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domestic abuse wtf

1.  Jammie’s birthday dinner at Bora Asmara on Friday.

I love this picture look at Jammie and Latat both so happy!  While the band with their guitars and cellos and hawaiian shirts piped out Happy Birthday hahaha.  And that’s the manager doing a Tasmanian devil wtf.

2. Jammie’s cake where they misspelled her name from Jia Meei to Lia Meei WTF HOW CAN HAHAHAHAHA I’m sorry it struck me as super funny I couldn’t stop laughing!

Who’s Lia Meei!  And who’s All of Us!  Nobody knows anyone called Lia Meei also! *childish

(Uh oh now you know her age.)

No pictures of her and me because they are all ugly I hate going out after I work working life has ruined my looks I tell you wtf.

3.  See!  Early morning no problem what!

#66: 18 April 2009

I’m in the papers!  Hello Mum!  Hello Dad!

Thanks To Bob Marley who crazily put my blog under his Top 10 Malaysian blogs /shy

#67: 19 April 2009

View of Penang Island.

I was in Penang for 24 hours last weekend!

Where, at night in Batu Feringghi Tim stepped on my shoe and broke the strap T______T

I swear this is god telling us we’re not meant to be wtf.

Once a day at least!  He’ll either step on my foot or elbow me or slap me in the head by accident or something.  Once he elbowed my eye I thought I would go blind T_T

And it hurts okay!  He works out in the gym!  Imagine how it feels when he wallops me!  Me, the person who can’t even open her own Coke can ya I am a weak and useless human being.

Me being very angry.

Oh and this was right before this girl (later found out her name is Veron) and her boyfriend walked past us and stared at me strangely for 5 seconds.

I thought it was because I stopped in the middle of the road and was glaring at Tim and I said to him “eh why this girl looking at me for so long.”

He said “maybe she reads one of our blogs” and I said “Pleeeease la you think we so famous isit” wtf but she did turn out to be one of my blog readers /boo and her husband why did you not say hi!!  I thought she was younger than me FML but it turns out she’s already married see what work does to me I tell you.

Anyway this week is going to be killa wtf so my blog posts are all going to be short and crappy.

But short is good!  Look at me! wtf.

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  • domestic violence?!haha..
    Tim is so careless ah.. keep hurts his lil baby Audrey..

    yea..short is good.. im shortie too..hehe.. and im bz with my final exam.. short posts better.. kononnya i ll study more *self slap*

  • We’re all hobbits! =D

  • awwwwh… I think you need a helmet or many packs of ice/hard boiled eggs…

  • Tim .. you broke me and aud’s “couple” shoe *sad

    sigh , everything is broken in this world anyways *emo

    *leaves with dark clouds behind her

  • The first picture is so sweet…..until I saw the clown at the back. Damn traumatized. He looks like he just ate a white rabbit or something.

  • yeah.. U really are famous.. Don’t play play wtf..
    I personally think your blog is interesting than kennysia../shy…

    Cheerss… u defeat the top blogger in Malaysia.

  • raymond: yalah poor me T_T good luck with exams!

    lilxcute: haha how tall are u?

    jeffro: yea i should have asked for that on my bday T_T

    angie: yea that was my last connection with you T______T

    lucy: ya the clown looked damn ridiculous hahaha

    xxx: awwww i used to not like kenny either but i think he’s really good now!

  • SHIT everyone! PLease don’t call child services!

    angie: Good.. now I’m going to buy myself and Princess one of those Caterpillar boots and we’re going to have THAT as our couple shoe.

    Angela 0 – 1 Timothy

  • HAHAHA I think Latat and Lia Meei are fated because restaurant people get their names wrong for a reason wtf.

  • hmmm..
    i never hate nor not like him coz i never knew him in real life also.
    * need to clarify *

    I used to be his blog fan too, but his blog is getting more and more boring, too commercialize already.

    * plus he blocked my IP address coz i heard from “some place” that u type “certain words” on his, u will be banned. I was curious and tried, so I was being banned. >______<
    so i quit reading his blog lo.

    *purely innocent me* wtf

  • hahaha..I guess you are famous after all 😉 Btw, bumped into you and Tim at Sunway Pyramid the other night. Was right behind you queuing up for Sushi 🙂

  • Once my friend was peeling prawns, the prawn shell flew and scratched his girlfriend’s (who was sitting on the other end of the table) cornea 😛 So ngammmm.

