The Great Couple Meme – Aud & Tim Edition

Tell us about the first time you met and your first impression of him/her:
A bit fat and not a very nice shirt WTF.

I was in Bangsar with Hui Wen, Tze and Su Ann and Su Ann asked me if I wanted to meet Kenny and I said okay! Because I was supposed to meet Kenny 4 years ago but I ffked him to go do my hair instead WTF.

Then a whole bunch of people appeared with Kenny and he was one of them.

And it turned out it was his birthday! And we um …kind of gatecrashed it unknowingly awkward turtle wtf.

Wasn’t very sure who he was but he talked so much I figured he must be Suet’s old boss. I was looking for a job then and he offered to send my resume in to a couple of companies he knew.

What’s a weird habit or quirk that s/he has?:
Saying the phrase “you know”. Sometimes when I’m irritable I feel like beating the side of his head and shouting “you know your head la you know!” wtf. Oh he also is obsessive-compulsive over washing his hands and drinking water – washes his hands like twenty times a day and drinks like 8 liters of water.

What makes him/her sad?:
the thought that he might fail or not make it. The thought that I will cheat on him wtf.

What makes him/her angry?:
My exes wtf. Having to wait. People cancelling out on him last minute god I can still remember the fury the first time I did that wtf.

What excites him/her?
Possible new ventures. Stories of people who start off poor or downtrodden but who make it big in the end (haih so nerdy). Ice-cream. Steak. Gadget stores. Memememe wtf.

Tell us something funny about him/her:
I’ll tell you what’s not funny! The amount of gas he has in his system! And he clearly needs to eat more vegetables and fruits! Every time he farts I feel like I’m going to go crazy but to him it’s the best entertainment ever to hug me and make me stay there to smell his fart T__________T

What’s s/he like at home?:
Quite the same as outside except that he’ll change into a ratty old tshirt and shorts and play xbox the whole day (if he could)

What’s s/he like at work/school?:
Um from what I know, very efficient and productive. Good at scolding people I think he can be headmaster.

Describe his/her room:
About ten times the size of mine. And ten times as neat! Double bed, dark wooden closet doors, dark wooden desk, swivel chair… and a bookshelf filled with all his rags-to-riches books.

What’s his/her best friend like?:
He’s undecided between two to be best men for his wedding! One is short, chubby and the loudest person i’ve ever met. The other one is an ex-army guy and scares the shit out of me and everyone else T_T

Do you know who s/he hates the most?:
Of course i do! But not appropriate to say here.

Have you met his/her exes?:

Do his/her parents like you?:
i think they think i’m stupid WTF.

What’s the first thing s/he would do or say if s/he fell down and scraped their knee:
Fuck this shit!

what would s/he do in an emergency situation with other people involved?:
he would get all efficient and organize everything and order everyone about. And nobody would dare not to listen to him because he’s scary like that.

Which shop would s/he spend the most time at in a shopping mall?:
The xbox shop woe is me. Second is the bookstore. Third is New Zealand natural.

what would s/he have for a typical breakfast?:
Oats! Because my mother told him oats reduce cholesterol and he’s been eating it religiously every morning ever since.

Where would s/he want to go for dinner?:
Jarrod & Rawlins. Or San Fransisco Steakhouse.

What kind of movie would s/he choose at the cinema?:
Anything with Vin Diesel -___________- Or comedies also. But never horror and I love horror movies how 🙁

Describe his/her taste in music:
We listen to all the same Chinese songs! And most pop ones too! He likes RnB alot more than me though and his last favourite song is the Cookie Jar one.

If s/he wasn’t going out with you, who would s/he be going out with?:
I know! Someone taller wtf.

What item in his/her wardrobe would you like to burn:
OHHH lemme make a list. First, all his striped polo tees. Then I’ll move on to all his collared shirts! Actually I’ll burn everything not bought in the year AD (Audrey Domini wtf). Seriously baby, seriously. No la I’ll leave a few too! Like his Boss Stewie shirt and one more dark blue polo tee cos the cutting is quite nice.

What is s/he good at?:
Typing! He types so fast! Good at lecturing me, very good at talking and expressing himself in general, good at manja-ing, good at waking up in the middle of the night to drag me to him (I need my space ok!), very good at navigating and directions.

What is s/he totally horrible at?:
Drawing la I don’t even know how he passed his art class. Or handwriting tests wtf. He also sucks at letting go of grudges  Oh bad at remembering things I say hmph.

What’s something about him/her that is annoying/infuriating?:
That he forgets what I say to him sometimes. And his fart trick la after so long already can still laugh so much about farting in my face HA HA so funny.

