Kill Audrey Vol. 2

It’s that time of the week again. The time to poke Audrey to death.

This time it was the dreaded TUBERCULIN TEST. Lazy to explain about it again, read my past entries if you forgot.

Anyway, I took the shot at SJMC and it was, as usual, fcuking painful.

I made such a big fuss in the ER that another nurse (in scrubs!) felt obligated to come over and talk to me after that.

Oh, the jab: It felt like the nurse pushed the needle in THEN pressed it in further till the plastic part of it was pressing into my flesh.

What’s worse, after that she took a pen and DREW A CIRCLE AROUND MY INJECTION so she could remember where she poked me.

I’m too lazy to take a picture so I drew one instead:

::This is what my arm looks like now::

Okay, I want everyone’s opinion on this. In Mt Holyoke, I have to take something called a first year seminar, which is just a normal 4-credit course. Every first year student is supposed to take one first year seminar. It involves class discussion, debates, writing papers etc.

And I can’t decide which. Help me out, people! Please post comments or tag on what you feel is the most interesting (also the one which would hopefully require the least amount of work:)

I’ve narrowed it down to these:

1. First Love: Attachment Theory (under Psychology)

2. First-Year Seminar in Philosphy (under Philosphy)

3. Love, Relations, Marriage and Cultural Change (under English)

4. Picturing the Middle Ages (under History)

5. Varieties of English Comedy (under English)

6. First-Year Seminar on Brain/Mind (i think this is under psychology too)

Pleeeease!! Just tell me what you think. Muchas gracias!