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Maybe it’s her, maybe it’s Maybelline

Good hair day!

And it was put to good use too, since I went all over KL and Sungei Wang, then to Vina’s house to HELP HER DO HER MAKEUP FOR A LEVELS PROM.

Bimbo-ism, ie. knowing how to wave a mascara wand around to create magic, is an essential skill. I should be Cho Chang.

Anyway, I didn’t actually do much, because I arrived at her place late, and her mum had already done most of it. But!


Ha ha ha! Mascara is my pride and joy.

But not when it runs.
Which happens to me alot.
Even though I always use waterproof.
My theory is that my eyebags are too big and therefore my lashes brush on them too often and the mascara rubs off.

Anyway, Vina was swept off to the prom, looking beautiful, by her Prince Charming, a bouquet of African daisies and a corsage. *wipes away tears*

Where the hell is my Prince Charming, bouquet of carnations and Louis Vuitton bag?

Back to the good hair day. It is too big a deal for Audrey the Airhead to bypass the subject. *fluffs curls*

It has been weeks since the last Good Hair Day!

And I owe it all to…….

Paul Mitchell Medium Hold Sculpting Lotion.

Yeah man! For people with curls, sculpting lotion is way better than mousse. It doesn’t give you the wet look and the curls look bouncier, sexier and I think it’s not so drying for the hair too.

Oh and Min, it didn’t do any damage to my baju. 😛

Pictures time!

::The famous luggage! Isn’t it gorgeous!::

::Me and Vina after all the makeuping and dressing. DON’T look at me, looks retarded::

::Pink Sakura from Kyoto! Why I put it in: (a) it’s pink, not the usual white sakura! (b) I just felt like uploading more stuff and (c) I miss Japan:(

By the way, “Maybe it’s her, maybe it’s Maybelline“? It is me, darling. 😛