Another suitcase in another hall

FUCK! I stupidly deleted my entry myself! For some reason I highlighted the whole thing AND PRESSED DELETE.

I will remain calm.

I will remain gentle.

I will go to Nirvana.

I was trying to upload photos that I took today but failed. I don’t understand why! I’ve done it millions of times but tiba-tiba today the computer decided to beraksi with me and declared that so-and-so software is missing. WHO DELETED THE DAMN SOFTWARE I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW?!

Anyway, I am in a very depressed mood because now I can’t show you all pics of my latest prized possession…..


Plus, a handcarry suitcase complete with trolley handle in baby blue! *gloat gloat*

And that’s not all! I mean, that is all I got, but in the shop there was also this beautiful makeup case that comes with an adjustable mirror and little pockets to fit all my brushes and powder puffs!

And it only costs RM49! Anyone who is interested in getting me a farewell gift, that is the gift to buy! I am serious! This is not an attempt to sound cute and fish for a sugar daddy (though if it succeeds, all the better!) but an effort to prevent anyone from getting me useless presents like say, I dunno, a candle holder or a statue of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

PS. The promotion for the special price of RM49 only lasts until tomorrow! QUick quick!:D