More on THE CAKE

I just can’t seem to shut up about the cake, as most people can testify to that. Aiyaa, don’t blame me lar, this was a major achievement for me as well as for Brother Ooi.
(ooh just used my finger to stab an insect to death – pest control of the house: that’s yours truly)

Anyway, these are the proof that I did indeed bake a cake and didnt just halfway run out to the nearest Berry’s and grab the nearest cake.

The product that took sweat, blood and tears

The product that took sweat, blood and tears (note to self: all that Mummy expanded when she gave birth to us)

Me holding sweat-blood-tears-product, looking vaguely psychotic. It’s all that hard work and stress, I tell you.

Oh that’s the recipient of the cake, looking quite hip as it is. The macho male holding a piece of Biore Pore Pack is of course, Cook No. 2, Brother Ooi.

Mummy and Daddy Ooi, holding the precious cake. Notice the cocoa powder and Kitkat used for decor? Innovative, that’s us.

My first slice of cake!! (yum)