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JLPT is over!

No more memorizing grammar!

No more doing exercises!

(Picture for illustration purposes see my pencil point not even pointing on anywhere meaningful)

I spent the past week cramming for it.

But I’m pretty sure I failed WTF.

Working and trying to study for something is a lot harder than I thought it would be. πŸ™

Took a break to meet up with the cousins who are back from Melbourne.

Btw has anyone noticed my hair color!

It is no longer ah lian blond/orange/brown/shit color! wtf.

And it wasn’t supposed to be this dark either!Β  I was sick at home last week and bored of doing nothing so I asked my mom to DIY dye my hair for me.

The box said Light Warm Brown okay!

And after I washed my hair it came out black WTF

Ok la not black but very very dark brown.Β  I haven’t had hair this dark in ages!Β  Cos I dyed my hair after Form 5 and never looked back wtf.

I did consider going back to black (once you go black you never go back WTF) but I wasn’t sure how I would look with dark hair.Β  So I never got up the courage to do it.

So how serendipitious wtf because the light warm brown turned out to be dark warm brown and I quite like it for a change!

I look more expensive now WTF.Β  Ally said I look older too so I dunno if that’s a good or bad thing hmmmm.

Speaking of Ally, she’s gone mad wtf.

(That’s her in a strait jacket wtf.)Β  Ie. very very ugly dress that could double as props for N Sync I Drive Myself Crazy video wtf.

And me going crazy too wtf.

I dunno what’s wrong with all the stores in Telawi the clothes are all so damn ugly now!

Ok la maybe not ugly but they’re nothing I would wear T________T

I chose that one thinking maybe it would be quite cute if I wore it as a dress but as it turns out I just look like I’m wearing two pajama shirts to keep warm aih.

I found nothing to buy!Β  Except a pair of stud earrings =(

And what is with this vintage shit going around!Β  Sorry vintage lovers I know all of you have amazing taste and ability to mix and match and come out with unique outfits but I like nothing I see out there in the vintage sales or flea markets or whatever!

There is nothing cute or pretty or girly about real vintage pieces or vintage-inspired clothes to me:(Β  I am not a grandmother (grandma floral dresses that reach my shin) I am not a man or a horse jockey (drop crotch pants) I am not Madonna Like a Virgin (fluorescent sunglasses and clothing) and if I wear anything baggy it is going to be extra large on me and I can just move my shoulders a bit and the whole top will fall off me.

And most of the independent boutiques are trying to be very classic and vintage so where does that leave me:(Β  Can’t even go to Topshop and Zara because they don’t really fit wtf.Β  And I boycott F21 in Malaysia it’s daylight robbery wtf.

Ya let me just sew my own clothes la wtf.

With Jammie!

Verdict on dress: too big and weird cutting and quality

Cool picture except the person I thought was Ally is actually myself wtf.

Hello nice normal shot!Β  (Not like the dress wtf)

And for those who wonder how Fat Her looks these days, now you know. wtf.

  • ally

    ‘Cool picture except the person I thought was Ally is actually myself wtf.’

    we’re MERGING! /boo

  • carol

    ya f21 in msia is daylight robbery BOYCOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!

    love i don’t really get the whole vintage thing either and summore it’s really expensive lor… especially real vintage stuff.

    and the dress would nice if it didn’t have that big white swath around it. like someone toilet papered you wtf.

    and i looooove the new hair color actually i’ve always wanted that kind of dark brown lor but always will come out black wan haih. light warm brown huh i’ll keep that in mind.

    jammie slash boo. πŸ˜€

  • leon

    Hey! sorry i said ur short from before, he likes to do that. Anyhow i feel bad, but ur pretty…more than makes up for it. What do you think, yeah? πŸ˜‰ I’ll see ya later!

  • Simon Seow

    iidesune, nan lebe-ru JPLT wo suruno?

  • Angie

    This is NOT BLACK okay what are u talkin about ! I like this brown ! I’ve always wanted this kind of brown~

  • CraSH

    i think your dark hair looks awesome on you… little more matured looking. totally young professional…

    hmmm looks like you have a signature smile there again in pic 7.

    geez, you paparazzied your dad!!? haha…

  • sweatlee

    i thought u took that white ugly thing and ally took tht strait jacket thing cause u wanna take pics of the ugly clothes but manatau u really wanted to try it cause it’s nice one wtf looks like something i wore in std 6 cause fat so must always wear long sleeves to cover up wtf

  • pinkpau

    that photo of your dad
    cutest thing ever
    shit la now i cant stop laughing

  • KY

    waaa that photo, cannot tahan. lol

  • wein

    oh no! after seeing your hair, i feel like dyeing my hair too! it’s such a nice color! u look great!^^

  • grace

    lol i think this brown is nice!

    hahaha your dad photo’s soo funny

  • sweatlee

    eh i forgot to talk abt ur hair!how can! it’s very nice la i think. remember got one time u dyed ur hair pretty dark also. i like it, goes well with the length too.

