stays in the car forever.  (Bak kut teh is the worst one)  The smell does linger lah, and I will get nagged at again fml.

Don’t be fooled by Fatty’s blog.  He’s actually very OCD and anal about things, especially punctuality and hygiene.  For example, he keeps a bottle of those anti bacterial hand cleaner things in his car so he can clean his hands every time he touches… anything. wtf.  And he washes his hair twice a day, and washes his hands so many times until the skin on his hands started peeling wtf.

And the minute he falls sick he’ll down antibiotics!! I hate this because I think you should let your body develop its own immunities and you get stronger what.  Same goes for the anti bacterial hand washer, if use too much then bacteria will just evolve and adapt to it what then we’ll have no more defense against them!

Anyway.  *takes deep breath

He may be OCD but this time he’s right.  Car smells quite gross.


This is my solution!  Ambi Pur Car mini clips.

Got the pink one for obvious reasons although I have no idea what Thai dragon fruit smells like.

Other variants are Light Citrus, New Zealand Spring, Sky Breeze and Lavender Comfort.


Very cute!  So small and compact it hardly looks like an air freshener even.


First, snap up the clip behind into a 90 degree position.


Then just clip it to your aircond vent!  Matches my radio background color lol.


Ambi Pur mini clip even comes with a dial on top so you can adjust how much smell you want.

It really does smell very yummy and sweet!  And if your car smells funky, this will get rid of the bad odors.


My car smells very sweet and pretty now!


And Fatty is happy!

(just in time for Valentine’s Day! LOLOL)

Now happy contest time.


Just snap a photo of your Ambi Pur Car Mini Clip in your car featuring yourself as well, upload on AmbiPur’s Facebook page and complete the caption “My/My honey’s car smells sexy because…”


And you could win a new car!  The new Suzuki Swift and one year supply of Ambi Pur products.

Check out the video by Megan and Ryan.


Brought to you by AmbiPur.


  • Kri

    haha this is such a cute post! drive safe! hope you guys had fun!

  • JinXiuC

    It’s fourfeetnine’s mobile wardrobe on the go!

  • pinkbubblegum

    heee u are very cute d…nn

  • Fourfeetnine

    hahaha i really need your drive safe wishes, thank you!

  • Melissa Tham

    I bought the same flavor too! sweet n nice….

  • Chan

    My sister has does the same thing but in her boot with at least 6 pairs of shoes “just in case” ^^

  • Fourfeetnine

    haha color is the cutest too!

  • Fourfeetnine

    wah i think she’s worse than me hahaha

  • Cynthia

    I saw les misarables playlist! xD

  • Joyce Heng

    Hi there =)nbeen searching for this in shopping mall few weeks ago. May i know where can get tis cute thing?