Hair today, gone tomorrow (ha!ha!)

Hmm…everybody’s too busy to choi me so I guess I’ll have to make up my own entertainment. Which these days, other than GunBound is…… finding a new hairstyle to cut! I’m sorry, if you people love me enough, you’re gonna have to put up with my narcissim every now and then. 😀

Current hair is getting more and more common, ie. more copied ie. getting more and more irritating everytime I walk past someone with a similar hairstyle. I’m sorry if that sounds very bitchy, but I’m not known for liking having the same stuff or image as other people or vice versa. That’s why I never (hardly, anyway) buy stuff from places like Espirit, MNG, Ms Selfridge etc (other than the fact that they’re also fcuking expensive and don’t fit me) and always shop at Sungei Wang.

Current hair = fringe cut across forehead + very layered longer than shoulder-length curls x red color that looks to be turning brown as usual.

Problems with hair = hair growing too long for my liking + curls getting limper and straightening out + A GAZILLION PEOPLE CUTTING FRINGE AND PERMING THEIR HAIR!!!

Fcuk this, even Melissa G5 apparently got bangs! And looking at her, I thought she would be the antithesis of cutesy hair across the forehead. What is this world coming to… And would you look at the number of people on the street with permed hair. When me and Min first curled our hair, everyone else had straightened hair. Fine by me. But now just look at all those curly-headed cuties out there. It sickens me.

I’ve had my fringe my entire life (for reason, please refer to shiny bulbous forehead) and I permed my hair last year in an attempt to look less like a certain Jap star, which I dunno why some people kept saying I looked like, flattering but after a while, annoying. You can see how my quest for originality leads me.

But this hair is getting old fast. Which is why, I’ve decided to chop it all off. Bye bye, curls. Hello, funky hair (and possibly a cut that would make me look retarded or toad-like). Ha! Try to follow that then!

Possible cuts:

:: Not exactly the short cut I was looking for but I damn like the long things at the side!::

:: Don’t really like the hair but I like the fringe. What am I thinking? No more fringe!::

::Quite like this one. But maybe it’s due to model’s cuteness. Might end up looking like toad
with this::

::My fav! Especially the hair color. But without the strand poking into the eyes of course::

PS. Brother Ooi’s calves have taken on quality of sandpaper. Fantastic!