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It’s been a terrible week, I swear to god if this goes on all my hair will drop off and there will be nothing there to curl wtf.

I will be going for a Global Networking Conference tomorrow wtf wah sounds so official.

Going to meet important people from important companies there and listen to a panel of speakers talk about the professional world.

Sure, most of them are from JP Morgan and McKinsley and stuff but never mind this is for my future!  (i.e. sleep around to climb the corporate ladder WTFWTF)

Have to wear formal office clothing some more *grimace.

Oh just now Suet dragged me to the gym and I beat her flat in 4-1 games of badminton!  Take that, sporty woman!

I think I have a secret talent in sports that’s as yet undiscovered!!!


  • sweat

    yawn boring entry wtf. especially the part about how i got beaten wtf.
    eh we play 3 times a week ok pleaseee *big wet eyes

  • CraSH

    going to a conference for JPM and McKinsey huh? haha.. maybe next time i will go to some of them and meet you.. haha.. anyway, hope you have fun at the conference.
    hmm.. i dont think its a smart way to sleep your way up the ladder. coz you might get fired by the person you sleep with. hahah… and it did happen to one girl that i know.

  • Benjamin

    HAHAHAHAHAHA, let’s catch some rapists (i.e. Mike Tyson, Bill Clinton, Mariah Carey)!! I’ll submit them in such a way that no one will be able to claim them and we’ll have to put them to sleep. With the cockroaches. Si c’est bon.

  • CraSH

    woo… i smell a badminton fight brewing up!! hehe.. its just a friendly match, but a little competitiveness wont hurt.

  • Jia Meei

    Li Tat and I are officially challenging you and Suet to badminton doubles

    And if we lose we’re challenging you to golf wtf wtf

  • tze

    i also have undiscovered talent at sports! wii bowling wtf. 213 ok wtf.

  • Angie

    Aud you’ve already used ur undiscovered talent at sports doing ur daily job wtf

    Tze, I’m so damn good at wii sports too hahahaha except for golf.