What’s something that you two fundamentally disagree on?:
Grocery shopping. Forgiveness – I always forget how people hurt me and he remembers them for life. I want to adopt 1 kid and call it a day while he wants 4 (FOUR!!!) CHILDREN. From my birth canal! Wtf.

What’s something that you two agree whole-heartedly on?:
That Disneyland is the best place on earth. That i’m cute WTF.

Is s/he possessive?:
Yes very.

Why would s/he succeed in life?:
Because he’s very determined. And he’s very clear on what he wants from life and what he wants to achieve. And once he gets an idea into his head he drives at it incessantly until he gets what he wants.

what is the coolest gift that s/he has ever given you?:
5 letters he wrote and had delivered to my house – he went to Shanghai for a 5 day business trip but before he went he sat down and wrote 5 letters for me.  Then he arranged to have one delivered each day he was gone so I wouldn’t miss him too much. 🙂

What does s/he avoid at all costs?:
He’s quite easy going! He even follows me to do my hair, lashes and shopping ok. Horror movies. Me plucking his eyebrow hair HAHA well actually once he let me do it but i’m pretty sure he avoids it at all costs now.

What does s/he spend the most money on?:

Describe his/her typical sunday:
He’ll always wake up earlier than me no matter what time it is! Then first thing he’ll go turn on his computer. If he could he would go for Klang bak kut the wtf. And then either go BUY GROCERIES DAMMIT or PLAY MORE XBOX god. Basically just bum around cos that’s the only day of the week he can.

Why would s/he be dangerous?:
cos his voice is loud enough to bust anyone’s ear drums wtf.

Once when we were both in Penang and after some family dinner he picked me up from my grandparents’ house and he was wearing a really nice shirt.

What’s something about him/her that would surprise all of his/her friends?:
Actually I think what really did surprise his friends (and me wtf) was how clingy and manja he can be! But everyone’s used to it now anyways and if he ever indulges in pda in front of the nuffies they just roll their eyes and move to the next room WTF

What do you love most about him/her?:
That he’s very smart (even though sometimes I tell him he can be too cocky)
That he’s very thoughtful – because I’m not 🙁 and I admire that in him
That he makes me feel very safe and secure.  Like I know that if I’m ever in trouble I just have to wait for him and he’ll be there.
His laugh.  When I first met him he didn’t laugh as much I dunno why!  But now he does and I have a lot of fun saying something funny and waiting for him to burst into laughter.  He laughs like it’s surprised out of him a lot.

The biggest lesson you have learnt from loving your soulmate:
I’m still learning to think of him and of others as much as he thinks of me.

This post was written because today we are 6 months old.

Happy 6 months baby!

click here to see Tim’s version

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  • ok i’ll rmb ur anniversary for ever because it’s 6 months after mine. the 10th happens to be titi and meimei’s 1st anniversary *throws confetti* HAHAHAH

    btw it feels so weird calling u ah sou now. am i still allowed to call u that or tim don let anymore? WTF.

  • HAHAHA happy 1 yr anniversary! has it only been one year it feels like u’ve been with js forever!

    ya i dont feel the urge to call u mei mei as much anymore =0 but i cant call leroy anything else but titi wtf

  • lol, happy couple here 🙂
    ut’s always funny and touching while reading both of yours blog, gambateh adn happy 6 months anniversary!

  • gosh, typo typo typo WTF sorry!

  • heyya audrey! =D haha.. glad to know about the 6 months anniversary..

    Hmm.. but why post so short wan.. Tim’s wan sooooo long.. oh ya.. LOL @ the both your thing.. i mean the Tim-Aud thingy : the fart.. xD

    rofl =P

  • lol i love janice’s cookie jar song too! XD

  • Why would s/he be dangerous?:
    cos his voice is loud enough to bust anyone’s ear drums wtf.

    Once when we were both in Penang and after some family dinner he picked me up from my grandparents’ house and he was wearing a really nice shirt.

    …? Did you not finish your little story there?

    AWWW~ you guys are definately the cutest couple.

    ROFL at not taking arts class!

    Congrats Audrey =)
    your six months went by super duperly interesting 🙂

  • CONGRATS! this is so cute you found your *whispers:soulmatenumber2 😀 awkward turtle hahahah complete with hand gestures and all is it =p

  • congrats audrey and tim!! today is my 1 year and 10 months anniversary too heh. i will rmb urs since it’s just a day earlier 😉

    ur version is so funny la while tim’s 1 penuh dengan kasih sayang except the farting part lol

  • sweet and funny. hahaa.. happy 6 months 🙂

  • congrats congrats!!!

    so sweet lah both of u. hope u two will be this sweet forever! nv get out of the ‘honeymoon’ period!!!!

