I’ve been working on the railroad…

What the fcuk is wrong?! Why won’t my pictures show up?! Whose goddamn fault is this?! Ripway or Blogdrive? I swear I will sue. Now nobody will get to see all my hard work for the cake. Eternal damnation to whoever did this! I will spread the word! I will tell everyone I know not to use Ripway or Blogdrive! I will announce it all over Malaysia AND America. They will pay.

I was very hardworking today and cleaned my room. I took Before and After shots! But who’s going to get to see it now? Nobody. Because of fucking Ripway?Blogdrive. I mean, my room is not going to stay this way forever, right? And what’s the point of cleaning your room if noone gets to see it? As everyone who knows me can well attest to, it is not often that my room does not look like a war zone. For example, Mummy Ooi will not enter my room voluntarily anymore (I think it’s because she develops high blood pressure after that).

Jia Min once had a traumatic experience in my room. She saw a p**tiliner on the floor that freaked her out of her mind. To escape it, she jumped on my (unmade) bed… only to discover panties! (But it was clean ok, I think I must have folded it and put it on my bed before keeping it in the wardrobe). Another friend, Davina was sitting on my bed when she idly stuck her hand down the side of my bed and pulled out…. a bra! The worst part is, it wasn’t even mine! I think it was either my mother’s or my aunt’s. I probably brought it up by mistake, then put it on my bed as usual and it must have fallen down the side of it without me realizing it. And of course, let’s not forget the countless times Orang Melbourne cleaned up my room for me (grumbling all the while, naturally) because he couldn’t stand sitting in a pigsty.

Curses! I just found out that Ripway is the villain! This is the reason why I’m suffering here writing about my room, of all things. Have no fear, I will post up the pics anyway and hope that you people will get to see them someday.

B E F O R E O P E R A T I O N C L E A N U P :

::A view of the floor::

::A view of my desk:D Among other things are my Roxy bag, sticker photo notebook, stereo remote, MD player and Brother Ooi’s hairband, etc. ::

::My bed. Notice the handphone right in the middle? This is why I always lose it::

::The makeup table. Min, Hsin, Malcolm and anyone else who had to wait for me: this is why::

::Chair also doubles up as clothes hanger. Very innovative::

A F T E R O P E R A T I O N C L E A N U P :


::A clean working space is the key to success::

::My bed after its makeover. L-R:Toby, BlueFlower, Koala-with-identity-crisis, SanjayBear, YellowBear, NormalKoala, LifeguardPooh, WeizhenKangaroo, Lolo.

:: You won’t have to wait for me longer than 15 minutes anymore, I promise!::