The day I thought I was going into labor

Title also damn drama!!!

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting in front of my computer (as usual) when I felt like a twinge in my back.  Thinking I wasn’t sitting properly I shifted in my seat and continued clicking on my mouse.

Suddenly from one twinge, it turned into two.  Then it shifted front and gripped my entire torso in an iron clutch wtf.

It was so painful I started breaking into cold sweat WTF.

I sat there stunned for a while just absorbing the pain. T______T  I always kena diarrhea and stomach aches so I’m no stranger to stomach discomfort but this pain was so huge that I couldn’t tell what was causing it or where it was stemming from.  It was like the worst stomach cramps ever times ten.

I decided maybe I’d try to go to the bathroom to see if it would ease.  I couldn’t think straight and ended up yanking off my pants before going into the bathroom WTF for some reason I thought I would feel better with no pants wtf.

Managed to get myself on the toilet but nothing seemed to alleviate the pain. T_______T I was doubled over on the toilet seat and I realized I was moaning by then.

I could feel wave after wave of hot blood rushing to my face but I was still cold sweating.  Sweat so much that the entire toilet seat was drenched lolol and I was slipping off the seat fml.

At this point I was thinking omg omg am I going to have my baby here in this study toilet whose flush doesn’t even work properly.  And I haven’t even gotten anything ready for him and I haven’t packed my hospital bag yet how to take pictures in the hospital if I don’t bring makeup with me. LOLOL.

I remembered my old boss Joanne telling me that there were a few signs of labor – contractions, bleeding and water bag bursting.  I’m reading What to Expect When You’re Expecting but haven’t gotten to the chapter where they describe contractions yet so I didn’t know what to look out for!  But I thought it couldn’t be contractions cos it was just one huge block of constant pain.  And I wiped myself, no blood or water wtf.

Then another wave of pain washed over me and I thought omg I am going to faint in this toilet right here.  Then when they come to look for me they will find me with no pants on.

With that thought I somehow managed to stagger out of the bathroom, put on my shorts and collapsed on the sofa. *minor success

The maid was downstairs but at that point I couldn’t even talk, much less call for her.  I waited for a while and thankfully the pain subsided enough that I felt I could talk.  Luckily my phone was on the couch so I called Fatty.  He didn’t pick up. T_______T

I called Mummy Ooi next.  She said she and Fat Her were coming to take me to the hospital but I felt like fainting again at the thought of getting into the car to drive to the hospital.

I called my doctor but they were already closed FML.  Finally got through to Fatty who said he was coming home to get me.

But by this point I could feel the pain subsiding.  Still painful but at normal stomach cramp level.  It just felt like a bad stomach pain although I still couldn’t sit up or straighten my body.  Called my sister in law who’s a doctor and she asked if I could feel Fighter moving.  And yes throughout the ordeal I could still feel him moving around inside me.

And today I’m totally ok.  So I guess it was just one of my stomach upsets, just the worst one yet. ಠ_ಠ

I remember thinking though that if this is how painful childbirth is I don’t wanna do it anymore.  Seriously give me ALL the drugs!

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