Audrey = Snowman

Have discovered stretch marks on certain part of anatomy, much to my horror. Did self balloon up overnight? Did not notice any signs of obesity myself, but thanks to “thoughtful” comments by 1001 relatives and friends (i.e. Malcolm Lee, Barry Ooi, rest of Ooi family etc. *), have thus decided to exercise self control and moniter eating to get back fit body (without developing anorexia or similar, of course).

Fitness regime, starting from tomorrow:
1. Eat only 3 meals a day
2. Do not take too much rice
3. Do not eat Maggi Mee for teatime or midnight snack
4. Stop stocking up on junkfood (Brother Ooi, stop tempting me) and buy healthy food like fruits and oatmeal

5. Do 20 situps (Hello, washboard stomach!)
6. Take stairs instead of lift
7. Stop craving Slurpees and Cornettos
8. Do not go to sleep immediately after eating (if possible, do not sit down immediately after eating, either)

*Also, have been betrayed by own mother who keeps pointing out and pinching adipose tissue situated at only daughter’s waist to interested relatives. Probably thinks this fat is going to guarantee her grandchildren. Fat hopes. (no pun intended)

Fitness Goal
1. Get back stomach with two abs – v. sexy and empowering
2. Reduce size of ass while retaining size of arms, shoulders.
3. Get legs to look less muscular (looks too strange on petite me) – note to self: no exercise involving legs ie. running, cycling or similar.

Marilah kita berusaha bersama-sama menentang cellulite!! Fuhfuhfuhfuh…

PS. I’m back from Penang.

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