  • Irenelim

    Haha… looks like you all had lots of fun trying the dresses. Yeah, if you sew your own I believe they would be much better than those and perhaps I could sell on my online boutique too!

    Anyway, I wonder if you could consider placing a link or something to my online boutique on your pinky bloggie? πŸ™‚

  • mustardqueen

    eh u look good in darker hair lor!! for a change la πŸ˜› cos usually when u always have blonde ash brown hair then u turn black u look hotter wtf (like Jolin ahahha) and u not scared ur Fat Her got panty upskirt meh wtf!

  • abby

    i think you look nicer with dark hair color πŸ™‚ really less ah lian ok πŸ˜›

  • racheal tan

    wtf wtf!! go for black hair again! we’ll do it together? interested? :p

  • sammy

    i think u look gud in dark hair!

    n yes, dat has got 2 b 1 of d scariest outfit i’v ever seen wtf lmao

  • Pig

    Poor Fat Her Ooi -_-lll
    Bt GOOD JOB *evil grin*

  • jc

    Wuaa u finished ur exams..and YEII!! i also finished mine ^V^
    anyway, I like your new hair color!
    “I thought was Ally is actually myself wtf.” the picture above is really coooolll!!

  • ron

    i think this brown is nice leh! looks more classy. haha. and your crazy picture is damn funny la wtf! F21 is really… i don’t know, i have a love-hate relationship with it.

  • jay see

    thumbs up for the last picture, hahahahahaa!!

  • ; olivia

    oh i like your handwriting!

  • amalina

    δΈ€η΄šγ―γ‚γ£γ‘γ‚ƒε€§ε€‰γ γ£γŸγ€‚γ€‚γ€‚
    γ‚γŸγ—γ‚‚γŸγΆγ‚“δΈεˆζ Όγ€‚γ€‚γ€‚
    γ‚‚γ†ε«Œγ ζ—₯本θͺžγͺんて。。。

  • Audrey

    ally: nonsense! i saw 3 people in the pic and thought it was us but it was actually 2 of me and one of jam wtf.

    carol: light warm brown don’t get it what if it really comes out brown! mine was DIY wtf

    leon: awww haha its okay its a fact that i’m short anyway T_T take care im sure i’ll see u soon!

    simon seow: leberu 2 T_T

    angie: i said dark brown la damn annoying when did i say black wtf

    crash: thank u! but i wasn’t smiling wtf

    suet: well i thought it would somehow be cute and sexy what was i thinking wtf.

    pinkpau: hahahahaha yea actually he woke up right b4 i took the pic but i made him close his eyes again haahahaha

    ky: hahaha ky u also i cannot tahan hahahahaha

    wein: thanks! dye la:D

    grace: thank you! he’s having a fit about his photo up on my blog wtf

    irene: better to take clothes from u slash boo hahaha

    mustardqueen: ya i thought the color a bit like jolin! ya later he upskirt then all my blog readers go blind WTF

    abby: thank u!

    racheal tan: really or not?! i cannot imagine u with black hair!

    sammy: u mean my dad’s outfit? wtf

    pig: hahaa thanks

    jc: yay congrats!

    ron: haha ya i think i’ll keep this color for some time. how much is f21 in sg? EH BTW I GOING TO SINGAPORE IN 2 WEEKS

  • ron

    they are practically rip-offs! 2 weeks! means early during christmas ah?

  • ron

    oops. for dressier tops, maybe 42 to 58sgd? dresses usually 58 to 70 over lor.

  • tzeching

    hello uncle ooi *solemn

    *looks at date of post

    *looks at aud pointedly

  • Angie

    ahhahaha why u so annoyed at me these days !

  • Irenelim

    Yeah… take clothes from me lar… wukaka

  • sammy

    i meant the white-colored-thingamajig xD

  • Chinese girl

    ur pic with caption ‘So that was it for our girly Maxis Day Out’… i saw it in a chinese paper the other day.. kept wonderin whether it was u.. now confirm is u lor! Haha

  • marvinlee

    can teach me the makeup skills? haha..
    it’s not that the model is not pretty enough.. πŸ˜‰ wth