Paramount Studios, Universal Studios, and a little bit of Vegas

Wow I just realized I never finished blogging about our LA/Vegas trip last July. D:

Fasterly post pictures first! Although I’m very sure I forgot most of what happened already. ;( So therefore I can guarantee you this will be the most informative post ever wtf.

Angela and Frank joined us in LA for a couples trip (last post here) so we did some touristy stuff!  Paramount Studios tour was one of the ones all of us hadn’t been on yet so Paramount it was.

CIMG2695 1



Wearing: Evris two piece set, denim shirt from Angela (I’d only brought one blazer and it was getting smelly wtf so Angela brought a shirt for me to wear hahaha) and Melissa flats.



Here’s Fatty standing in front of the Hollywood sign!  Uhhh you can’t see the sign because I’m an awesome photographer.CIMG2642


Erm I thiiiink this was some set WTF.



Ok this I remember!  Lucille Ball (of I Love Lucy fame) had her office here (blue door).CIMG2641


And this patch of grass was called Lucy Park because she was that big of a deal.  Apparently she also set up a nursery here for her kids while she worked.  I like that sorta thinking!

Next we explored Paramount’s New York City set…



See the hole in the ground? Depending on the scene required (modern day, period drama, whatever) they’d stick in the corresponding streetlight, and just plug it in to the wires all fixed underground.



Same goes for the doorknobs.  Depending on what the production needs, an appropriate doorknob would be fixed to the doors.CIMG2649


I think this is where Minority Report was filmed.  Or some Tom Cruise movie la wtf.  Each storey on the glass building is a different height, to give the false perspective that the building is really taller than it is when filmed.



Another false perspective trick!  See the two doors?  They’re both of different heights so they can manipulate how tall an actor looks.  Like if Tom Cruise needed to look tall next to Nicole Kidman, they’d film him standing in front of the smaller door, and Nicole with the bigger door. If you can see, Fatty looks nearly the same height as me in relation to his door!



Abbey Road-ing in New York City in Hollywood hahaha.


Normal picture of us.



I thiiink this was one of the apartments the Glee people were living in in NYC?



Where Spidey and Mary Jane had that upside down kiss!



Crap I forgot what this was.  CIMG2665Also this but I bet it was significant that’s why me and Fatty took this picture. -_-



And this was something significant to me and Angela wtf. -_-



Ok this!  Some scenes in Glee involved these metal stairs (I think one was the scene where Kurt has some issues with the bully…?)CIMG2670


Water set where they filmed lake/sea scenes.  When needed I think they put a green screen to extend the horizon.




When not in use it’s a parking lot wtf.



oh nothing.  Just my Oscar collection.



I think this was one of the original, earlier built parts of Paramount.



So beautiful!



My momma always said, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

Hehehe the original Forrest Gump bench.



Just me and my Angela!



Then we adjourned to Melrose to have brunch at this famous brunch place. No pictures because… they’re all in my old phone. 🙁 I recently upgraded to the Sony Xperia Z3 yo!



One more because I’m skinny and pretty here (as opposed to being 8 months pregnant wtf)



Next day was spent at Universal Studios!



Got my minion on.  Bought both the cap and minion glasses ahahah.






My two favorite people in the world.


And some sharks wtf.

And Whoville! (From the Grinch)

Universal Studios is by far the largest studio/theme park so their studio tour was extensive.  Very commercialized and less personal compared to Paramount but it was fun to see all the big, flashy sets. 🙂

I think this was a scene from World War Z.  So realistic, the props looked like all real stuff just thrown about.

Guess whose house from Desperate Housewives?

Vehicle from one of The Mummy movies hehehe.

Thass all folks! (Other people here are Angela’s friends from LA, not photobombers wtf)

Then it was on to Vegas!  Stayed at the Bellagio this time.

Truth be told, not many photos of Vegas cos by this time we were missing Fighter like crazy and were even contemplating canceling the Vegas leg of our trip.  But couldn’t find a satisfactory flight back and also would have to pay quite a bit to change flights.

So we stayed but like… a bit no mood to do anything (especially since we were in Vegas just two years ago).

Also it was too damn hot to keep whipping out the camera wtf.

We did weirdly bump into Adam C and his friend who were also at the Bellagio so we just hung out and ate a lot together hahaha.

Food in Vegas is always good!  Dinner above was at a Wolfgang Puck restaurant.



At the hotel pool.  Grumpy face cos really damn hot!!!CIMG2741


Fatty and Adam are somewhere in there cooling off.



Our last dinner!  Somewhere on the Strip, we just Yelped everything.



Omg escargots I love.

Bonus photo from Venice Beach/Santa Monica.

Vroom vroom!  Me on a Segwat.

It’s so easy I was thinking omg I am so good at this. Cos normally I’m not good at anything physical wtf.

But then Fatty reminded me I crashed into him.  I did an about turn without realizing he’s behind and banged into him.

And then I also hit a homeless man from the back WTF. Poor fellow was so nice, said no worries it’s his fault.

I told Angela and she asked me how was it his fault. I was like errr he walked too slowly…

And then I remembered I got off the Segway at one point and for some reason the Segway kept moving! It’s not supposed to. Supposed to automatically stop when you get off.

The Segway ended up rolling over my own foot.

Literally watched it in slow motion (cos it moved slowly) as it rolled over my foot and I couldn’t do anything about it.

So okay fine I am not the best Segway rider.

But great fun! Fatty wants to buy a Segway in Malaysia now. Drive down Pudu and scare the illegal workers HAHAHA.

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