  • julian hopkins! one of my favourite lecturers in college. =)

    i think if i met you i’ll be too shy to say hi either lol

  • *LOL* at Tim and Angela’s comments 😀

  • thx ya..

    wanna me to help u call child services..hehe.. Tim, beware!

    why angela so emo these few days??
    Angela~cheer 🙂

    Audrey.. so nice got guy n girl fight bcz of u..never taste the feel..

  • dont worry my love i always look damn good when i just go out also but after 30 minutes everything starts disintegrating wtf.

  • i swear everyone’s afraid of clowns cos of the movie It! or issit just me *sad

    hahaha ya maybe tat and i will misspell our name on purpose for our wedding card wtf ‘the blessed union of latat and lia meei’

    u look very pretty in the pouty photo baby <3

  • Wah you look so garang, next time
    you better wear safety boots haha.

  • i sense an almost-forgotten epic “love story” of you and angie behind all these tim-ness =p but i so agree about you being top 10! you memang damn keng ok hehe

  • Haha…OMG OMG OMG!!! You actually mentioned about me in your blog! Seems like I’m already your official No.1 FAN @ the moment. Haha…Just Kidding. Well, I’m so sorry for not saying HI…my dear…I actually wish to walk over and take a picture with you…but then again…I’m like…so darn pale that night…totally FUGLY!

    No wonder my daily blog counter suddenly boost up to 300 readers. You read my blog! Wow… Thanx… Ehh… I’m 24 this year… Registered when I’m 23rd… Hehe… Oh..If I were to invite you & Tim as my special VIP appearance next year on my wedding dinner…would you?? Haha. That would be nice….

    Oh yeah…another good point… My husband always hit/stepped me accidentally. There are times we’re just playing around… I can end up having a blue black! Well, believe it or not, I’m married and STILL ALIVE!! Haha

    **Support Shorties Beneficial** As myself only 152cm!! Hehe

  • i didn’t realise that jiameei’s age was on the cake until you said it then i scrolled up. haha well at least now we all know.

    and short is good — 147cm! *does the bro-to-bro sign wtf.

  • babie. i swear tim broke your shoe on purpose. I swear he will start breaking alot of our things *emo

  • My sis saw u guys in Penang before but I’ve not bumped into you before in Penang cause most of the time I’m either stuck in USM having exam or stuck to the television at home. T.T No life.

  • OMG! You’re famous! 🙂

    Which paper was this? NST or Star?

    Anyway, you went to Penang during the weekend? How long is the drive? I’m planning to go somewhere during the Labor Day long weekend but don’t have plans yet. Penang sounds far. :S

  • that really ur angry look meh 😛
    still look cute, hahaha

    Joshua posted that b4 and congratz again that ur blog show in the paper 😛

    it’s been a while i din drop any comment here….

  • Hey im a new reader of your blog. Just had some questions in mind: Are you half a jap or sth? Why is your family Ooi and you can speak lovely jap! post more videos, would like to hear your voice!

    And stay cute! 🙂

  • nice blog, cute & gorgeous girl…all the best&have a nice day!

  • I enjoyed reading this post. Your postings are getting better and fun to read. Definitely deserved to be on Top Ten.

  • a tall indian boy purposely pushed a short indian boy towards me and the short indian boy stepped hard on my left foot for no reasons. now my foot is bengkak for almost 2 weeks… )))= *sobs

  • Haha i like the look on ur face in the last pic…

    Making me laugh apart from Tim’s scout log book… Hahahahaha!!

    Btw thanks for visiting my blog! =D

  • sorry everybody im just going to reply a few ppl before i pass out T_T

    stewie: whats a caterpillar shoe?

    tze: ya we are one /boo

    jam: i would go to that wedding /boo

    vyroxy: oh same age! hahaha go to your wedding … can but i think you need to take off advertlets first WTF

    olivia: bro to bro WTF HAHA

    hb: penang is 3-4 hours away! go la got good chap fan wtf according to my friend.

    passer: yes Ooi is actually a japanese surname but im not japanese! i just studied in japan for a year

    jade: WTF?? hahaha i dont get it but there there

    sekszewei: hehe no prob it was funny

  • Ohh yes Aud…Totally catch what you mean … Haha…

    NuffNang Good
    NuffNang Fun
    NuffNang is the BEST!!!

    Haha…Ok ma?? So call **Promoting**. Wahaha…. But I’m just not noticeable in NuffNang… I’m freaking invisible…Haihh…No worries… Will try to improve. Haha

  • wah so clever ar (pat u on the head). btw what papers is that?

  • aud, can you please drop a short notice in your blog before you come to penang next time and appreciate if there is a schedule too!I should go Feringgi last weekend T__________T

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