What Angela sent

Came back home and found a package addressed to Audrey Ooi/Tiah wtf.

Care package from Angela!

Look what I found inside!



Bottom hehehe wtf.

Minion shirts for us!  Big one is for Fatty (ahem), middle one for me and onesie for Fighter. HAHAHAHA CUTE UNTIL WANNA DIE.

Damn cheesy lor when we wear them all together hahaha.  Also cheesy because of the color wtf *lame

She said she got them from Universal Studios (the Florida one) so if you wanna buy you can go there (dunno if the Singapore one has them though).



More onesies!  One is a Tigger, the other is Bart.  Babies hats are so cute they should be illegal wtf.

I’m a shoe girl, and it looks like Fighter is going to be a hat baby wtf.  Cos Fatty loves hats on babies also I can foresee him buying a lot of beanies and caps hahaha.

UntitledOn the left is a Chicken Soup for the Soul for New Moms T____T  Angela wrote that she loved reading Chicken Soup when she was younger and she bet that I did too.  How she know one T________T

Middle is a Japanese picture book about weddings and marriage.  She bought it when we were in Kyoto (like 6-7 years ago WTF) at which point I wasn’t even sure if I would ever get married wtf.  She kept it for six years and only brought it out for my wedding last year *tears.  But she forgot to bring it with her wtf and now only sent to me.

And a card which made me tear again fts.  My soulmate knows me best. T______T

Stupid hormones la!  Watch How I Met Your Mother also can cry until sob uhuk uhuk. -_-

Thank you Auntie Angela!  Fighter says he’ll come visit you when he can control himself from crying on airplanes wtf.


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20 Responses to What Angela sent

  1. Ee Lin says:

    Awww…this post reminds me of my soulmate (BFF) too! =’) Can’t wait to see fighter in all these cute outfits! nnYou cry watching HIMYM?! Me too!!! LOL I thought i was the only one.

  2. naeust says:

    TIGGER SO COMEL <3 Wah means I’ve been reading your blog for 6-7 years already! :D

  3. Angela says:

    awwwwwwwwwwwwww i miss you babie T________________T

  4. msbulat says:

    This is so sweet:) friendships like these are definitely priceless and easy to come by

  5. Mandy says:

    omg those minion shirts are adorable!! remember to take a picture and upload it when you guys wear it XD

  6. Elie says:

    BABY CLOTHES!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  7. SmallnHot says:

    cute minion outfit !!

  8. Nicole Yie says:

    omggg where to get those minionssss I wantt!!!

  9. chiewneeGT says:

    Minion shirts r super cute!!! Would like to wear that when I have my own family later =D

  10. Lyn says:

    There should be more considerate parents like you! So many babies crying on airplane and disturb others T_T *off topic wtf*nnAnyway it’s really lucky to have found your soulmate. You are blessed! :’)nnPS: Can’t wait to see fighters in the tigers outfit!!!!!!!!!

  11. Fourfeetnine says:

    hahaha no la because i complain so much about crying babies myself, i cannot be a hypocrite and do the same thing!

  12. Fourfeetnine says:

    haha dooo ittt

  13. Fourfeetnine says:

    haha i just said ma from universal studios

  14. Fourfeetnine says:


  15. Fourfeetnine says:


  16. Fourfeetnine says:

    haha in months to come!

  17. Fourfeetnine says:

    *nudges angela

  18. Fourfeetnine says:

    i miss you too T__________T

  19. Fourfeetnine says:

    wah you must have been damn young when you started wtf

  20. Fourfeetnine says:

    it’s the hormones!

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