  • reminds me the man who plays video game after work instead of studying for GMAT. FML


    I’m audrey’s one and only wtf

  • Eee. So sweet! Am happy for you, Audrey. To have found such a thoughtful man is no easy feat. I KNOW! Haha. Happy 6-month anniversary, guys!

  • Congrat this sweet sweet couple 6th month togetherness.. 🙂

  • happy 6 months!!
    love reading the stuffs u both write about each other!!

  • omgoodness you two are like the funniest yet loving couple living man!!!! best man??? i hear chymes of wedding already~~~

  • OMG YOU KNOW WHAT!!! WE JUST DID THE COUPLE MEME TOO!!! AND I SCHEDULED IT TO BE POSTED ON THE 12TH cause i won’t be around!!! great minds think alike /boo

  • Omgggg I totally forgot about the bangsar trip thing where we met tim!! And how we were damn sheepish when we realised it was his b’day HAHAHHA!

    ‘Eh how ar, do we leave ar’ *shhifty eyes* HAHAHAHHAHA

    Omgggg so that was the first time you guys met??!!! EHHH means it’s ’cause of MEEE that you both know each other right right right! ‘Cause it was a meet-up for us!! *wants credit WTF*

    6 months!! So happy for youuuu!! I want all the juicy details in 2 weeks’ time (that’s our yearly meet-up /boo)

  • sasa: thank u!

    jeffro: yalah its supposed to be a question and answer thing! but he went and answered like stories i feel so inadequate! *kiasu

    misshazel: oh is the artiste janice??

    donna: no i was stating when he looked very hemsem to me!

    puripuri: yaya HAHAHA how do u know abt awkward turtle with hand motions!

    tengteng: ooo happy anniversary!

    alli: thanks!

    tottochan: ya what if he gets bored of me =0

    angie: oh yea they both play xbox huh *dark

    pamsong: thanks pam!

    raymond: thanku!

    cel: thanks cel!

    binn: HAHA tim will be happy to hear that he’s competing for blogosphere’s best couple WTF

    suet: seriously we are one /boo

  • hui wen: YA HAHAHA damn awkward right somore duno why they didnt intro us to the rest of the ppl at the table wtf.

    and what yearly meetup! im only important enough for 1 yearly meetup isit! (but ok i’ll take it WTF)

  • *LOL* at ‘sth funny bout him’ .. Why guys love to play with fart hor?? I know a few guys who are like that too, including my bf =..=”

    oh ya.. Happy 6 months 😉

  • aud, i burst out loud on something funny bout him lol you’re funny :-p happy 6 months! miss my bf now *sob*

  • nice…..

  • Happy 1st anniversary to you!

  • hi aud, funny versions of couple meme u and tim have here.

    anyway, i saw u with jammie at sg wang today at some sort of RM25 per item shop =) u guys r really pretty! =)

  • angie: why your ears so keng wan damn! =p

    awkward turtle hahah my friend from america told/showed me lol i bet its an american thing huh!

  • eh were we embarrassed when we found out it was his birthday? i remember i was just very nonchalant and worried about my car being stolen cuz have been out the whole day and at that time i was still scared shitless due to horror stories about malaysia wtf remember how i was driving both of us and then we were so paranoid checking if the doors were locked like 10 times wtf then everytime motorcycle pass us we would clutch each other WTF. and how stupid we were when we went to luna bar cuz we thought najis wtf might be hiding in the vans WTF i miss you =(

  • i get the cookie jar part. tim was so happy when Mist played it. LOL! like… so VERY THE happy. @@

  • awwwww so sweet! and you obviously know tim very well!

    yayyy! happy 6 months!

  • Hey Audrey…
    We just met this afternoon during the NST thingy…
    Will update my blog & paste the link here kay?

    You & Tim look so cute together! If I had known I’d have wished you Happy Anniversary!

  • riena: hello! ok let me know when u do! nice to meet uuu

    dweam: thankew! haha he’s easy to read 😀

    jade: ya he shouted right hahahaah =.=

    tze: we were! we were debating whether to leave! WTF not najis la anwar haahahahhahaha

    mindy: how come u didnt say hi!

    coolcoolbird: thanks!

    ryan: thanks!

    carol: hello kitty tshit wtf! haha um im not sure where to get it in msia..

    junni: awww where’s ur bf?

    ahlost: yea i think it’s a guy thing T_T

  • Congrats and happy 6th month! 😀 The fart thingy is funny and I so feel it cox I used to do that to my ex too! And he’ll run as far as he can but I’ll chase after him. LOL! Those were the days. But anyway, that aside, I’m so happy for you two! =)

  • lol-ed at a bit fat and not so nice shirt..i kinda hate Lex when i first met him, but a man that gave me bad first impression has turn into someone really important to me. ironic haha

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