The Vegetable

I am in terrible pain!!!

Plus, I’m typing with only one hand. So this will be a short entry.

Not to mention my posture now is that of the Hunchback of Notré Dame.

This is, naturally, thanks to Massachusetts and its horrifying state health laws. Damn you. MA!

Just this morning I was jabbed with needles TWICE. Once to extract BLOOD for yet another fcuking blood test for Measles, Mumps & Rubella, and another for immunisation against Diphteria, Tetanus and Polio.

And the stupid doctor tak lepaskan me some more! The requirement for diphteria-tetanus is to have one shot within the past 10 years. Obviously I already took my tetanus shot in form 3 together with all othe 15 yr-old girls!!

Eh wait, or was that for Rubella? Whatever.

Anyway, it is damn fucking painful now cos I think the needle went into my muscle. Therefore, I cannot move my left arm at all while there is a red patch surrounding the blood clot on my right arm due to allergic reaction to the alcohol used to clean the area.

Let’s recount the number of times I’m going to be stabbed with needles.

Hepatitis B: 1 blood test + 3 shots = 4 stabbings
Diphteria/Tetanus: 1 shot + 1 blood test = 2 stabbings
Measles, Mumps, Rubella: 1 blood test = 1 stabbing

Tuberculin skin test (oh this is a real hero, this) – involves injecting some liquid into my body n extracting it 3 days later to check for TB. Why? Because I had the bad luck to be born in a country called Malaysia, which apparently is a country prone to TB and the US government does NOT acknowledge our BCG. Then why, may I ask, do all of us have that big scar for? 1 DAMN BIG STABBING.

Meningitis: 1 shot + 1 blood test = 2 stabbings